Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and GMO Products in Thailand

In contact with my article about what to feed a child in Thailand a discussion broke out about GMOs in baby food in Thailand and that they absolutely cannot feed the child. So I decided to put this info into a separate article.

The man claimed that the Thai baby pureescompletely consists of GMOs, and they say, this information is even in official sources. True, he refused to name the sources, and it’s a pity it would be interesting to read all this, because it’s quite difficult to google information at once. And the word I have long been no one believe, misinformation and stuffing on the Internet more than real information. What found and learned, described in the article below.

We now omit the fact that the harm of GMO and MSG is not proven, the article is addressed to those who, for one reason or another, avoid these products.


First, about baby food. In total, I found 4 manufacturing firms in the store and sent letters to them.

- Heinz (import) on its website claims thatmakes every effort to GMO was not. In the official letter, they also replied that they did not use it, although they were aware that some organizations say that they have it.
- BuddyFruit (import) replied to me in an official letter that it does not use GMOs, and they say that they are super natural.
- Organis Earth’Best (import) was originally positioned as an organic, and they have a whole section on this site, so they didn’t write to them.
- Peachy in the letter briefly replied that they do not use GMOs.

It is clear that they all could lie, but inofficial sources that way. By the way, the milk mix Similak and Nestle porridge (there are both in Russia and Thailand) seems to be officially GMO, but there are always others to choose from. Moreover, porridge can be done independently, cereal is sold. And the way I always liked Tai, there is a choice, if you want to be confused on special food, you can always find imported organics in almost any city :) While we were living in BKK, Egor organic-zucchini bought supermarket Villa Market and something else.

Shop with organis food

Shop with organis food in Samui

Also on the internet it is mentioned that GMO Thaichips Lays and Pringles, soups Knorr and Nissin. But all right, very few people eat this garbage, it is sadder that rice can be GMO and Thai fruits. In particular, my favorite papaya, infa was on the Greenpeace website in 2004, if you believe him, of course. Maybe since then there are no these plantations, not in the know. True, given that in Russia vegetables and fruits in supermarkets and in the markets are also GMOs, all or partly, you should not get too upset.

Even in justifying Tay I can say that ourFriends all vegetables / fruits measure the nitrate tester for the content of nitrates in them, and here almost always everything is normal. While in Moscow, the excess was 3-5 times the minimum! I remember when they came to our place and measured it, everything could be thrown away, and it was not only products from the supermarket, but also from the farmers market. For GMO, this is all, of course, irrelevant, but everyone knows that overstepping is not good.

The topic is actually very extensive, almost everything can be genome-modified (fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc.), including fertilizers and animal feed. Some related links:
Thai banned the import of genomic modified croup
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Articles on Thailand on the Greenpeace website

Sodium Glutamate (MSG)

If you prefer food without monosodium glutamate, thenlooking for a cafe no msg, there are not many of them, but they are found. In Chiang Mai, I remember, in general there were many of them. You can also go to vegetarian cafes, as a rule, they monitor this and don’t add glutamate.

In the usual cafe when ordering food, you canask that glutamate not be added - "Mai Sai Phong Chocks". You can still say “know aginomoto” and “know rotdi”, so brands of seasoning powder are called, which are shoved everywhere. Just remember, the Thais may not understand you, forget about the request, score on it, and so on.

Sheet in front of the cafe No MSG

Sheet in front of the cafe No MSG

Cafes and cooking courses No MSG

Cafes and cooking courses No MSG

In my experience, MSG is not always added, andfor example, how many I did not see how Padtay is prepared on a macaroni, I have never seen anything poured into it. In the cafe, when the kitchen is not visible, do not really check. But in the soups like as always added. Unfortunately, I do not feel when the powder is added, and when not. Long-lived in Tae argue that they immediately feel a special flavor, and some even have an allergy to it. By the way, MSG is found in some products in its natural form, especially in fermented ones, and it is officially considered that moderate consumption of glutamate does not harm.

Also, please note that buying food under anysauce, you also risk to get to MSG, because it can be contained in the ingredients of the sauce (soy sauce, sukiyaki sauce, fish sauce, etc.). Of course, when buying something in a supermarket, you also need to always study etiquette, so that there is no Monosodium glutamate.

No extra additives in Tom Yam seasoning

No extra additives in Tom Yam seasoning

I specifically bought a bag of glutamate totaste it: slightly salty, slightly sweet, slightly sour, saturated. It does not cause unpleasant sensations, but also pleasant ones. There is some aftertaste. I will try now to isolate this taste while eating the next Padtay, but I'm afraid this is not very realistic.

Monosodium glutamate in person

Monosodium glutamate in person

In fact, the best way to guard againstall - it is to cook at home and not eat all sorts of different semi-finished products, including ready-made sweets, chips, candy and so on. This applies not only to Thailand, but also to Russia. In Moscow, we already got into the habit of studying formulations when buying products. We, of course, are not fanatically following this, otherwise it is possible to completely lime ourselves, but if possible, we try to buy where the composition is better (without additives, without dyes, without gmo, without glutamate). With GMOs in this regard, it is more difficult, so simply not to calculate ...

P.S. I didn’t take everything into account in this article, if you know something about this topic, please add.

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