Life hacking, how to save 5-10% on travel: on air tickets, hotels, insurance

I want to share with you one simple and banala way to save on travel. However, despite the banality, I am sure no one massively uses it, except bloggers and site owners. Actually, they can continue and not read :)

Actually not happening by itselfsavings, and refund, in fact cashback. The method is known for a long time, but only the last couple of years it has become convenient to use. Perhaps you even know about him, but dismissed him, not wanting to figure it out and waste time on it, think a couple of percent of the profit. On the other hand, you only need to grasp once, and then the interest is returned without additional effort.

The content of the article

How to save on travel

The essence of life hacking

Surely, you saw on my blog, and onothers, too, various links: tickets, hotels, insurance, etc. Many of these links are affiliate, they contain a certain code that tells who this link belongs to. And at purchase on such special link the percent from sale falls to the owner of this link. This is the standard earnings on sites, so absolutely all travel sites containing information earn. But no one bothers you and get your own link and take this percentage yourself. So I do it myself, so do bloggers, we all have long been buying on their links.

Get your personal links>

Of course, bloggers track the conditions of variousAffiliate programs, registered on many similar sites, know various subtleties and nuances. You don’t need to know, it’s enough to register with Travelpayouts and thus have about ten affiliate programs in one place, in one account. In your personal account you will see links to purchase air tickets, hotels, insurance, to book a car, to buy a tour, to receive a travel sim card. That is, one registration is enough to access immediately all that the traveler needs. Travelpayouts is an aggregator of a couple of dozen services.

Life hacking, how to save 5-10% on travel: on air tickets, hotels, insurance

How to save on travel

Conditions differ depending on the purchasedproduct, for example, with air tickets will be return in the region of 1%, and with insurance as much as 10%. In this simple way, we have a real cashback, and much more than is possible with bank cards (my selection). Although no one bothers to combine them, and when paying with a card, you will receive an additional 1-3% of your bank. Also, if you are interested in the cashback theme, then read, how to save on Aliexpress up to 11%.


If you want to be confused, you canRegister an affiliate program for each service separately (that is, Booking, Agoda, RoomGuru, Cherehapa, Economybookings, Aviasales, Skyscanner, etc.). But in my opinion, for the sake of a couple of trips a year, it does not make sense. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the interfaces of different personal accounts and then wait for the payout threshold. For example, known to all pays only the amount of 100 euros, which you will save there all year. Many affiliate programs generally do not suit not the site owners, because they pay not a percentage of the purchase, but a few cents per click on the link, or have a ban on the purchase of their personal link. Do you need it?

Still, the meaning of such manipulations is to save,without spending time on it. Therefore, we need a simple way and now it is (previously there was no such possibility). It is for this reason that I write this post, because my universal way practically does not require effort. Briefly list what you get.

  • When buying a ticket through Aviasales about 1-1.5% of its value
  • When booking a hotel at Hotellook about 3-5% of the amount of the reservation
  • When buying insurance for Cherehapa 10% of its value
  • When booking a car on about 3% of the booking
  • When ordering a visa in Visatohome fixed 270 rubles
  • When buying an excursion in Sputnik up to 9% of its value, in Tripster 8% of the value of the excursion.
  • There are also package tours, other services selling excursions and offering to book a car, transfers from airports, SIM cards.
  • Payment of 500 rubles to WebMoney or Yandex. Money

And, if in the case of Aviasales you can still turn backthe nose, they say, is Skyscanner or Momondo better, for example, only Travelpayouts works with Cherehapa, but this service is unique and there is simply no alternative to it. In any case, the whole point of my method is in the simplicity that you receive a dozen services at once in one personal account.

And a few words about the comparison service price forhotels Hotellook - it works on the same principle as RoomGuru, gives the official prices of hotels with Booking, Agoda, Ostrovok, Ozon, and so on. I think everyone already knows how comfortable it is to see the prices of the desired hotel at once in all booking systems and choose where it is cheaper.

And finally, until I forgot. You can distribute your links to booking hotels, air tickets, insurance, tours to your friends and acquaintances, thereby earning cashback on their purchases. Yes, to seriously do this, you need your website or a popular group in the social network, but still you also have this opportunity.


There is only one minus - services existmuch more than Travelpayouts have. There are 5 popular flight ticket search engines alone, and only one is represented in Travelpayouts - Aviasales. Thus, if you are accustomed to using other services, you will have to be content with what you have, because everything cannot be aggregated. Although, as I wrote above, I do not see for myself an alternative to many services that is on Travelpayouts.

