Karon Beach in Phuket (Karon Beach) - almost like Patong

Karon is a dangerous beach. Yes - he is beautiful. Yes - he has singing sand (in fact, he just squeaks under his feet) and magnificent sunsets. Karon has a number of advantages, which put him among the top five most beaches in Phuket.

But personally, Karon scares me with one harsh peculiarity - there are permanent RIP-currents here. Many spontaneous rip flows. Read article by referenceif RIP-current is empty for you, and when you read it, choose another beach for swimming. People here are dying like flies, but you do not want to become one of them?

The content of the article

Beach description

Karon Beach is located between the beaches Patong in the north and Kata on South. The length of the beach is about 3 km, and I didn’t even measure the width - very wide, tens of meters, with a slight slope of the shore towards the water.

The sand on Karon is fine, almost white, with yellowishshade. When walking, he crunches under his feet like snow, for which he is called "singing", although the definition, in my opinion, is not very appropriate. In the hot season, the water on Karon is clean and clear. In the off-season - big waves that disturb the sea, which makes it lose its attractiveness.

Immediately set aside your bookmark - short overview of all Phuket beaches, will help you decide on the choice of the beach, if you give up Karon.

Sunset, depth and waves

Sea on the Caron deep. Continuing the raised theme of reverse currents, I would say once again that Karon is a dangerous beach. Even at a quiet time of the year, red flags often stand along the coast, and flags that indicate rip currents discovered by lifeguards. The key word here is discovered.

In addition to them, there are also spontaneous tractors, (be sure to read about it in my article), which are found out by the fact of man’s passing over. In the summer, there are large waves here, but be prepared for the fact that the rescuers here have already hesitated to get the corpses.

If you, drunk, get into these waves to jump, then you will not smile, and will be kicked out of the sea with magic pendals. In the quiet time of the year, the sea is quieter here, and swimming is not so dangerous.

Sun beds and shade

There are some trees on Karon, from which the shadows- for three pennies, and even then - less than before noon. Then the sun passes over to the western half of Phuket, and until the evening you have nowhere to hide except rented umbrellas.

More or less saves the geography of the beach: between the embankment and the sand there is a narrow lawn area with trees, which sometimes becomes wider and allows people to hide in their shadows. Shadows a little, wanting a lot, have to knock. Thais have adapted to organize pseudo-sleeves from the sand (sun beds have been banned), and they are handed over to tourists for the same 100 baht.

Beach photo

Left side of karon

Karon Beach, Phuket

Karon Beach, Phuket

The right side of Karon


Karon’s infrastructure is relatively rich intourist services and rentals. From entertainment, too, a lot of things you can try, both active and calm. There is an observation deck on the hill behind Kata Beach Karon Viewpoint, but in fact it is closer to Kata beach.

There are plenty of travel agencies on Karon, where a wide range of excursions is offered, both in Phuket and the neighboring islands. There are rental surfboards, mini golf in Dino parkand near the beach there is a statue of Buddha on the mountain. The evenings on Karon are quite noisy, especially near the karaoke venues, and where the night bars and discos open.

There are a couple of pleasant gazebos on the road overlookingsea. Cafes along the beach, as a rule, are expensive and often do not please in the choice of dishes. On the streets leading to the beach, and along the road, 7-Eleven convenience stores and other shops are found. Food at the beach unit costs from 70 baht per dish (mostly rice with chicken) and above.

At the same time in some restaurants offerfree salad bars, which are cutting vegetables and fruits, which you can eat while waiting for the ordered dish. It’s unprofitable to drive on Karuk's tuk-tuk, prices are up, they have a whole mafia here, they practically do not bargain, they are very arrogant.

It is therefore more useful to walk, for example, from Karon to Kata You can walk for 20-30 minutes, depending on where you go and how densely you have a snack.


Houses and hotels on the beach

Accommodation on Karon is expensive. Basically, these are large first-line hotels, and a little further from the sea there are cheaper hotels, small condos and quite a few private houses. The “first line”, which passes right behind the road that runs along the beach, is occupied by such hotel giants as Hilton</a>.

Along the road, the building is not very dense, but forthere are plenty of places for shopping: markets, shops, cafes. In the north there is a park with a small pond. A place quite quiet for a tourist town. To the south, where there is a roundabout, a street with numerous cafes, shops and hotels leading to a Buddhist temple goes inland.

But on Karon you can find cheap housing, there isoptions. You can pre-book a room in the guesthouse with a fan of 350 baht per day. At the same time it will be pretty clean, with a wi-fi, 5 minutes walk to the beach. Problems with finding housing will not arise even during the New Year holidays, as there are so many offers.

Since the hotels on Karon are really verymany, it is impossible to list them all. But some really deserve a mention. At the northern cape of Karon, on a hill, are located romantic secluded villas, for example Centara Villas Phuket

and Secret Cliff Resort

with spacious rooms.

Next to them is the chic five-star chain hotel Centara Grand

, with a pool in the form of a river, excellent views of the sea and a large territory.

The largest concentration of hotels on the Karon - inCircular motion area with a fountain. Where begins the main road along the beach. Not far from this place, in the center of the beach, there are mostly huge chain hotels. For example, Karon Sea Sands Resort

- with a large swimming pool and great reviews.

Smaller Ramada Phuket South Sea Hotel

, with modern and bright interiors; five-story Baumancasa Karon Beach Resort

with a swimming pool on the roof with a good (especially at sunset) meditative view of the green hills and the sea.

South is located a large complex of Baan Karonburi Resort

, with Thai motifs in architecture and interiors and a great pool. And a little consonant with him in general characteristics Woraburi Phuket Resort


In the very south of Karon you can find several large hotel complexes with a good location, impressive interiors and excellent reviews: Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

, Phuket Island View Hotel

and especially well located at the very end of the beach, resting on a cape overgrown with greenery, right by the water Beyond Resort Karon


If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels in Phuket with a good rating and reviews.

Karon hotels>

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How to find the beach

From Phuket Town by taxi or songteo. Songteo is the cheapest way - only 40 baht from Phuket Town. Tuk-tuki in the form of red cars with two benches in the back are quite expensive - in the evening they ask for 200 baht from the neighboring Kata. To the airport by taxi, too, go through Phuket Town, an hour, if there are no traffic jams. Cost 1500 baht and above. There are also mototaxi. Suitable for short distances.

Beach map

Karon Beach Map

Map of Karon Beach:

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