Kata Beach (Kata Beach) - for a relaxing and family holiday

Kata Beach is located in the southwestern part of Phuket Island. He wedged between the beaches Kata Noi and Caron.

Kata is liked by many tourists and he is one ofbest on the west coast by a combination of factors. It is quite calm here, but at the same time there is all the necessary tourist infrastructure, ranging from a variety of hotels, ending with excursions. Plus a good and clean sea.

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Beach description

Right when facing the sea, there is a passage tothe beach on the road and along the path along the river stinky, near it is better not to swim. It is important to know that practically all along the Kata beach, the Club Med Phuket hotel occupies its entire first line, so it’s impossible to go through the beach to the beach - it is fenced.

Wherever you choose a place to live on Kate, keep in mind that the passage to the beach is only at the edges of the beach. In fact, there are 2 more hotels on the first line, but about them below.

To settle in the center of the location is not relevant ifimportant for you is the fast foot availability of the sea. If it is important for you to have a convenient access to the sea, then settle in Club Med Phuket. Although he, too, has only one exit, but he is huge, he will not be able to jump over the fence either. Or choose a property closer to the edges of the beach to minimize walks to the sea.

Kata Beach is not very large, but enoughwide (70 meters in the northern part and 50 in the southern), 1.5 km long and covered with very fine white sand. Moreover, the sand early in the morning and in the evening is cleaned by local residents with a rake. Due to the large number of fishing boats in the northern part of the coast, it seems even shorter.

There are no buoys in the sea, boat parking is indicated only by flags. It is better to swim away from the boats, since the anchor ropes that secure the anchor are not visible under water and you can injure your leg.

Also in this northern part of the beach there is a localthe river (in fact, smelly runoff), which flows into the sea, so there is not much to see beachgoers there. But after 100 meters you can safely swim. There is always a lot of holidaymakers on Kate, but due to the large size of the beach, the cramping is not felt very much. According to statistics, it occupies a well-deserved place in the top three of the most popular beaches in Phuket.

The beach is quiet, calm, there is no night here.clubs, bars, but it has all the necessary infrastructure, so it is an excellent choice for a measured relaxing holiday. If we talk about comfort, then there is a toilet and a shower on the beach (paid, depends on your luck).

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all Phuket beaches, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

Kata Beach with a gentle entrance and is well suited forchildren in terms of swimming and recreation. Meters in 10 comes the depth of the neck. The depth increases very slowly, especially shallow water at low tide, when the beach becomes very wide and the water moves almost 50 meters from the coast. The beach is tideable at high tide, and at maximum ebb - no ice at all.

There are no stones at the entrance, as well as practically novegetation under water. Very often complete calm. In season, the waves are very rare, but from the first days of May until the end of October, a strong wind reigns on the beach, causing high waves on the water surface. Thus, on Kate in this season of the winds you can wonderfully surf.

Sun beds and shade

Along the coast road goes to Kata Beach,asphalt, lively - it separates Club Med Phuket from the common beach. If you are facing the sea, there are very few trees on the right side of the beach, and there is no grass in the strip between the road and the beach.

I will say more - there is almost no coast there. Starting from the middle of the beach and to the left, a lawn strip appears five meters wide, with trees - and that’s where a shadow can be found. Another option is to rent an umbrella for rent, then the shadow will be anywhere.

There are sun beds in several rows around the perimeter.beach (+ umbrellas). Often free. There are sun beds and from hotels, and free. With loungers and give mattresses. Many rest and right on the sand. Under the trees in the shade you can relax only in the southern part of the beach.

Sun beds are 100 baht for the whole day. On the beach there are a couple of observation towers of lifeguards. Shadows are bigger in the morning, and in the afternoon, the shadow remains only on the left side of the beach where there are trees. In the right - only in the morning and little, and from 12 o'clock there is none at all.

Beach photo

Right half of Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Kata Beach Center


The beach is in a cozy area, along whichthere is practically no transit road, noisy discos and other things, so it can be safely called cozy and family. Along the district, parallel to the coast, there is a street where cafes and eateries are located (there is internet).

As well as grocery stores and stalls withbeach accessories. From the edge of Kata (between Karon and Katya) there is a Makro wholesale supermarket, but there you can buy at retail, the range is good. There are no large shopping centers.

