Map Corn from Euroset - my review, how to get the conditions

I constantly monitor a couple of topics on the banking forum where various travel maps are discussed. I decided to write a separate big review about the Corn map from Euroset, which I advised in my a selection of maps for travel. I think it should be done to everyone who is going to go abroad, even just in case, because it is free, and conversions are proceeding at the rate of the Central Bank!

However, for spending in Russia, it can alsocome up if you don’t chase cashbacks, as service and SMS are free, and if you pay in foreign online stores like Aliexpress, you can save with ithow to do it right).

The content of the article

Map Corn

How to get a Corn Card

UPDATE. They removed the opportunity to spend cashback points normally and worsened the conditions. Of the benefits of the course CB. But in this regard, it is more profitable to use travel credit cards. Corn is now just a spare for me, as free, I recommend to have just in case. And the main Tinkoff AllAirlines (link 1,000 rubles as a gift), I also recommend.

After receiving the card, install the mobile app and enter my promo code FRASFM38V. Then you get 300 rubles to your account.

one. You can get a card easily in the Euroset on the day of your call, you only need a passport. You can immediately receive two types of non-nominal cards: Mastercard Standard and Mastercard World. Standard costs 0 rubles, and World is issued for 200 rubles. If you immediately connect the service "Double benefit", then pay only for it (990/290 rubles), without 200 rubles. The difference between Standard and World cards is in cashback size, by the usual 0.5%, by World 1.5%. Both non-names!

2 Further, in your personal account, having any of the cards, you can order a personalized MasterCard World PayPass, it will be with a chip and, accordingly, PayPass. Cashback on it is 1.5%, and it does not matter what card you had on hand initially.

Of site
Personal Area

Life hacking: If you receive a service connection when you receive a World card in Euroset, then take an ordinary Mastercard Standart without the World prefix, it can be more readily issued without additional services. And then you yourself order a MasterCard World PayPass card in your personal account. In any case, the name card is more preferable when it comes to traveling abroad.

Name card Corn with chip and PayPass

Name card Corn with chip and PayPass

Name card is very desirable to orderthen it was easier to pay abroad. Non-nominal workers are also, but there have been cases when they were refused to be accepted. Therefore, if you have time before the trip, order a nominal, there is no time - go with no less. After activating the nominal, the no-name is blocked.

The cost of delivery of a personalized card by Russian Post is 200 rubles (it takes from 4 days).
Shipping cost Pony Express - 750 rubles (1-2 working days).

About the map

The issuer of the card is Settlement non-bankinga credit institution (RNKO) “Payment Center”, that is, no bank serves a card, non-banking it. Therefore, in the event of bankruptcy, the DIA will not help you and the money will be lost. But there is a solution, or rather even two.

  • Do not keep money on it, transferred a little and immediately spend / take off.
  • It is possible and necessary to activate the service: 3-6% of the balance on the card and the absence of a fee for withdrawing from an ATM within 50 thousand rubles / month. The service is connected to Euroset. At the same time, the amount on the card is regarded as a deposit at Otkritie Bank (Promsvyazbank was previously), and this deposit will be insured by the DIA! When you activate the service on the account freezes 259 rubles.

Terms and Tariffs

  • Free annual maintenance. Free SMS informing on all operations. There is a mobile application.
  • The service life of the card is 5 years. It is convenient for those who leave for a long time, because other cards give only for 2-3 years.
  • Cashback for all purchases on the card 0.5-1.5%, or 3% when connecting the service “Double benefit +” (990 rubles for the whole year). There is also a “Double benefit standard” (3% cashback for 690 rubles for half a year) and a “Double benefit light” (3% cashback for 290 rubles for 1 month), but IMHO they have no special meaning. The increased commission of 3% is charged only up to the amount of purchases of 30 thousand rubles / month. Details about what is cashback, I already wrote, read, if you do not know.
  • When connecting the “Roadside Assistance” service you can get 5% points at gas stations around the world. The cost of 990 rubles / year. In a month, you can spend 0-7000 rubles in total, then the standard will be 1.5% charge.
  • The credit limit from TKS banks (easier) or Renaissance can be issued on the card. Cards with a credit limit for the first 12 months have a cashback of 3%.
  • Conversion when paying in currency occurs byCentral Bank. This is true both for trips abroad and for purchases in foreign online stores, such as Aliexpress. If you do not know yet, then it is better to pay there in dollars and not in rubles and use Maize for this. More details how to save 11% on Aliexpress.
  • The service "interest on the balance" gives 3-6% on the balanceon the card: 3% if available on the card from 15,000 to 299,000 rubles; 4% in the presence on the card from 300,000 to 499,999 rubles; 5% if the card contains from 500,000 to 999,999 rubles; 6% if there is 1 million or more on the card. Interest is calculated daily for the current balance at the beginning of the day. When the service is connected, you need to keep at least 5,000 rubles a day on the card for the entire month or perform operations for 5,000 rubles a month, otherwise a fee for maintenance 70 rubles / month will be charged. The non-combustible amount of 259 rubles is frozen on the account.
  • ATM withdrawal fee of 1%, but not less100 rub. That is, you need to shoot at least 10 thousand rubles or the equivalent in currency. And if you connect the service "interest on the balance", then up to 50,000 rubles / month rubles, but from 5,000 rubles with each withdrawal, the operation will be without commission.
  • Commission for withdrawal at the bank cashier 4%, but not less than 350 rubles. Note! In Thailand, some are removed at the box office, this card is not suitable for this.
  • For credit limit cards and PayPas World registered cards, the maximum balance is 600 thousand rubles. The maximum balance of non-nominal cards is 100 thousand rubles.
  • Maximum amount of deposit from an attached cardin the personal account of Corn for the month 550 thousand rubles, and for 1 time 125 thousand rubles. Transfer from one Corn to another instant, limit 150 thousand rubles per month, without commission. Moneysend on other cards 1%, limit 125 thousand for 1 time, only 550 thousand per month. More about all the limits.
  • For any card transactions, you can set limits in your personal Corn account.
Limits on operations in the Personal Account and on the card

Limits on operations in the Personal Account and on the card

Payment and withdrawal of cash at the rate of the Central Bank

Delivered separately, as this is the main chip card.