By the way, it's not always worth comparing prices directly.between services. I will give an example, a comparison with Skyscanner, which I also constantly use. In it, the price of air tickets is sometimes less, but only slightly, at 200-400 rubles, no more. I already somehow wrote about what to choose. So, if I buy tickets through Skyscanner, then I will immediately save 400 rubles, and by purchasing the link from Travelpayouts, I will return 2,000 rubles from the ticket, which is ultimately much more profitable.

How to find your link in the service

A link to Aviasales should be found in the section "Tools / Text links / Flights"

The link to Hotellook should be searched in the section “Tools / Text links / Hotels”.

You will not have links to Booking, Agoda,Ostrovok, Ozon and other booking services, everything needs to be done through Hotellook. The service gives you prices for all hotels in all reservation systems immediately, after which you go to the desired reservation system.

Link to Airways in the Air Tickets tab, Hotellook link in the Hotels tab

Link to Airways in the Air Tickets tab, Hotellook link in the Hotels tab

All other links (insurance, excursions,car rental, etc.) should be searched in the “Campaign / Summary / Service Name / Promotional Materials / Link Generator / Ready Link”. But first you need to go to the "Campaign / All" and subscribe to the selected campaign.

I agree, a little confused, everything looks fora regular user, but initially the system is sharpened by site owners, to whom such personal accounts are quite familiar and understandable. In any case, you need to spend a little time once in order to poke around sections (most of which you don’t need) and figure it out.

Link to car rental from Renatalcars

Link to car rental from Renatalcars

Specific examples

I will give a few examples. They are not from my head, but from my trips. It is obvious that the amount of returns will increase depending on the number of people on the trip, and the number of days of travel (the longer the hotel is removed, the more you get).


We once flew to Thai by Emirates withtransfer in Dubai. The tickets were spent 105 thousand rubles for three round-trip. I monitored prices for Skyscanner and Aviasales for a week. As I later realized, I managed to buy them at a pretty good price for the peak season. So, Aviasales tickets were more expensive for 350 rubles, but I knew that about 1-2% would return from such a flight, so there was no doubt through whom to buy. By the way, it’s not at all clear from SkyScanner (by their link) how much it returns, there are some small fixed amounts. Yes, and right on the day of purchase, the price even became equal, apparently the agency that sold through Skyscanner stopped giving such a discount.

Return - 2104 rubles.

Our tickets to Aviasales, which offers to buy them at Sinbad

Our tickets to Aviasales, which offers to buy them at Sinbad

Our Skyscanner Tickets

Our Skyscanner Tickets

After switching to Sinbad the exact same price.

After switching to Sinbad the exact same price.

Return in a few days for my purchase

Return in a few days for my purchase at TravelPayouts

Thus, tickets can be monitored at once in several services, and buy at Aviaseels if cashback pays for this purchase.


Anyway, you need to take insurance through Cherehapa (how to use Cherehapa). Not only can they pay for everything on the site (yes, some insurance has not yet made an online sale of policies), but they also provide advice on policies. You can ask any question about how best to act in a given situation, about the conditions of the insurance contract and so on.

For example, I bought Egor insurance from ERV for which I received back 10%.

Return - 687 rubles.

Already issued ERV policy on Egor

Already issued ERV policy on Egor

Return from Cherehapa

Return from Cherehapa via TravelPayouts


Unfortunately, Airbnb has discontinued affiliatethe program, and an example of how I received a refund from their reservation, had to be removed. Nevertheless, you can still receive a refund from hotel reservations, which I use all the time.

I, like many, often use Booking’sfor example, I read reviews there. But booking directly in it is optional. After searching Hotellook, in my case Agoda became the cheapest. I booked a hotel in Phuket on Kata beach for 3 days, you can estimate for yourself how much a return would be, for example, in 2 weeks. And wrote about this hotel separate review, if suddenly interesting.

Return - 752 rubles.

Return from hotel booking

Return from hotel booking

Cashback from a bank card

UPDATE. Everything flows, everything changes. Corn maps have deteriorated conditions. Therefore, I now use only the special travel credit card of Tinkoff AllAirlines (link 1000 rubles per card). It gives 2% for any purchases, 3-5% for air tickets and 10% for hotels on Bucking.

This is not related to Travelpayouts, but I have to remind you about this again. What is cashback with bank cards, I already wrote. I paid for air tickets and insurance with a credit card Corn with cashback.

Cashback with Kukuruza card for airfare 3000 rub

Cashback with Kukuruza card for airfare - 3000 rub

Cashback with Corn card for insurance 206 rubles

Cashback with Corn card for insurance - 206 rubles

P.S. As you can see, I saved 6843 rubles, without really doing anything, once I figured out the question. I personally like this “out of nothing” savings. How much money have I saved in a few years? :)

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