Journey to the Temple of Truth

Recently, more people are tryingfind out what is truth and how to recognize it. There is an opinion that every person has his own concept of truth. You can refute it, and you can confirm it. But now there are more and more places where the truth can be revealed to anyone.

The Temple of Truth is located in Pattaya in Thailandcalled Wang Boran or Prasat Mai. You can get there as an excursion, or simply unaccompanied. However, it should be noted that you can’t take any weapon with you, even air pistols, as with this baggage you will not be let through. But tours here are conducted only in English. Therefore, those tourists who do not speak this language simply come to the Temple themselves. After all, this is really an interesting place.

Temple of Truth in Pattaya

Temple of Truth in Pattaya

Approaching the Temple of Truth, you will see a unique carved structure made of wood up to 105 meters high. This building was attributed to the tallest wooden buildings in the world.

The entrance is paid, but the fee is the same for all. It is 500 baht. When paying for your visit, you will be given a booklet with an insert in Russian. But if you are lucky, you can join the tourist group, where the tour will be conducted in your own language. Such excursions are rare, but sometimes there are guides who speak Russian. If you are so lucky, you will not only see this unique structure, but also hear the history of this Temple.

The most interesting in this building are the figures. Of course, you can find a story about them in the literature, but here everything looks much more interesting. Considering the architecture of this structure, one can see that the four main principles on which Eastern philosophy is based were enclosed in figurines that depict Virgos. They are located on the main spiers of the temple. Meaning, they can be equated to a PCP rifle shot, so accurately they point to a philosophical doctrine.

For example, the first girl holds a flowerfull bloom lotus. Its meaning can be interpreted as an axiom - philosophy exists. The second figure depicts a girl holding a book in her hands. This can be deciphered as a statement that any philosophy requires its development. The third figure contains the whole composition. A young girl holds a child in her arms and at the same time leads a number of old people. The sages reveal this composition as the independence of the existing world from the people around them, as they are born and die, but the world remains. The fourth figure is understandable to all, as it depicts a girl with a dove. This is a symbol of the world to which humanity must strive.

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