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Lazarevskoye is a popular summer resort resort.and there are basically many hotels here, for every taste, including the sea. The beaches of Lazarevsky are approximately 7 kilometers long. They are mostly covered with pebbles of medium and large size, from yellowish to dark gray. But sometimes there is coarse sand in the form of small pebbles, closer to the water's edge.

In addition, on some well-equippedBehind the strip of pebbles there is bulk sand. The width of the beach with pebbles is from a few to a few tens of meters. Some beaches are separated by frequent small breakwaters and are limited on the land side by concrete chippers and railway canvas. Beaches without vegetation, but often you can find plastic and wooden loungers with umbrellas, there are beach cafes.

If you want to choose a budget accommodation option, see my selection - Where better to stay cheap in Lazarevskoye. But if you live in principle, as close to the sea as possible, then you need this - Hotels Lazarevskogo on the beach.

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Lazarevsky hotels with a private beach

Prices for hotels in Lazarevskoe, as well as onother resorts on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, are greatly increased during the season. In addition, cheaper rooms quickly dismantled. The most expensive month is August. Below each hotel shows the approximate price for a room in the summer season. The exact room rate for the dates you need is better to look at the links.

Sea in the season more often quiet, without waves, with fastincreasing depth. Sandy beaches are usually popular with tourists. They look beautiful, it's nice to walk around and sit comfortably. But there are no sandy beaches in the vicinity of Lazarevsky. But pebbles have a number of advantages: when the bottom is pebbled, the water in the sea is more transparent, walking on stones and lying on large pebbles is good for health, the sand does not fly into the eyes and is not stuffed into clothes and bags, children find it interesting to play with stones of different sizes shade.

Cons Lazarevskogo beaches that they arecrowded during the season, especially the central beach. But some hotels and boarding houses of Lazarevsky have their own fenced and often protected beaches, which are not so crowded and noisy, and the water on them is usually cleaner.

Going on vacation, be sure to see where you can go to Lazarevskoye. My selection of interesting places - What to see in Lazarevsky.

Villa Nina

Cost: 1100-5900 rubles per day per room

Villa Nina

- it is small and simple, but nice and cleanhotel located almost on the seashore. The rooms are quite spacious and neat. On the ground floor there is a dining room, with quite reasonable prices. To go to the pebble beach with free sunbeds, you must go through the railway path. The hotel is not in the center of the village, so there are not many people on the beach and in the evenings there is no music around, as on the central promenade. The hotel does not have a parking lot, but in the neighborhood you can find a guarded paid one.

Villa Nina>

Hotel Red Carnation

Cost: from 1200-5700 rubles per day for a double room, depending on the season

Red clove

- 3 star hotel. At 40 meters from the hotel buildings there is a private, fenced, equipped sand and pebble beach. There are beach activities. Hotel in the center, near everything you need. The hotel itself is rather tidy and new, especially compared to the Soviet boarding houses. There is a swimming pool.

Hotel Red Carnation>

Hotel Storm

Cost: 2100-7600 rubles per day for a double room, depending on the season


- a good modern hotel 3 stars, withnice rooms. Plus the hotel is that it is located in the center of Lazarevsky, right by the central promenade and practically on the beach, so that the rooms offer views of the sea. At the same time, the hotel has its own pebble beach. Other options are pleasant for guests: children's room and breakfast with a buffet. Of the minuses - some neglect of plumbing in the rooms, noisy discos right under the windows at night, a small selection of dishes for breakfast.

Hotel Storm>

Hotel Prometheus Club

Cost: from 4000 rubles per day for a double room

Four star hotel Prometheus Club

It is located in the central part of Lazarevsky and has its own small pebble beach. Hotel guests have access to good infrastructure, landscaped grounds, swimming pools.

Hotel Prometheus Club>

Pension Victoria Vacation

Cost: from 6600-7700 rubles per day for a double room

Pension Victoria Vacation

4 stars, located on the outskirts of Lazarevsky,near the sea. It has its own equipped beach with small pebbles. The pension also has a swimming pool, cafe and bar. In general, this is a good modern hotel complex with comfortable rooms. A good place for a quiet family holiday, a pleasant green area and clean sea next door.

Victoria Holiday Hotel>

Resorts that can be booked on site

Some hotels in Lazarevsky can notbook through popular online booking systems. These are mostly old Soviet pensions, inexpensive, but not modernized for a long time. Rooms in these pensions can be booked either through special services, either by telephone or on the spot in the old-fashioned way. Nevertheless, these resorts have their own beach.

Pension Volna

Cost: from 790 rubles per night for a double room

Small, quiet, absolutely Soviet serviceand general appearance boarding house. It is located far beyond the line of Lazarevsky (towards Sochi), near the seashore. Beach resort pebble, equipped with showers, sun beds. Rooms - with partial conveniences. And the body and territory have not changed since Soviet times.

Pension Grenada

Cost: from 900 rubles per night for a double room

Large six-story building is locatedfar from the sea, on the mountain. The pension has a large green area, good infrastructure: there is a swimming pool, playground, walkways, a gym. Plus stay in a boarding house - the silence around and beautiful views. Also, the boarding house has its own equipped beach on the sea, with large pebbles.

The guesthouse was open in Soviet times, butnow in the rooms of the building has been renovated, the appearance of the building is also quite decent. Guests boarding on the beach for 5 minutes delivers the bus, you can also walk to the sea on foot, down the stairs.

Sanatorium Turquoise

Cost: 1050-2700 rubles per day for a double room

There are two buildings in the sanatorium;procedures. However, the level is more Soviet. To the beach 5 minutes walk along the underpass under the road. The beach is small, pebble. Not always clean, but the infrastructure is pretty good. The resort has a good park, the location is convenient - near the station.

Pension Chaika (Olesya building)

Cost: from 1200 rubles per night for a double room

The hotel complex or guesthouse hasa large area and several buildings. Including - the branch "Olesya", the corps of which are located near the sea. Boarding house beach is quite clean and not very crowded, with large pebbles. The Olesya corps is located at the entrance to Lazarevskoye from the direction of Sochi, on the banks of the Psezuapse river. Rest in a boarding house is suitable for lovers of nature and silence that are not very demanding in everyday life - in some rooms there is a renovation, but in general the pension is completely “Soviet”. Service and infrastructure are slightly improving from year to year, but still leave much to be desired.

Pension Cosmos

Cost: from 7500 rubles per person per day.

The pension is located in the village of Ashe, in a fewkilometers from Lazarev. A pair of buildings with shared facilities, detached houses, a dining room and a cafe with rather high prices are modest Soviet amenities in modern realities. Pebble beach with the necessary infrastructure is a couple of hundred meters from the buildings.

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