Klong Nin Beach on Lanta - I'd live here!

Honestly, despite the fact that Klong Ning is onLante is not considered the most popular beach, I liked it more than others. That's it somehow hooked, and it is not at all clear what. So, if you think about it, I would seriously consider only three beaches that I immediately liked after visiting for a trip to stay on Koh Lanta: Klong Dao. Long beach or Klong Ning.

The beach is quite long (about 2.4 km), it is located approximately in the middle of the west coast of the island, immediately after the area Klong Toabif driving from the side of Saladan. Over its entire length, it does not change much, so I don’t see any reason to describe it in parts, but I will divide the pictures into two halves - the right and left.

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Beach description

Along the coast there is a minor on Klong NinThe road with the romantic name Horizon Rd. On the sea side there are cafes, and on the side of the rest of the island there are vacant lots, jungles and rare bungalow-type buildings or cafes, or motorbike rentals, in general, the usual buildings. The Horizon Rd Concrete is twice the already main road 4245, which is why it’s not as comfortable as in the areas of Long Beach and Klong Dao beaches.

Between the road and the shore fit narrow (meters50) land strip, which is fully occupied by cafes and a couple of resorts, and the buildings are a solid wall. Klong Nin is without a doubt one of the best beaches for a good rest throughout the holidays, especially if you are coming with your family.

Klong Nin Beach on Lanta is a very narrow stripsand at high tide, and very wide at low tide, from 5 meters to 50, I would call such a spread. An almost flat coast, without surprises, lasts all over Klong Nin. Externally, only its edges differ: on the right (if you look at the sea) - this is a sly twisted mouth of the river, and on the left - the beginning of a low hill, through which the Horizne Road road is punched. The hill is rocky, steep, and it has become the natural limiter of the beach strip in this place.

The sand on Klong Nin, as I said, is normal for Lanta. Medium grain, yellowish, soft, but not loose, the leg does not fall through the ankle and walk on it is easy.

Sunset, depth and waves

At low tide, Klong Ning Beach reminds of Klong Dao,it becomes completely unrecoverable, the water leaves from the shore at 50-70 meters, it will take a very long time to go to depth. Most people do not bother, and goes into the sea a maximum of a knee or waist, and then no longer goes, and bathed in that at hand.

The beach is great for holidays with small children, for the paddling pool just here the depth increases accordingly - very slowly.

In the tide you need about 5 meters to go to the depthon the neck. At low tide on this beach, many tourists just walk or run. About 10 meters from the coast there are large stones at the bottom, but very sporadically.

Sun beds and shade

There is no generally available natural shade on the beach.because those trees that grow on the shore are on the ground occupied by cafes, and they are on this beach, as I said above - they are a single line. Well, there is no such thing to remain a piece of the beach, not occupied by anyone. Beach umbrellas and deck chairs can be obtained not in the form of rent, but by ordering something from the menu, barter.

This is talking about the part of Klong Nin, whichlocated in the conditional center, with a maximum of infrastructure and amenities. So, throughout the beach, closer to the edges (especially to the left) there are vacant lots and no man's land, where you can sit without any conventions, but without amenities.

Beach photo

Left half of the beach

The left side of Klong Nin beach on Lanta

The left side of Klong Nin beach on Lanta

Klong Nin beach in the evening at low tide

Klong Nin beach in the evening at low tide

Klong Nin beach on Lanta at low tide

Klong Nin beach on Lanta at low tide

Right half of the beach

The left side of Klong Nin beach on Lanta

The left side of Klong Nin beach on Lanta

Klong Nin on Lanta at low tide

Klong Nin on Lanta at low tide


There is a narrow strip between the road and the shore.sushi, 20 meters wide, which is fully occupied by cafes and a couple of resorts. Klong Nin is a beach with a developed infrastructure. In the very right side of the beach there is a network mini-market 7-Eleven and around it a lot of shops, shops, massage and everything else. 7-Eleven is the conditional beginning of the beach, then the entire first line of Klong Nin is occupied by a cafe, and across the road is a green void. There's just some green wasteland and rare Thai buildings.

Houses and hotels on the beach

If you are facing the sea, then at the end of the left sidethere are several resorts, the strip between the coast and the road expands a little, and therefore there are several expensive resorts here. But this is not the only housing on the beach, there is a choice, although mostly these are mediocre quality hotels with a rating slightly above average. My selection before the trip to Luta was this:

  • Lanta Infinity Resort
  • Baan Rim Lay
  • Lanta Fevrier Resort
  • Baan Pakgasri Hideaway
  • Thai Island Dream Estate
  • Cliff Lanta Suite

Hotels on Lanta>

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For the lazy, here are direct links to the hotels listed above:

How to find the beach

To move to the sea, you need to carefully watchsignposts along the road: where it says "free parking", "Free shower", "umbrella", "sun chair", and invitations in English like "come to us at the light." About many cafes hang such things, and if you order food or drinks from them, then you use these things for free.

You can just go through any cafe to the beach. And approximately in the center of the beach there is a strip of wasteland, where there are no cafes, and there, too, you can leave the bike and get on Klong Nin, although I do not see much difference where exactly to go to the sea.

Beach map

Klong Nin beach map

Map of Klong Nin Beach:

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