Jomtien Beach - long and popular

Jomtien Beach is one of the symbols of Pattaya, the mostextended and probably the most famous. Jomtien is not only popular with tourists, wintering men and expats, Thais also love to come here for the weekend, to have a large company picnics on the sand, on the sidewalk near the beach or even in the back of a pickup truck parked on the Beach Road (road along the beach). Especially a lot of Thais come to Jomtien at the weekend.

At sunset and at nightfall, in the evenings,it is crowded and quite noisy (although the area is still considered quieter than the center of Pattaya). At the Night Market and from the jeeps parked along the road, music is booming. In season, there are many Russian tourists on the beach, especially in the center and in the south of Jomtien, where there are hotels and condos that are popular with compatriots.

Jomtien is not the best place for swimming, waterstill pretty dirty. Yes, and in the sand on the beach comes across all sorts of garbage. But walking, sitting by the sea, living nearby is very convenient. Not as noisy as in the center of Pattaya, there are quiet streets with greenery, all the infrastructure, but at the same time, close to everything and along the road along the beach there is public transport.

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Beach description

The length of the beach is about 5 km, unlike manyothers are shaped not as arcs, but as a straight line. The northern part, adjacent to Cape Pratamnak, is more urban and infrastructurally developed. In the southern part goes to the area of ​​Na-Jomtien. Behind the Sigma Resort Hotel

the beach itself fades away, turning into a newly built concrete embankment. Not far from the southern end of Jomtien (further south) a river flows into the sea.

Water on Jomtien is often yellowish andmuddy. Got trash. Both organic and plastic. The currents and the wind are directed so that everything beats ashore, and there are quite a lot of litters in the big city. In addition, the trees growing along the beach drop fruits and leaves onto the sand; they are not always cleaned on time.

The width of the beach is quite spacious, up to 15 m. True, numerous rows with sun loungers eat up the whole place, at best they remain at a distance of a few meters to the water, or even the first row is almost in the surf.

Sunset, depth and waves

In the very season, i.e. from November to February, when there are neither big waves, nor low tides, the entry into the water is not too gentle and not too sharp, quite comfortable. True, the water can be cool and even cold. In February and March, strong winds begin to blow from the sea. The water is warm, but you can freeze, getting out of the water or even just sitting in the shade. At the same time, from the end of February, the season of strong ebbs begins.

The sea goes a few meters, exposing a littlemuddy and muddy bottom, in some places come across various marine inhabitants. During low tide, swimming becomes uncomfortable - for a long time it’s shallow, knee-deep, to go far to normal depth and the water is cloudy. The ebb time is not always the same, in the southern part of the beach the ebb is more noticeable, in the north - less.

Sun beds and shade

Along Jomtien there are a lot of paid loungers underumbrellas. Basically it is also a beach cafe in combination, food and drinks when ordering bring to the table at the lounge chair. Clothes hangers are also offered in some places. Throughout the beach along the sidewalk there are trees that give shade.

True, the day is a good place in the natural shadowstill have to search, especially in season, because a lot of people not only wanting to lie on their rug, but also trays with drinks and food, sun loungers, which occupy most of the beach. There are spaces free of sun loungers, but they are often used for picnics by Thais, therefore there is a lot of small garbage and cigarette butts in the sand.

Also on the sidewalk along the beach there are platforms withbenches and steps, where during the day you can always sit in the shade. The downside is that there is always quite crowded and not very clean. In addition, along the road right next to the sidewalk are large tanks with garbage that stink badly.

Beach photo

North Jomtien


Central Jomtien

Jomtien at low tide

Jomtien at low tide

Jomtien Beach road

Jomtien Beach road

Along the beach there is a busy road.

Along the beach there is a busy road.

Jomtien, the central part

Jomtien, the central part

Sand Jomtien

Sand Jomtien

Jomtien, the central part

Jomtien, the central part

South Jomtien

Pavement along the beach

Pavement along the beach

Jomtien at low tide

Jomtien at low tide

Bottom dwellers at low tide

Bottom dwellers at low tide

Drink trays between the beach and the pavement along the road

Drink trays between the beach and the pavement along the road


Along the beach and on the jays (lanes) there is a verymany small Thai shops, cafes, fruit trays, street laundries, etc. Everything you need for both short and long stays. In general, this area is loved for convenience not only by tourists, but also by winterers and expatriates.

