Phi Phi Don Island’s Lo Dalum Beach is the longest but not the best.

Lo dalam and Ton Say - These are the two main beaches on the isthmus of Phi Island.Phi Don. Unlike shipping and deep in the center of Ton Sai, Lo Dalam is a classic of shallow water. Very beautiful in the tide, with a luxurious color of water and extremely photogenic in the rays of the midday sun. Luo Dalam Beach is the main place of day and night parties of Phi Phi Don Island, where it is good to come for fun and sunbathing.

For living and relaxing at night, I would advise you to choose a place away from this beach. From here it is easy to get to Monkey Beachif you rent a kayak. And Luo Dalam is Phi Phi Don's calling card, because it is visible from all three viewpoints of the island.

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Beach description

Kupablelny beach, but only at high tide. Beach Lo Dalam repeats the bend of the isthmus and stretches from east to west between the curly mountains of Phi Phi Don, which are its natural limiters and protectors from the waves and winds. Walking from the neighboring beaches to Lo Dalam will not get in any way.

The length of Lo Dalam is about one kilometer widesand line - from 15 to 20 meters of light yellow sand is very fine, almost flour consistency. In some places there are admixtures of shells and stones, but in general it is almost an ideal beach for walking barefoot.

On the right side of the beach there are a couple of stinky rivers, so do not go far to the right and do not swim even more.

Sunset, depth and waves

Beach Lo Dalam is very small. At low tide, water goes a distance of one kilometer, leaving behind a wet bottom in holes and puddles of seawater - an excellent space for walking.

The beach is shallow, not very high and almosteverywhere protected by small concrete blocks from wave blur. The entire isthmus rises only a few meters above sea level, and its length in the central part is no more than 150 meters. That is why there was such a strong destruction in 2004, when the tsunami wave just rolled over the isthmus.

Waves in the usual time and in a good season are usually small, purely symbolic and do not cause inconvenience.

Sun beds and shade

Sun beds are many near major resorts, but they costthey are usually in the area behind concrete blocks, which are conditional fences for private land. I have never noticed the rental of sun beds, but this does not bother anyone: people come with their beach mats and are located all over Lo Dalam where they have to - there is enough space for everyone.

The shadow of the trees that grow alongthe coastline, in the morning, covers the entire beach, and from noon it becomes hot here - Lo Dalam faces north-west and there is very little shadow on the beach.

Beach photo

Beach Lo Dalam, Phi Phi

Beach Lo Dalam, Phi Phi


In view of the miniature isthmus on Phi Phi Don,The infrastructure of Lo Dalam Beach is not much different from Ton Sai and Phi Phi Town - in fact, all three toponyms are a single whole. Ton Sai is in the south, Phi Phi Town in the center and Lo Dalam in the north of the same land plot. So there are all the amenities of the tourist infrastructure of a small island village.

Directly on the beach is full of kayak rentals,bars and restaurants, as well as hotels. What doesn’t exist on Lo Dalam is the pier and flotilla of boats. In the evenings, the whole beach turns into a solid get-together with music and a fire show.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Phi Phi Don Pier can be considered the center of the isthmus. On the beach of Lo Dalam, to the left of the center there are no normal hotels, and they are close to the cliffs. But from the center and to the left you already have a wider choice of housing of any level. Although, it should be noted that, in general, the quality level of hotels throughout Phi Phi Don does not correspond to their price tag.

General remark for all establishments: wherever you are settled, you will pursue the characteristic (for rooms and bungalows of the island of Phi Phi Don) untidiness. More or less decent resorts on Lo Dalam - this is PP Insula

and PP Princess Pool Villa

, with a good rating and reviews.

Under the link below, you will be transferred to the general on Phi Phi Don, but you click on the icon with the map and there already decide on accommodation options on Lo Dalam Beach. The island is so small that Roomguru does not even try to share hotels along the beaches.

Hotels in Phi Phi>

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For the lazy, here’s a direct link to the above hotel: PP Insula

and PP Princess Pool Villa

How to find the beach

It is not necessary to look for him. The beach is located on the opposite side of Phi Phi Town, so land on the pier of Ton Sai Beach and walk straight from the sea, without turning anywhere. In five minutes, you will arrive at Lo Dalam in the area of ​​the PP Charlie Beach Resort


Beach map

Map of Phi Phi Town and Tonsai, Lo Dalum and Hin Khom Beaches

Map of Phi Phi Town and Tonsai, Lo Dalum and Hin Khom Beaches:

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