Long Beach (Long Beach) - the best beach on Koh Lanta

Long Beach (from the English "long" - long) hasThe original Thai name is Phra Ae Beach and is considered the longest beach on Koh Lanta, as well as the best. Based on what I personally saw on Lanta, riding along the beaches, then yes - Klong Dao and Long beach really the best on the island.

Although for a sophisticated person - just ordinarybeaches, in our usual sense. Beach Phra Ae Beach stretches for almost 3 km, and it will meet you second in a row if you go from the bridge between Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi. During my check-in at Koh Lanta, I lived on this beach at the Lanta Manda hotel

so long beach is my main beach.

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Beach description

So that you understand, I will clarify: most of the beaches and districts on Lanta are a road along the coast and small villages opposite major beaches. All the space between the road and the sea is occupied by buildings: hotels, shops, resorts, and everything else. In short, to get to the beach, you need to pass either along the lanes, or through the territory of the hotel that allows it.

I put myself in many places and in principle did not seesuch a number of prohibitions and “private” tablets, such as on Samui Here you can go almost everywhere. Specifically, on Long Beach, I most liked the passage approximately in the middle, there is a good asphalt road leading to a large parking lot.

Around the parking lot is a park with casuarinas,sala and toilets - somewhat reminiscent of the territory of the national park, and everything looks very luxurious. I think this is the best place to get to the sea, the most convenient on Long Beach. I have seen Thais and their families come here, and they have a picnic under the huge casuarinas.

And it seemed to me that on the central partthe beach is the least populated, although on the whole on all the beaches of Lanta there are not so many people, thank God, as on the beaches of Phuket. After I drove all the beaches of Koh Lanta, I had the following opinion about Long Beach: the best beach on Koh Lanta.

Sunset, depth and waves

If you are facing the sea, the leftmost piecebeach - there are a lot of stones, and this place seems to be suitable for swimming, but personally it seems to me that it is more suitable for snorkeling. Here I met a lot of people who practice it - they swim with masks.

Depth here, to put it mildly, not very -It is too small, move 10-15 meters from the coast and still will not be neck. At the same Klong Dao beach is a flat surface with a slight slope, but on Long Beach everything is quite noticeable, and when the water at low tide goes down by 10 meters, the beach still remains suitable for swimming. In short, in my opinion, it is better than neighboring Klong Dao.

Somewhere in the middle of Long Beach, and towards the rightits parts become deeper. After about 10 meters, the depth comes down the neck, and it grows relatively smoothly. In general, on Long Beach it turns out that the right side is slightly deeper than the left.

It is important to note that on the left side of Long Beach onLante flows into a decent sized river. It looks clean, of course, but knowing that there Thais like to pour into rivers - I definitely wouldn’t swim nearby, and would move much to the left of the river, or closer to the central part.

At low tide, the beach remains more or less cupable. From the coast it is clearly seen that it is deeper than Klong Dao; the bottom on Long Beach goes down much steeper.

Sun beds and shade

All over Long Beach there are trees: casuarinas and palms. Tall, old, strong, give a lot of shade and you will have no problems with it at least until dinner, while the sun rises from the east side to the zenith.

Then begins the usual hell for all the beaches,located on the west coast - the sun shines in person and you can hide from it either in the forest, or, as an option, in cafes that stand around the coast, private or owned resorts. There, for a couple of drinks from a local bar, you are given the right to use private territory and sun beds.

Beach photo

Left side of the beach

Left side of Long Beach on Lanta

Left side of Long Beach on Lanta

Central part of the beach

The central part of the beach of Long Beach on Lanta

The central part of the beach of Long Beach on Lanta

Long Beach on Koh Lanta at low tide

Long Beach on Koh Lanta at low tide

Right side of the beach

The right side of Long Beach on Lanta

The right side of Long Beach on Lanta


The infrastructure is mainly developed along the mainroads. It is full of cafes, massages, laundries, hotels, bars, and so on. On that part of Long Beach, which is closer to Klong Dao, everything is closer there, and the farther from Klong Dao, the buildings are more free.

If you decide to live during your vacation on Long Beach, and for complete happiness you only need a beach and a beach holiday, then you can not fiddle with renting a bike - just enough on foot.

The hotels have everything you need, snack incafes, ride a tuk-tuk. By the way, the local tuk-tuki is a motorbike with strollers. Well, if you decide to go for a drive, then of course you need to rent a scooter. But to be honest, the roads here are so-so.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Territory and geographical features of the areabehind the beach, Long Beach has opened up space for developers, so there are all sorts of accommodations on Long Beach. From poor guesthouses to high-rated hotels. A lot of hotels on the first line, where you can stay in an expensive bungalow overlooking the sea, and in a thatched cottage, with the same view.

Hotels are built and across the road, there they are a littlecheaper in price, but considering that the distance between the road and the coast is ridiculous, wherever you settle on Long Beach, the sea will always be within walking distance. Below, I propose to look at a selection of hotels that I ordered for myself, preparing for the trip:

Right edge of the beach

  • Sayang Beach Resort Koh Lanta
  • Lanta Sand Resort & Spa
  • Rasa Sayang Resort
  • Lanta manda

    - my final choice, the report on which can be read in a separate post.

Central part of the beach

  • Pana Long Beach Resort
  • Eco Lanta Hideaway Beach Resort

Left edge of the beach

  • Thai House Beach Resort
  • Mook Lanta Eco Resort

Hotels on Lanta>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

How to find the beach

Long Beach is located just after Klong Dao, if you take the same road from the bridge. The reference point of the beginning of Long Beach can be considered a beautiful hotel gate Lanta Resortwhich you will see approximately three kilometers after the T-shaped intersection.

Beach map

Long Beach Beach Map

Long Beach Beach Card:

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