Klong Hin on Lanta - a beach for survivors

Klong Hin Beach is located just south of the beaches. Klong Ning and Nui Beach. Due to the similarity in the names, the beaches of Hin and Ning are often confused both in reports and on maps. But the one who visited both knows: Klong Nin is a paradise for a tourist, and Klong Hin is a paradise for a survivalist.

Along the beach there is a road that dividesthe local area is divided into two parts: wild behind the road and wild near the sea. True, the Thais have managed to install several bungalow resorts near the sea, but even this did not affect the quality of the infrastructure and the popularity of Klong Hin beach on Lanta. Plus to this - rocky bottom. It is rocky, because you still have to try to find a clean entrance to the water, where you will not stumble over the ancient lava.

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Beach description

The coastline of Klong Hin beach is simple, in some placessticks out, in places there are straight, straight grabs, somewhere it passes across a plain, somewhere creeps onto low hills, and then rarely (a lot of trees) from the road there is a view of the sea from above.

In one place, on the right (if you look at the sea)the mouth of the constant river is located, and there are a couple more seasonal rivers along the beach. Only the first 400 meters after Nui beach can be considered habitable - capital resorts are built near the mouth of the river. But the rest of the space belongs to nature and lovers of tent stops.

The sand is of medium grain, yellowish, in places there are deposits of various good from the sea.

Sunset, depth and waves

The beach on Klong Khin is mostly flat withslight slope, therefore subject to changes in comfort depending on the tides. With low water, going into the sea for 10 meters, you only slightly wet the swimming trunks, and in the same place, but at high tide, you will have about the chest.

In the case of Klong Khin, I don’t even know whichThe options are better for swimming. At high tide you do not need to go far beyond the depth, but under your feet you will constantly have stones of different heights sticking up. And at low tide you will have to be like, but you have a wide scope for maneuvers between boulders. Their only plus is that they are huge, and between them is pure sand, which you can safely walk barefoot.

Waves here, probably, happen, judging by the state of the coast and the washed away mangrove roots.

Sun beds and shade

If you are a guest of one of the resorts - you havethere will be everything you need for a beach holiday. If you are a savage at the beach, you will be a savage and you will rest. At your disposal are standing alone or completely growing trees with shade.

There are still lots of high boulders sticking aroundbeach, but they probably should be viewed more as a screen from prying eyes, rather than as a shelter from the sun. I will not talk about renting sun beds, all the more so - there is no such pleasure as a separate service for tourists on Klong Hin.

Beach photo

Klong Hin Beach on Lanta

Klong Hin Beach on Lanta


Klong Hin - the beach is long, almost two kilometers, andalong its entire length lies the Horizon Road, literally 10 meters from the beach. In some places, the road is 60 meters away from the sea, which allowed some landowners to build first-line resorts, but they are all light, bungalow type.

More or less decent penny 150 meters widethere is at the beginning of the beach, where more serious houses have already been built. There is no “roadside” infrastructure familiar to tourist beaches, with rare exceptions. The road costs about the same number of Thai houses as there are cafes or moto services. Sometimes there are benzomats with red 91st gasoline - well, this is standard for Lanta.

Houses and hotels on the beach

I somehow did not initially plan to settle inKlong Hin beach area, and the choice is not very rich here. What is characteristic - in those places where there are normal resorts, the beach is no different from other sites on the coast. The same stones, the same problems. As a home, I would take:

  • Sea sun bungalow

    - on the right edge of the beach

  • Narima Bungalow Resort

    - on the right edge of the beach

  • The Sea @ Lanta Hotel

    - on the far, left bank

Hotels on Lanta>

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How to find the beach

From Saladan, Klong Hin Beach is on decentremoval, so it makes no sense to give you some guidelines - you still get tired of looking through their eyes for such a time. The beach is quite famous, on Google maps it has its own marker, so getting lost there is quite difficult.

Travel to the beach can be considered any track after Narima Bungalow Resort

, which leads to the right in the direction of travel. If you drive an extra kilometer after the resort, then you will discover the beach itself and free parking space right by the water.

Beach map

Klong Hin Beach Map

Map of Klong Hin Beach:

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