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Debit cards from Alfbank for travelersquite good, what usual, what premium. In my opinion, they look even more attractive, in my opinion, than credit ones, although the opposite is usually the case. I myself think to order a Premium card in order to receive 5% cashback, in fact, everything is necessary for it. Well, so that the Priority Pass was, although it’s already more difficult, not the best deal. But first things first.

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What I don’t like Alfabank for is that theyhide commissions and scatter their fares on different pages. Damn leg break sometimes. But nothing, I figured it all out, now I am sharing with you. I hope I can better understand what the product offers Alpha for travelers.

I'll say right away get good travel conditionsAlfabank cards are not for everyone. And the minimum conditions are comparable with many other banks. Therefore, how this card received an award in 2018, as the best question for travelers. So let's say, not a mass product.

Max Cashback For all Airline tickets Hotels Price per year Debit 3 5.5% 9% 0 Debit, Premium 5% 7.5% 11% 0 Credit 2% 2% 4.5% 8% 1290 rub Credit 3% 3% 5.5% 9% 2990 rub Credit, Premium 5% 7.5% 11% RUB 6490

Free medical insurances are included with all Travel line cards.

Priority Pass only goes to Premium.

Alpha Travel Travel Cards

Alpha Travel Travel Cards

Detailed terms

Alfa Travel Debit Card, Regular

Free service and cashback conditions at 2%It is very easy for most travelers (I would say, everyone). Therefore, first of all, it is worth considering this card at Alfabank, if there are no other travel cards yet (and we need to start somewhere), and it is impossible to fulfill more complex conditions. In fact, a free card, but with a cashback.

1000 rub for debit clearance>

Cashback For all Airline tickets Hotels Price per year for spending up to 10,000 rubles / month 0% 2.4% 6% 100 p / month for spending from 10,000 rubles / month 2% 4.5% 8% 0 for spending from 70 000 rub / month 3% 5.5% 9% 0

Cash withdrawal abroad: free of charge.

Medical insurance: 50 thousand euros with the option "Extreme Sport".

Annual maintenance: when spending over 10 000 rubles / month for free, otherwise 100 rubles / month.

Debit Card Alfa Travel, Premium

The most profitable card from the entire line is issuedin the premium package. But according to it, it is most difficult to fulfill all the conditions for free maintenance and access to the business halls. Plus, too, most of all: increased cashback for tickets / hotels / shopping, insurance for the whole family, Priority Pass. Cashback immediately for everything and so above 2-3% is now very rare, therefore it is not surprising that it is full of conditions.

This card makes sense to those who spend inMonth more than 100 thousand rubles, and is ready to keep 1.5 million rubles in Alpha. Or, who is ready to just keep 3 million. In these cases, a pretty good offer is obtained.

1000 rub for registration debit Premium>

Cashback For all Airline tickets Hotels Price per yearwhen spending less than 10,000 rubles / month 0% 2.4% 6% 0 * when spending more than 10,000 rubles / month 2% 4.5% 8% 0 * when spending more than 70,000 rubles / month 3% 5.5% 9% 0 * when spending more than 100 000 rubles / month 5% 7.5% 11% 0 *

Cash withdrawal abroad: free of charge.

Medical insurance: 150 thousand euros for the whole family with the option "Extreme Sport". You can enter legal spouses, children, parents. All of them must accompany the cardholder. They will cover 35 thousand euros.

Priority Pass: The Premium package is limited to pass limits. 4 passes per month - if the average balance of accounts is from 3 million rubles or the average balance is from 1.5 million rubles + spending 100 thousand rubles / month on debit cards. Passes without restrictions if the average balance is from 6 million rubles or the average balance is from 3 million rubles. + spending 200 thousand rubles / month for debit cards. Passages only for the cardholder, for accompanying - $ 27.

Annual maintenance: 0 rub, as the card is included in the Premium package, its cost is 5000 rub / month. But the Premium package can be free of charge by fulfilling one of the following conditions: the average balance of 1.5 million rubles + spending 100 thousand rubles / month on debit cards, the average balance of 3 million rubles, wages received from 250 thousand rubles.

Alfa Travel credit card, regular

Credit card with low cost service available inoptions 2% or 3%. It is possible to issue it, if you are interested in cashback 2-3% percent. No confused conditions, pay an annual commission and get your miles. Such a mean.

1000 rub for credit card issue>

Cashback For all Flights Hotels Price per year when ordering a card with 2% 2% 4.5% 8% RUB 1290 when ordering a card with 3% 3% 5.5% 9% RUB 2,990

Medical insurance: 50 thousand euros with the option "Extreme Sport".

Annual maintenance: 1290 rubles (without a package of services) and 990 rubles (with a package) for a card with 2% cashback. 2990 rubles (without a package of services) and 2490 rubles with a package for a card with 3% cashback.

Alfa Travel Credit Card, Premium

This credit card is interesting because youget 5% cashback without any conditions. And 5% is really a lot in modern realities. It’s great that you don’t have to count, do anything, there will always be 5% for everything. If total spending per year is sufficient, then the service charge will pay for itself several times.

It is even possible that having issued a Premium package willmake sense to issue a premium credit card. Well, in order not to fool around with monthly spending - in the case of Premium Debit you need to spend from 100 thousand rubles to ensure that it is 5%, and this is not always possible.

1000 rub for issuing a Premium credit card>

Cashback For all Flights Hotels Price per year 5% 7.5% 11% $ 19.99

Medical insurance: 50 thousand euros with the option "Extreme Sport".

Priority Pass: the same conditions as for the Premium debit card.

Annual maintenance: 6490r (without a package of services), 4990r (with a package of services). That is, even in the Premium package you will have to pay for this card. So-so condition, considering that for the Premium package too, either pay or ensure its free of charge to the account and spending on debit (!) Cards.

How to use

The main disadvantage of the cards Alpha Travel is cashbackIt is credited with miles (1 mile = 1 ruble), not money. And these miles can be spent only on for the purchase of tickets (air and railway) and hotels. Air tickets are provided by Aviakacca, Ostrovka hotels, prices come with a fare. But it all depends on the direction, sometimes the difference is small. In any case, a higher price reduces the profitability of the cards not much.

A rough example. You have accumulated 20 thousand miles at the expense of 5% cashback on Alpha. Let the air ticket cost on Alpha just 20 thousand, and in another service 18 thousand (that is, 10% cheaper). With the Tinkoff AllAirlines card (2% cashback) you would have accumulated just 8,000 miles from the same purchases, even for such a ticket is not enough.

On need to buy tickets / hotels only for accumulated miles. Except when the price they have plus or minus is the same as everywhere else. In fact, Alpha cards are needed for the cashback on all purchases, and not for the cashback for tickets / hotels.


Cards are needed primarily for spending. The more you spend, the more profitable they are. It is most profitable to use the card in Russia for permanent expenses in order to accumulate miles.

Alfabank takes 3% commission when you pay by card in foreign currency. Therefore, if you receive a cashback of 3% (take such a card for comparison), you will compensate them for everything. WITH AllAirlines card from Tinkoff the same story, there is a cashback of 2% and a commission of 2%,netting On the journey of Alpha, 3% and Tinkoff, 2% are equivalent. But the Alfabank card (if it has a cashback of 3-5%) is more profitable for spending in Russia than Tinkoff.

If you have extra money you needstored on deposit or in investments (they are also taken into account), then putting them in Alfabank is quite a good idea. Reliable state bank, with which nothing happens. Thus, it will be possible to fulfill the conditions of free service and get buns in the form of a cashback 5% and Priority Pass.

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