Kalim Beach (Kalim Beach) - continuation of Patong

Kalim Beach is located in the west of Phuket Island, adjacent to the beach. Patong. In fact, these two beaches are only rocky.education. It is curious, but if you travel by road that runs along the coast, then such a separation is not visible at all. It seems that this strange rocky beach is just a continuation of Patong, but this is not so.

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Beach description

The length of the beach is about 2 km and the widthcoastline is on average 20 meters. At high tide, the beach becomes narrow just a couple of meters away, and at low tide it can reach up to 100. The beach is basically clean. Sand is yellow-white. Due to the abundance of stones, the beach is uncrowded and, as a result, clean. It is one of the quiet places in Phuket, where you can relax from the omnipresent civilization and tourists.

Among travel agencies, Kalim is not popular due to the poor quality of beach holidays. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all Phuket beaches, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

The beach can be divided into two zones - the north andsouth In the south, the descent into the water from the beach is extremely steep. After a couple of steps, the water level will cover you headlong. Another negative point is the large meter stones, lurking under water, so bathing people should be very careful. However, there is a definite plus.

After the ebb, they find shelter in these stones.numerous marine organisms, creating a unique and beautiful sight. Therefore, in this season scuba diving is very popular in order to gaze at this beauty. Whereas in the north the entrance to the water is smooth, with a slight bias. The bottom is rocky, consisting of small and sharp stones, so it is advisable to enter the water in slaps in order to avoid injuries.

Sun beds and shade

Unfortunately, only a small part of the beach that is directly adjacent to Patong. Naturally there are umbrellas stretched overloungers stalled beach. The sand there has a yellow hue, and the bottom of the sea is sandy, with occasional patches of small stones. The north of the beach is devoid of these beach items. There are no sun loungers, no umbrellas, or even trees that can hide people from the scorching sun.

In summer, the tropical season begins on the beach.winds and rains, which leads to high and terrible waves in the coastal zone. Accordingly, it attracts outdoor enthusiasts and surfers. Although it is not recommended to go swimming in the storm, or simply to enter the water.

Beach photo

Cupable part of Kalim Beach





Uncomfortable part in the north of Kalim Beach






Calime is quiet, there are no shops or shoppingcenters, no noisy bars. By evening, it blooms. Modest and cozy oases with benches for rest are equipped along the coastal road and in the evening they are occupied by resting people who have come to watch the sunset. Helpful Thais immediately sell rice with chicken (it will cost 50 baht). Nearby there are cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy nature and the sunset in a more comfortable environment.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Kalim Beach is not the best place to fry underthe sun, as well as for swimming in the sea. But it is great as a place to stay (for those who like to fall asleep, lulled by the sound of waves). There are not many hotels and most of them are located in the southern part of the beach. If the hotel is not your choice for various reasons, then there is a budget option (guesthouse) for the price of 5000 - 6000 baht / month. They are also located in the southern part of Kalima.

In the northern part of the beach is a five-star Indochine Resort

Kalim Beach (Kalim Beach) - continuation of Patong

with a nice pool and sea view. Also near the road, over the sea, also in the northern part, but closer to the center of the beach, is located the quiet and fairly democratic hotel Kalim Place. There is also a good Sky Lantern Hotel.

Kalim Beach (Kalim Beach) - continuation of Patong


In the southern part of the beach, where most hotels, you can find quite budget options. For example, Orchid Hotel

Kalim Beach (Kalim Beach) - continuation of Patong

- not new, but nice and clean, a little more simple Bamboo Beach

Kalim Beach (Kalim Beach) - continuation of Patong

or large Kalim Resort

Kalim Beach (Kalim Beach) - continuation of Patong

with lots of rooms and good service.

Hotels near Kalim Beach>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

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How to find the beach

From Phuket Town to Kalim Beach there are buses (25 baht), and if your journey starts from one of the northern beaches (Surin, Kamala or Bang Tao), then to Kalim there is a good road along the coast. Getting to the beach on foot from Patong will take no more than 10 minutes.

Beach map

Kalim Beach Map

Kalim Beach Map:

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