Google Map considers the embankment one-sided, but inreality, people break the rules and go both ways. You can park your scooter all along the embankment, there is a special marking for parking on the side of the road. On the left side of the beach along the road, sometimes one lane is occupied by Kata-Volkinstrit: clothes, food, shopping malls and other attributes of a weekend fair.

You can park along the side of the hotel

You can park along the side of the hotel

Embankment runs close to the beach line

Embankment runs close to the beach line

On the waterfront, the market begins to unfold

On the waterfront, the market begins to unfold

On the beach you can use the servicesmasseurs waiting for clients under cloth awnings. In case of a light hunger, Thais will sell you fruits, drinks and snacks. All this good lives in tents at the beach, and also periodically go sellers on the beach itself, but do not stick. Well, if you wanted to have a full meal, then there are Thai cafes and restaurants along the edges of the beach.

Traditionally there are parachute flights followingboat, jet skis, diving and surfing. In order to learn how to stick on the board, there is a kitesurfing school. Within sight (about 500 meters) from the northern part of the beach there is a small island of Koh (Koh Poo), you can reach it by boat. There are cafes, and there is an opportunity to sunbathe and scuba diving.

You can also visit the Dino Park (Dino Park Mini Golf) and the observation deck, which is called Karon View Point.

Houses and hotels on the beach

The choice of housing on the beach is very large, there are hotelsin almost any price range, from cheap to expensive. Accordingly, the closer to the sea, the more expensive. About the third street (the farthest from the coast) and behind it are more budget housing, including guesthouses.

First of all, I will say which hotels are located onfirst line. As I already wrote, most of the coastline is Club Med Phuket. Expensive hotel with a very large territory, but its disadvantage is that it is separated from the road from the coast, that is, it has no access to the water.

Also in the southern part (or left, if facing the sea) there are 2 more good hotels of Kata Beach Resort.

and superb trendy boathouse by montara

. Both on the first line and go straight to the water. Moreover, Kata Beach Resort is quite reasonable money, while it has a good rating.

In the northern part of Kata, on a high slope, is the hotel The Aspasia Phuket

famous for its gardens and flowerbeds on the roof, terraces and balconies, it is literally buried in flowers and greenery. Nearby is the new hotel Avista Phuket Resort

, with modern design rooms and a large green area.

Excellent pools with slides and fountains can be found at the network hotel Centara Kata Resort Phuket


Compared to all of the above, Maithai Hostel and Kata Silver Sand Hotel

they look simple, but nevertheless these are nice hotels with good reviews. Large resorts with pools and spacious rooms, Casadel Sol Hotel Phuket

and Tropical Resort Phuket

located in the southern part of the beach.

In addition to hotels near the sea, you can find cozy and clean apartments with kitchens, such as in Villas Elisabeth


If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels in Phuket with a good rating and reviews.

Hotels on Kata Beach>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels in Phuket with a good rating and reviews.

You can rent a budget one-bedroom house on Katefrom about 15,000 baht per month, while the distance to the beach will be about no less than 1 km. But I would not say that there are a lot of long-term houses on Kate. As an option to live in a condo, they are there too.

How to find the beach

From Phuket Airport Kata Beach is about 40-50 minutes drive. From Phuket Town can be reached by a blue bus for 30 baht, the bus stop is on Ranong Road. It is also easy to walk from the beach. Caron. The road takes about 20 minutes. But from Patong walking is difficult. As usual, you can rent a tuk-tuk (cost from 300 baht) or get to the beach by your own transport.

If you just go just on the road fromCarona, without turning anywhere, you will pass by the beach, as it is not visible behind the Club Med Phuket hotel. So for the first time it is better to navigate the map.

The beach itself is accessible only at the edges of the beach.from the north or from the south. It is impossible to pass through the hotel somewhere in the middle. Along the edges of the beach there is a parking for the bike and the car can also be found where to put it. Also, the bike can be parked along the entire embankment.

Separately, I must say that even on the beachwalking path along the river skunk, it is located on the right side of the beach (if facing the sea). Usually, it all and go from their hotels. That is, you can walk along the road on the right edge of the beach / area, or you can along this path. But it is not much closer to the center and does not save much time. There are on my map below.

Here is the path to Kata Beach

Here is the path to Kata Beach

Beach map

Kata Beach Map

Map of Kata Beach:

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