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I would like to ask everyone to link me toSites related to Thailand that you know, preferably in Russian. I would divide them into several types: communities (including LJ), forums, personal blogs, travel guides. Then I add these links to this post so that everything is in one place, and sometimes they ask where to look for information or people living in Thailand, but I don’t really know.

For a start I will write those sites that I know.

The content of the article

Thailand travel guides

Unfortunately, although the resources are various and complete,they erase information from each other, often not of the best quality. It is clear that it is very difficult to make such a site to one person who describes only his personal experience, because often the main goal is to make money, and it’s not important what it’s already there But I am glad that over the years, the content still becomes better.

Well, of course, I consider my guidebookwhich I make up since 2010, one of the best and most complete. Every year I am in Thailand, but not for the purpose of rest, but combing the neighborhood and hotels. I was so fond of this country, so I finally decided to focus only on Thailand and forgot about the guides to other countries. Now they are helping me to compile a guide and other people also turned on Tae.

My guide to Thailand> - in English - the most popular message board throughout Thailand

Groups in social networks in Thailand

To start a community and group. It is very convenient, having arrived in a certain city, to find people who live here, to meet for joint leisure, or to ask what. You can also sell something to try if you're leaving already ... - Pattaya group - moms and dads of Phuket (many children's topics) - the group on Phuket (there is another with a similar name, then there are all very greyhounds and a lot of rudeness) - group on Samui - Krabi group (Ao Nang) - Hua Hin group - Phangan group - Ko Chang group (eng) - Bangkok Group - group in Chiang Mai - the Paju group - group on Samui - a group living on Samui - another group living on Samui - group in Thailand in general

Thailand Forums - section on the forum of independent travelers about Thailand - a forum living in Thailand, but there they can answer rather rudely, so it’s better not to get involved with simple questions Yes, and have forgotten this forum already. is a forum about Thailand, I haven’t been on it almost, but it seems to be sensible

Thailand blogs

I will not post anything here yet, I will seewhat people will say. They are interested in blogs that have really good information about Thailand, personal experience, and not copywriting. It is best to link directly to the section on Thailand and a description of what can be seen there. Naturally, links to their blogs are welcome. Since my post, the first link to my FAQ :)

How to go to Thailand alone - our blog, all info for wintering in Tae - mainly about Bangkok and Krabi, as well as other regions - Ko Chang, Krabi, Bangkok
- infa tayu, detail about bangkok - voluminous blog about Phuket - Bangkok, Phuket and other regions - mostly about Samui and Krabi - info on Tay and Samui - info on Tay, Krabi, Hua Hin - Samui and Hua Hin, a trip with a child - Chang, Koh Phangan, Samui, a trip with a child - the oldest Tay blog, mostly about Chiang Mai

P.S. There are still a lot of links in the comments, but it’s quite difficult to see them all and draw any conclusions, considering that not everyone has signed what can be found on their blog.

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