Koh Chang in pictures - photo bike ride around the island

Surely many are already fed up with winter, dankweather and dullness outside. Therefore, I invite you to plunge into the summer cocktail of Koh Chang Island: blue sea and warm rain, hot sun and lilac sunsets, emerald greens and mountain landscapes. I stayed on Koh Chang for only about two weeks, nevertheless I managed to pretty much go over it. At least for myself, “fairly”, since I usually spend a lot of time behind the blog while traveling and traveling, not so much happens to me. This time I went somewhere every day and almost did not sit at the computer. I also have a separate detailed post - What to see in Koh Chang.

First of all, I would like to share myphotos of those places and beauties that I managed to see. In my opinion, some of the pictures turned out to be very personal; I like them very much. Although, of course, they do not convey even half of how beautiful it can be there. Secondarily, I would like to tell you a little bit about my impressions of Koh Chang. Just remember, I do not claim to be a connoisseur of this island and I can be mistaken about something. On the other hand, it is the first impressions that are valuable when the eye is not clear. Of course, the second impressions that arise after living there as an expat are also important, but this is not my case. :)

Koh Chang in pictures

My photos will have nothing to do with the text, that is, impressions are separate from the photos. Therefore, just a photo-series in a sequence around the island from the west coast to the east.

Koh Chang Island Photos (44)

Ice cream in a cafe on the beach contrasts very much with my view from the window

Koh Chang Island Photos (1)

Warm rain before sunset on Chang

Koh Chang Island Photos (2)

Cozy beach and wooden cafe

Koh Chang Island Photos (4)

Photos of Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang Island Photos (3)

Cafe where I was hiding from the rain

Koh Chang Island Photos (39)

Good to sit together near the water in the gazebo

Koh Chang Island Photos (25)

Fishing Village Bang Bao

Koh Chang Island Photos (24)

At low tide the water goes away and leaves the boat lying on the sand.

Koh Chang Island Photos (22)

Fishermen wash themselves on the ship

Koh Chang Island Photos (20)

Some horse prices for seafood

Koh Chang Island Photos (26)

The ground is red in places

Koh Chang Island Photos (23)

Beautiful sunset in the village of Bang Bao

Koh Chang Island Photos (21)

Bang Bao Lighthouse

Koh Chang Island Photos (38)

Photos of Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang Island Photos (35)

The coolest turn on Chang near Lonely Beach

Koh Chang Island Photos (37)

Sunset on Chang, view from the observation deck

Koh Chang Island Photos (43)

Kayaking on the nearby islands of Chang, I recommend

Koh Chang Island Photos (42)

There is a tradition on small islands to hang all kinds of jokes in the trees.

Koh Chang Island Photos (40)

There are fragments of coral in the sand

Koh Chang Island Photos (41)

The island of Chang is seen in the distance.

Koh Chang Island Photos (27)

In English, the menu can not even translate ...

Koh Chang Island Photos (28)

Google translate did not do well

Koh Chang Island Photos (29)

The traditional photo of Chang - the beach and sun loungers

Koh Chang Island Photos (30)

We sat together and left

Koh Chang Island Photos (36)

Garbage is found on some beaches.

Koh Chang Island Photos (31)

Short but colorful fire show

Koh Chang Island Photos (32)

Martian Landscapes of Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island Photos (33)

In the evening, the water goes from the shore, and in all cafes the lights are lit.

Koh Chang Island Photos (34)

Short but colorful fire show

Koh Chang Island Photos (19)

View of White Sand Beach

Koh Chang Island Photos (18)

Monkeys attacked the garbage dump

Koh Chang Island Photos (17)

Strange building, where the entrance is prohibited

Koh Chang Island Photos (16)

Not a tourist and deserted beach

Koh Chang Island Photos (15)

One of the local marinas on the east

Koh Chang Island Photos (14)

Sometimes you go quite along the water

Koh Chang Island Photos (13)

Berth, as a runway for my motorbike

Koh Chang Island Photos (11)

Road on the east coast of Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island Photos (12)

Romantic bench

Koh Chang Island Photos (5)

Mountainous terrain that I love very much

Koh Chang Island Photos (10)

With repair of roads in the non-tourist part do not hurry

Koh Chang Island Photos (9)

The roads to the southeast are completely dirt in places.

Koh Chang Island Photos (6)

Houses on the water, where you can live in solitude for 3,000 baht per day

Koh Chang Island Photos (8)

An indispensable attribute of all the beaches of Chang

Koh Chang Island Photos (7)

Small, but completely deserted beach

Impressions of Koh Chang

I liked the beach most of all.White Sand Beach, the most crowded and most popular. Perhaps, because it is the closest to get to, there are mini-markets, budget accommodation, a mini-market with shopping malls. From here it is most convenient to ride around the island and see the sights, it turns out that you are in the middle of all the routes, you can go one way along the coast, then the other. I also liked Long Beach very much, where on the contrary there is no one at all, complete unity with nature and a handful of the same “hippies” like me.

I also had the impression that I was notcould live here for a long time. Come for a week, yes, maybe for a month, but no more. One of the reasons for the infrastructure, which on the island is not very much. Although not to say that I use something so special. The only thing I missed there was some big Big C. But the main thing, why I didn’t really want to stay there, is the atmosphere. Not to say that it is bad, it's just the usual atmosphere of the resort, and I do not really like such places. But in another way and does not happen where there is a sea. By the way, many old-timers say that Koh Chang has deteriorated over the past two years after there were many visitors from Pattaya. And I tend to agree with this, although I did not see the old Chang. There are enough bags from Pattaya, the inscriptions are already in Russian, the Thais speak Russian ...

However, Koh Chang is still a pleasant place.in order to live some time by the sea. In general, it is worth going here for nature, the scenery is great, the waterfalls are cool, the sea is blue. When you ride a bike around the island, you just can not help but notice all this beauty. I recommend a ride to the east side. Just by itself, a trip along the coastal strip can already be considered as entertainment.

The only thing but if you are not in trouble with the bike, thenIt will be somewhat problematic to move, at least, if we are talking about the east coast, since there are rare minibuses. But riding a bike you need to be careful not to drive too much. There are a couple of steep climbs with turns, but if it is not hot, you can drive them without problems. Especially careful it makes sense in the rain, right in front of me people fell on turns and at low speed, apparently the tires were completely bald.

In general, the mixed feelings left the island, and there seems to be something attractive in it, and it seems to be not quite that ...

P.S. Somehow I already had a similar post with a small amount of text, called “Thailand in pictures”: part 1 and part 2.

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