Around the center of the beach there is a night market,calculated, however, more on tourists. Around there are also shops with a tourist assortment, many chain stores 7-Eleven and Family Mart, massage parlors and a tour. agencies. There are no large shopping centers in Jomtien, but getting to them by public transport (either to the center of Pattaya or to Sukhumvit) is not difficult.

Jomtien is probably the richestPattaya has a range of beach activities. Jet skis, banana rides, parasailing behind a boat, water skiing, windsurfing, board, etc. You can even fly a hang glider. Jomtien is conveniently located, close to almost all the attractions of Pattaya.

Next door is the Pattaya Park Waterpark with a tower,from where you can go down on the funicular. Also nearby is the Buddha Hill with a viewing platform. Many different activities: paid fishing, jumping from the tower on the cable Bungy Jump and much more. In the street travel agencies cheap you can buy a tour to any attraction not only Pattaya, but also to neighboring countries.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Along the beach set up a huge amountdiverse housing from bungalows and villages with expensive villas to high-rise condos and hotels of different levels and price categories. In the north, closer to the center of Pattaya, Tappraya street and Dongtan beach, many tourists from Europe (Scandinavians, Germans, Italians), respectively, have lodgings and cafes, sharpened specifically for them, with flags of the corresponding country on the facade. Along the whole beach there are large multi-storey hotels.

For example, Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort Pattaya

and Grand Jomtien Palace Pattaya

, D Varee Jomtien Beach

. Between them there are bungalow type hotels with a green territory. How to Villa Navin

, eg.

And, of course, there are a lot of condos along the beach and deep in the area. On the first line, for example, is the multi-storey Jomtien Beach Condo

and new, but already beloved by Russian winterers and tourists Lumpini Kondo

. There are old ones, but affordable are also popular, both among Russians and Europeans. In the area of ​​Boon Kanchana Street (Soi Wat Bun) and Chaapryk there is a large selection of budget guesthouses and hotels. In the south, the beach ends with the Sigma Resort Hotel.

followed by the administrative district of Na-Jomtien.

Hotels in Pattaya>

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How to find the beach

Finding Jomtien is easy, this is one ofmain areas of the city. Along the entire beach there is a road (Beach Rd). At a distance of about 400 m from the first beach road is the second (Second Beach Rd), which connects to the first by numerous lanes, jays (soi), they are numbered from 1 to 19 from north to south. The Sukhumvit highway runs parallel to the coastline at a distance of 1.5 to 3.5 km from the beach and connects to Beach road by several large streets: Thepprasit in the north, Bun Kanchana (or Soi Wat Bun) and Chaiyapruek in the center and south.

The nearest railway station to Jomtienbuses come from Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport is located on Tappraya, near its intersection with Teprazit Street. From there to the northern part of Jomtien is only 900 m, you can easily walk or take a trip tuk-tuk. True, Jomtien itself is 5 km long, but along the whole beach there are tuk-tuk in both directions. If you come to North Station or come to Sukhumvit, you can get to Jomtien by tuk-tuk through the city center with a transfer or take a taxi.

Thus, Jomtien is easy to get on yourtransport and taxi from anywhere in the city. Since the beach is very long, you need to navigate in advance exactly what part of Jomtien you need. Taxi drivers, of course, know the city center quite well, if you are looking for a popular hotel or condo, there should be no problems.

Along the entire Jomtien beach along the beach roadplying here and there tuk-tuki. They work both as a minibus and as a taxi, you need to ask. From the center of Pattaya to Jomtien also go regular tuk-tuks, depart from the intersection of South and Second Beach, at the corner near the school. This place is located 150 m from Volkin Street, so it’s not hard to find. In addition, tuk-tuk ply on Tepprazit to Sukhumvit and back. In the mornings on weekdays at Jomtien, you can go on the tuk-tuk, which stand at the intersection of the Second Beach Road with Sukhumvit.

Beach map

Jomtien Beach Map

Map of Jomtien Beach:

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