Life hacking, how not to freeze in Europe (Spain) in winter

Fresh. After a trip to Spain to the Canary Islands.

When looking for apartments in the winter in Europe throughAirbnb and put the filter "Heating", then the sample becomes significantly smaller. And the matter is not even in the price that the owner can charge more (electricity is expensive), but the fact that many simply do not indicate whether there is something for heating or not. Well, most apartments just do not have any heating.

If the choice of apartments is sufficient, then it is always possible to clarify with each owner whether he has a heater. As a rule, it is an air conditioner with heating mode. I saw a condo on the photos - ask.

In my case, the choice was originally small, soas booked a few days before arrival. Would not stay on the street, what's the heating there. Therefore, it was decided to buy a fan heater if it is cold in the apartment.

Price in MediaMarkt starts at 14 euros with delivery

Price in MediaMarkt starts at 14 euros with delivery

Took Rowenta for 34 euros from then took with him

Took Rowenta for 34 euros from then took with him

It turned out cold (but the apartment is interesting). So I went to the nearest MediaMarkt (near Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and bought it. Fan heaters cost 15-44 euros. It would be possible to take the cheapest for 15 euros, but decided to buy a Rowenta 2 kW, because I know this company and the plastic felt better by touch.

By the way, it was enough, despite the fact thatthe apartments were of two rooms and a rather large area. Recommendations that 2 kilowatts are designed for approximately 15-20 square meters, rather for a colder climate than in southern Spain.

Took it with you. More useful.

P.S. C you was captain Obvious :) But the jokes are jokes, and not everyone guesses that 15 euros can easily solve the issue of heating when traveling to southern Europe in winter.

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