Make a hat for and get 4000 rubles!

So, last post caused a lot of criticism from many, sothe long-suffering hat was removed from the site. But there was an idea to hold a competition for this very hat with a prize fund. Yes, I could try again further here myself, but, first, my maximum creative possibilities were seen by everyone a day ago (I’d better write articles, and the design is not my strong point), and secondly, there will still be someone something unhappy and all this can be very delayed.

In general, in order to speed up the process of changing the pattern andTo bring the site into final form, I suggest contacting the professionals, arranging a competition for the best hat and then choosing it by universal suffrage. As I understand, among our audience there are designers, so all hope for you! You can not only win some reward, but also help us with the site. Save, êàî!

Conditions of the competition

First place - 4000 rubles.
Second place - 500 rubles.
Third place - 500 rubles.

The contest will end on October 20th, you can join at any time.
After that, there will be a vote for 4 days.

You can tell designers about this competition to your friends you know, they may want to participate.

Please do not wind the voices so that we,Indeed, they could choose the hat that everyone would like the most. In case of suspicion of cheating, I will conduct a survey and find out how many votes there actually were, and the players will be disqualified. Believe me, I know how many readers we have about, and I communicate with many of them in private.


What is the competition. You need to come up with something with a hat and give the finished picture. To vote, we will post a screenshot of the main page with a new header, and then we will vote with all the options.

Of the main requirements there should be:
- the name of our site ""
- the inscription "Everything is real! In spite of everything ... "(a small one).

Also, probably, the inscription “Goodto Oleg, Darya and Egorka’s blog ”to identify whose blog. But you can try without it. You can also come up with a logo, because we have never had a logo :) The more beautiful everything turns out, the more chances to win.

Yes, I do not need our photosa requirement, but it seems to me (judging by the comments) that we should still be present in the cap. However, this is not a requirement. Also, photos can be vector, and in general there can be drawings in one line or something else. Please just don’t take something in the open spaces, it’s better to buy later in a photo stock (I’ll pay for it), but for the time being, you can temporarily use the demo while the voting is in progress. All questions can coordinate with me.

Current Pt Sans Header Font (Headersarticles, headlines in the sidebar), you can use it for the captions as well. Or offer a different font, both for caps (any), and for all other headers (only Google Fonts and standard ones).


Now the cap is 1220px wide, and the height isprinciple any. But personally, I would not want a high hat, because it is inconvenient when you need to scroll for a long time. Thus, we have a rectangle between the black menu at the bottom and the green menu at the top. This is if out of the ordinary. You can also climb over the edges (left and right) by placing a picture in the background div. But we must take into account that the rubber pattern, the width in the header changes only for objects inside the div, and if you make them the backgrand of this div, the picture will not scale. You yourself can experiment with CSS, for example, via Firebug. And if something is not clear, then ask in a personal or in the comments. But I don’t promise that you can implement anything here, I don’t want to redo the template, otherwise I’m afraid the layout will fall apart. :)

A photo

And the latest. Surely, we will need our photos. It is not possible to upload the entire archive for the simple reason that choosing from 30 thousand photos only those where we are is rather difficult. Therefore, I selected a certain number of photos and sent them to all participants as an archive.

We can also try to specifically makethe right photo. True, the light in our apartment is not very good, and the street without warm clothes and hats is no longer to go. Alternatively, you can come and take a picture of us yourself (Moscow).


- Dmitriy
- Zuker
- Olga
- Stas
- Sveta Zhuravleva
- Sergey Kritsky
- jay
- Mary
- Olga
- Vera Samarina (questionable)

P.S. I will vote on a par with everyone. And the previous header will also participate in the voting. What is not clear, be sure to ask.

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