Kata Noi Beach - the most expensive in Phuket

Considered one of the most expensive beaches onthe island. It is essentially in a dead end, the road leading to the beach immediately ends. The beach is small, around expensive hotels, there is no budget accommodation. All civilized and well maintained. The sea is also good, it will be nice to rest here, but for entertainment you will have to get out to the next Katu.

Kata Noi beach (Kata Noi beach) is a beach for a quiet and measured rest in the shade of umbrellas and cheerful swimming in warm water. It is very beautiful and attracts a lot of tourists.

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Beach description

Kata Noi is farther than Kata, this is the nextthe beach just south. In contrast to Kata, the first line on the coast here is occupied by hotels, and the only road that passes through the area is separated from the coastline by these hotels. Kata Noi Beach is located in the southwestern part of the island, about 20 km from the main town.

"Noah" in translation from Thai means“Small” and, indeed, the beach is small. At the same time, the beach is quite wide (10-50 meters), it depends on the season and the strength of the tides. The length of about 700 meters. Along the edges of the beach, the sand quietly flows into a chain of reefs, becoming a favorite place for underwater swimmers. There and in rare coastal stone formations you can see the life of crabs.

Due to the small size of the bay there is no beachstrong shipping, which is also a plus for tourists. Covered with very fine white sand, the water is azure and clear. The sand is clean. The beach to the south from the rest of the beaches is therefore less crowded. Since the beach is more distant, you can meet people who are topless sunbathing.

Since it is in a dead end, there is no noise of the streets and the city. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all Phuket beaches, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

Kata Noi Beach is deeper than Kata, I measuredat the same time depth both there and there. So, at Kata Noi, after 5 meters, the depth is already down the neck and it constantly becomes deeper. There is practically no ebb and flow. No stones, one sand. All winter months and half of spring the sea seems to be asleep.

His waves are calm and safe, but already latein spring, summer and autumn, as is typical of the rest of Phuket’s beaches, large waves appear on the sea. A real lure for surfing fans, there are a lot of them.

Then how easy it is to swim in the waterdangerously. The rapid alternation of ebbs and flows, strong winds that can drive an unexpected wave, creates a real threat to life for people who decide to splash into the sea. During this period, check boxes are placed on the beach, warning that swimming is dangerous.

Sun beds and shade

With a shadow on Kata Noe, the same problems as onKate; I would say even more problems. I walked through the entire beach and did not see any trees here that would grow on the shore and be freely available. Quite a bit, on the very edges of Kata Noah (where the stones are), and in a couple of places in the center, the trees hang over the public beach, but if there are a lot of people, then the places may be occupied.

Hotel beaches are traditionally separated by concrete.fences, and there you will not be allowed, but there just is a large part of the palm trees. You can sit in their long shadow in the morning, but then the sun rises to the zenith, and you have to get umbrellas.

Like on Kata beach, there are sun beds in severalrows around the beach (+ umbrellas) from hotels that can be rented. Lounges a lot, you can find free. That small shadow from the trees, which falls on the beach from the trees from the territory of the hotels, is occupied by the hotel’s sun beds.

Putting your sand cloth on the sand will not work. Standard price - 100 baht per day. The hotels, as a rule, have their own beach, so for the guests of the hotel guests have free sun beds

Beach photo

Near the entrance with stairs

Descend the stairs to the beach

Descend the stairs to the beach

Right there is a small piece of shadow.

Right there is a small piece of shadow.

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Left side of the beach


The beach is quite remote, no noisy places, onThere are a lot of families with small children on the beach, no one bothers anyone. There are practically no shops, only trays with soft drinks, fruits and seafood. In cheap Thai cafes and with macadakes it is impossible to eat, but you can eat in cafes from hotels.

A list of nearby massage salons, bars orstores are unlikely to be more than a dozen items. Of course, in the area of ​​Kata Noi there are several shops where you can buy souvenirs and clothes, but there are no markets, and especially large shopping centers.

For the backpacker, Kata Noi will leave behindscant memories. There are no attractions, as well as places of entertainment. Kata Noi is a beach of relaxation and rest from the rapid pulsation of large cities, shopping spree and visiting all kinds of shows. Well, if you decide to gaze at the windows and support the Thai economy, then welcome to the beach. Kata.

On Kate Noi, all entertainment is limited to relaxing on a lounger, digging in the sand, swimming in the sea, riding a scooter or a "banana", as well as in the southern part of the beach you can try on scuba gear and dive.

In the southern part of Kata Noi beach near the stones there isthere are colorful coral reefs that are not yet broken by either boats or tourists. Accordingly, you can swim with a snorkel and mask. There are rolling fins, tubes and masks, but they are in poor condition and it is better to buy one of your own, there are inexpensive options.

The only road goes parallel to the shore

The only road goes parallel to the shore

Houses and hotels on the beach

Kata Noi refers to the type of beaches where you can easily find accommodation on the first line (ie, near the coast). Indeed, no problem finding the hotel Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

not difficult. It occupies most of the coastline. Actually, therefore, it is very expensive. Find a budget option for housing with access directly to the shore will not work.

The closest options are at some distance from the sea and may already be occupied. Usually mid-level tourists choose hotels and guesthouses next door, i.e. on the beach Katawhere prices for housing start from 500 baht per day.

In addition to the already mentioned Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

and villas on rocky headlands on the edges of the beach, on Kata Noi are many fairly simple and democratic in terms of prices for hotels and resorts, such as for example Katanoi Resort

and Katanoi Pavilion

. If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels in Phuket with a good rating and reviews.

Hotels in Kata Noi>

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How to find the beach

Kata Beach is divided into two parts by cliffs - more crowded - Kata Beach and calm Kata Noi. Kata-Noi Beach is located south of Kata Beach and is separated from it by a rocky ledge, so you can only get here by the road, you cannot walk along the coast. We need to go from the southern part of Kata Beach along the road, first up, then down, so we overcome the hill, and then walk along the road.

You need to get here by public transport.across the Kata beach. That is, you first need to take a bus from the station to Ranong Road, in Phuket Town, get to Kata and then on foot. And from Patong and Karona can be reached by taxi, tuk-tuk or also on foot, driving first through the whole of Katu.

On the coast itself you can only get in two places: at the beginning (right side of the beach) and almost at the end (left side of the beach). It may be possible to go through a cafe or resort, but I have not tried. So there are two specific entrances, and there is a place to park the bike and most people use these two passes.

Right Entrance with Stairs

If you go on foot to Kata Noi, then you do not need to go to the far aisle, choose the closest one.

When you climb the mountain, which divided the Kataand Kata Noi, then before the start of the descent you will see parked bikes and a staircase steeply descending from the road to the destination. The descent takes a couple of minutes. This will be the very beginning of the beach, its right side (if you are facing the sea) - this is the entrance you need.

On the bike here, too, you can park. The only point is that parking near the stairs is smaller and less civilized. It is a narrow and uneven piece of asphalt, it is possible that the bike is clumsy here, it can collapse. Although the people are not steaming, as you can see in the photo.

Left entrance

If you ride a bike, you don't care whatchoose a place to enter; there is parking both there and there. But on the left side of the beach, near the hotel is normal civilized parking, safer and more space.

The second entrance will be after the hotel Kata Tani,a kilometer from the stairs, you just need to pass on the road further, turning right and the “Beach” sign. You will see many bikes there. True, during the peak of the parking season, there may not be enough space for everyone, so you have to wait a bit, because there is a constant someone arriving and leaving.

Turn right here and there will be parking.

Turn right here and there will be parking.

Beach map

Map of Kata Noi Beach

Map of Kata Noi Beach:

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