Travel to Central Ukraine

Travels. Who would refuse such a holiday? Of course, to visit another country is the dream of any tourist. And how well do we know our land, our city, its history?

Ukraine. Once - Kievan Rus. A country with a rich history, with a unique nature, with beautiful folk songs. Taras Shevchenko was born and grew up here. The village of Morintsy, Zvenigorod district, Cherkasy region. Long, immersed in greenery. In the village Budyshche he came to serve Pan Engelhardt. There is still a manor house with oaks of Taras, under which he composed his first verses. Now these oaks can embrace seven people, holding hands. True, lightning struck one of the oaks. But human hands carefully reanimated the ancient tree.

We are going further, to Chigirinshchina, one of the historicalplaces associated with the name of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and all Ukrainian Cossacks. Nowadays, the road takes less time, and billboards with various inscriptions about our modern life, such as the sale of coffee machines, adorn our whole way. Billboards all over the road - nothing can be done, the costs of civilization.

If you are lucky to get to Chigirinschina,Be sure to go to the Holy Trinity Motroninsky Convent. Having seen a lot in his lifetime, suffered destruction and restoration, in our time he is still - a functioning monastery. They come here to cleanse the soul from all over Ukraine.

And, of course, the golden-domed city itselfKiev. It is necessary to spend more than one day in the capital of Ukraine. Here is what to watch and what to listen to. Whatever you are interested in: painting, architecture, temples and monasteries - all you will find in Kiev. Want to see the general panorama, go up on the Ferris wheel. There are several of them in Kiev.

For some reason, I don’t want to go back toits civilization, even for a cup of hot and aromatic coffee. We decide, dropping to the ground, to visit the nearest cafe, which in Kiev is a great many. In the meantime, expanding the map of Kiev, we outline a further route. St. Andrew’s Uzvoz, St. Andrew’s Church is of extraordinary beauty, you definitely need to go. The funicular and Post Square, the embankment of the Dnieper - also see. And on the Postal Square and coffee you can try. Here, in the old Podol, there are hotels where you can stay.

Tired of a day of sightseeing in Kiev, you sit incomfortable chair in the cafe. From the far corner, this aroma of coffee is published, which involuntarily thinks that not only beauty will save the world, but also a cup of coffee served on time. And tomorrow will be a new day. And again, armed with a map, we will chart a new route.

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