Klong Dao Beach on Lanta is a great family beach!

Klong Dao Beach is not stretched into a single line, butrather, it resembles a semicircle with strongly curved edges. This is such a bay, the right edge of which is bent quite strongly, forming a deep wedging of the land into the sea. At the very right stretch of Klong Dao, there is no point in settling, because the beach is a walking coast, not a cupola.

It is not enough tourists, and people here basicallyCome just to walk and sunbathe. You can often watch Thais as a whole family come for picnics. Even at Klong Dao there are a couple of expensive resorts that look pretty cute, but to swim you have to go closer to the center. The rest of this beach on Koh Lanta is gorgeous, but very small.

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Beach description

After I drove and saw all the beaches of KoLanta, O Klong Dao I have a definite opinion - a calm, beautiful family beach. In length, despite the fact that this is not Long Beach, Klong Dao is also not short. It stretches for 2.7 kilometers, and in my opinion - this is a fairly long beach. I even had to assign myself three points of shooting, so I spread the photos of the beach in parts.

Visually, the whole area is flat, like LongBeach From the point of view of beauty, if compared with other small islands like Phangan, Klong Dao is less attractive, some kind of it is not tropical. It is dominated by the usual Thai buildings, the coast is covered with not palm trees, but deciduous trees, very simple and discreet in appearance.

The sand on the beach is yellowish, but when it dries, it becomes very light.

Sunset, depth and waves

Klong Dao is very similar in depth to its degree. Long beach: the depth increases gradually. About 10 meters later you will be shouldered, provided that you have come to swim in high water.

Low tides dramatically change Klong Dao for the worseside: the beach becomes uncapable and the sea goes 100-150 meters, and then you still have to walk a lot on the water. Therefore, the standard bathing scheme is as follows: people pass until they are about waist-deep and just flop in the water. After all, in order to swim, it is not necessary to have two meters of depth below you. Waves at Klong Dao happen with passing breeze, but because of the shallow water, it is usually quiet here.

Sun beds and shade

But the shadows on Klong Dao, it seemed to me thatslightly less. There are trees, but mostly they stand in private territory, strictly along the ruler, and give free shade more in the morning, while the sun rises to the zenith and gives long shadows from the trees. In the second half, you need to move under the trees themselves, and this is the territory of this or that institution, where it is not a fact that you will be let in.

Many cafes have their own lounge chairs, sosome tourists settle around the bar and for drinks they get the right to lie on a deckchair like a white man. There are not many people on the beach that pleases. They are really even less than on Long Beach.

Beach photo

Left side

The left side of Klong Dao Beach on Lanta

The left side of Klong Dao Beach on Lanta


The central part of the beach Klong Dao on Lanta

The central part of the beach Klong Dao on Lanta

Klong Dao beach at low tide

Klong Dao beach at low tide

Klong Dao Beach on Lanta at low tide

Klong Dao Beach on Lanta at low tide

Right part

The right side of Klong Dao Beach on Lanta

The right side of Klong Dao Beach on Lanta


The structure of the district is fairly standard: the main island road goes along the coast, and between the road and the sea, the entire first line is occupied by resorts and bungalow complexes. To get to the beach, you need to go either through the territory of the resort, or along one of the paths between these resorts that lead directly to the beach.

The distance from the road to the shore, that is, the widththe first line is non-permanent: the right side is rather wide and not only the first line of hotels, but also the second and third will fit there. But on the left side is so narrow that the beach is almost visible from the road.

Klong Dao has all the necessary infrastructurefor a beach holiday: cafes, restaurants, bars, massages, a small clinic, several chain minimarkets 7/11 and a full-fledged gas station. At the very beginning of Klong Dao, in its right part there is practically a mini-city (taking into account the Lanta format, of course).

In general, the first impression from Klong Dao givesImmediately understand that you have come to the resort village, which is just beginning to unwind. Everything around is very low, one or two-storeyed, there is a lot of space between buildings, the roads are wide and there are constantly buildings or vacant lots.

Klong Dao is the area with the most developedinfrastructure on the island, and if you specify your opinion about the beach, then personally it seemed to me no worse than Long Beach, which is considered to be the best here. In my opinion, both Long Beach and Klong Dao are quite similar to each other, and are great for a beach holiday as part of a family.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Thanks to the excellent infrastructure and largeChoosing housing, the area around Klong Dao Beach is considered one of the best on the island. Before the trip, I carefully checked the hotel reviews and wrote out for myself a few pieces in case I decide to stay at Klong Dao. Due to the decent length of the beach, I broke the selection into three parts, like photos.

Right half of the beach:

  • Costa lanta

The central part of the beach:

  • My home lantawadee
  • Laguna Beach Club Resort
  • D.R. Lanta Bay Resort
  • Khlongdao Sunset Villa
  • Lanta summer house

Left side of the beach:

  • Lanta bee garden bungalow
  • Lemonade Boutique Inn

On the right side of Klong Dao, it is better to settle not near the main road (still quite noisy), but in the streets that lead to the sea. It is full of hotels and much quieter.

Hotels on Lanta>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

How to find the beach

Search it will not have to. Klong Dao Beach is the very first beach that you meet when you arrive on the island as soon as you cross the bridge between Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi. You will definitely notice at the T-junction (after the bridge) a pointer to Klong Dao, which is only one kilometer away. For doubters, you can print the map below, or save the desired markers on your smartphone.

Beach map

Map of Klong Dao Beach

Map of Klong Dao Beach:

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