The calculation goes through USD and EUR, that is, the schemes will vary depending on where the local currency is.

- If the currency is dollars, then USD => RUB
- If the currency is EUR, then EUR => RUB
- If the currency is Tugriks, then Tugriks => USD => RUB

By tugriks, I understand all currencies except the euro anddollars - zlotys, bats, crowns, pounds, etc. Now there are not so many cards on the market that use the rate of the Central Bank, usually the domestic one is much worse than the Central Bank. Write-off usually takes place in 2–3 days, but they can also have surgery for a week. At the time of payment, the amount is frozen at the rate of the Central Bank + 5%. Below in the screenshot in more detail, I specifically copied it from the official site, otherwise they will have my leg bruised to find something.

Operations at the rate of securities on the card Corn

Operations at the rate of securities on the card Corn

Payment in dollars, strictly at the rate of the Central Bank, commission 0 rub.

Payment in dollars, strictly at the rate of the Central Bank, commission 0 rub.

Currency wallets USD and EUR

You can buy yourself a currency at any time.dollars or euros that will be stored in these wallets. To pay this currency can not be transferred anywhere too. It can only be transferred back into rubles, either stored or received in cash. Functionality is limited, but once this was not. But now it is possible to buy the currency close to the exchange rate. Or buy on currency drops, and sell on raises. Although for the average user the last option is doubtful, so it is more likely to use for storage and receipt of cash.

- The course is close to the stock exchange and changes during the day.
- Wallets do not fall under the DIA.
- Only the owner of the Corn card can get a currency in the list of these banks.

How to use the card

How to fill up the card Corn

1. You can replenish cash in Euroset. As far as I know, replenishment is possible only personal, that is, a third party will not be able to replenish your card. But a third person can get a Corn card and transfer it from it to your card.

2 But the easiest way is to replenish it from other bank cards in Kukuruzy’s personal account. It is in the personal account and with the attached card, then there will be no commission. I can say for sure that without a fee you can replenish from Sberbank cards and from Tinkoff Black card (from 3,000 rubles), verified. Refill instant.

3. Also available replenishment traditional interbank transfer. Interbank is standard up to three business days. Card account details are in your personal account.</ Li>

four. And of course, you can transfer to the card via Moneysend (transfer from card to card). But, as a rule, such a transfer is subject to a commission of 1-2% (depending on the bank of the outgoing card), so it is not needed when there is method number 2.

How to withdraw money from Corn without commission

  • The easiest way to withdraw without commission -Interbank transfer from the Corn card to the accounts of Russian banks. Once there was no such method, but now the card is generally a little different from other bank cards. The limit is 100 thousand rubles a month without a commission, then 0.5% (but not less than 20 rubles and not more than 1000 rubles).
  • The next way is to send a Golden Crown money transfer to your name from your personal account, then you can withdraw up to 150 thousand / month in Euroset for free.
  • You can also use the Moneysend service.Card to Card, that is, transfer from card to card, is a slightly different mechanism and it is often subject to a commission. Moreover, such a service is available, both in the personal account of Kukuruzy (commission 1%), and most likely in the online bank of your other bank card (the fee depends on the bank). So, when transferring to Tinkoff Black, Tinkoff himself does not take a commission within 300 thousand rubles.
  • Another option is to withdraw money from Corn -take advantage of the opportunity to repay loans, which is located in Kukuruzy’s personal account in New Payment / Repayment of loans. Previously, it was possible to withdraw to a regular Tinkoff without a commission, but Tinkoff began to charge a commission for this operation. About other banks will not say.

Where and how to spend points

UPDATE. Since July 2016, TNCs can not spend points.

Points are burned after 9 months of no card transactions.

Unfortunately, cashback is charged not with money, but withpoints, and it’s quite difficult to use them now, unlike the same Tinkoff card, where cashback simply falls on the balance into rubles. So, you can write off points from Kukuruzy only when shopping at Euroset (99% of purchase), in Perekrestok stores (30% of purchase), in Doctor’s pharmacies Doctor Stoletov (99% of purchase) and in a few other few organizations: Litres Softkey, Pro-Service and Alavar.

To avoid confusion, they finally did that 1 point = 1 ruble.

I have on one map Maize 6700 rub points, on the other 4600

I have on one map Maize 6700 rub points, on the other 4600

For such MCC codes, Corn does not accrue points

For such MCC codes, Corn does not accrue points

I stopped using the card, as beforecould spend on TNCs. And at the Crossroads, I very rarely happen, at Doctor Stoletov even less often. If you are abroad, there is nowhere to spend points, so they need to be accumulated and wait until Russia.

P.S. I now have just a spare card for the Corn card just in case, since it is free (I hold 5-7 thousand rubles on it so that they don’t charge for the service).

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