Map Hainan and Sanya and the situation with maps in China

On Hainan, with maps everything is not so obviousas it would seem at first glance. For example, Google Maps does not work there, only through VPN, you will not immediately find Chinese applications on the phone, and it will be hard without knowledge of Chinese. Moreover, some maps are displayed at a location with an offset (GPS shows the correct coordinates, and you are elsewhere on the map), which is very confusing if you don’t know in advance. I had a program on my phone Osmand With the uploaded map of China, it is not very detailed, but you can use it.

Map of Hainan Island (clickable)

Map of Hainan Island (clickable)

Map of buses in Sanya (clickable)

Map of buses in Sanya (clickable)

Briefly describe the situation with the cards. In fact, that's what happened with me. We walked along Sanya with Osmand, showed the location correctly. But at the same time, if I enter the GPS coordinates in Osmand, taken for the point I need in the usual Google map, then the point is incorrect in fact. But if I find the right place on the Gogle satellite map and take the GPS coordinates for this point, then everything is fine, Osmand will show where it should be. That is, I conclude that the usual map from Google is shifted, you can use it not in GPS mode and you cannot take coordinates from it.

Ideally, if you go to China, you need to advancePut the application on the phone and order the necessary cards that work offline, so as not to contact local Chinese applications and cut down Internet.

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