Films about Thailand - feature and documentary

When the nostalgia of Thailand floats,the simplest thing is to take and watch some film made in this country. Well, this is in addition to viewing photos in social networks or their own. As an option, even open Youtube, as practice has shown, there is simply an unreal amount of different commercials, both professional / documentary and amateur.

Not so long ago, I looked at "Teenager for a billion,"Loved it! Not even because of Ty, but on his own. Prior to that, the banned “Anna and the King”, “Impossible” about the tsunami, “Chocolate” (the theme of autism is close), “The Beach” and “Stag Party 2” in Bangkok looked. It's funny, but “The Beach” looked many years ago, when Tay was for me some kind of prohibitively distant and exotic country, I even had no idea that I would have a rather large part of my life connected with it. But “The Bachelor Party” is not about Tai at all, although for some reason it is he who is remembered when people talk about films about Thailand - “Bangkok sucked him” ... I know Bangkok from a completely different side. What movies do you know and watch?

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Art films

Anna and King

(Anna and the King, 1999)

One of the most scandalous western filmsbanned in Thailand, since "defaming the image of King Mongkut." The film is based on the book. There is an earlier film adaptation on the same topic and even a musical. The main character of the film is a young and attractive lady, who came to Siam to teach English numerous royal children. The plot unfolds against the backdrop of bright and exotic life of Siam XIX. Interestingly, most of the filming took place not in Thailand, but on Penang Island in Malaysia.

Movie Trailer:


(Lo imposible, 2012)

Spanish film about 2004 tsunami in Thailand based on real events. The film is based on the story of a Spanish family of five (parents and three sons). All five remained alive. Maria Belen Alvarez, whose real story is told in the film, advised the film script writer and, already during the filming, helped to form the image of the leading woman.

Teen Billion or Top Secret

(Top Secret, 2011)

Thai film about an enterprising teenager,who is already 16 well earned in various ways. Unexpected life conflicts in the form of bankruptcy of a father with millions of debts pushed the resourceful guy to search for a solution to financial problems. This time it all ended well: after a few years, the guy not only paid off family debts, but also became a bat billionaire, selling algae chips.

Trailer with English subtitles:

Lovely boxer

(Beautiful boxer, 2003)

Thai movie based on a true storya kickboxer who publicly stated that he is transsexual. After victories in the ring Nong Thum changed the floor. The main role in the film was played by professional kickboxer Asani Suvan, who had been preparing for the shooting for more than a year, learning acting skills. The film has received many awards and even more nominations. The prototype of the main character, (already in the female incarnation) Parinha Charoenphol, helped with the shooting of the film and even played one of the minor roles in it.

Ghost flight

(Dark flight, 2012)

Thai paranormal horror movieright during the flight. Passengers see ghosts and noticeably nervous about it. Further worse. Only the strongest in spirit will survive, who have managed not to fall into madness and retain their composure. Yes, this is not the highest budget film and there are some mistakes in it, and the special effects are not very impressive. In general, the film is an amateur.


(The Beach, 2000)

That same “Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the mainthe role that made Maya Bay in the south of Thailand one of the world's most popular sights. About this film you can talk a lot, over the years he has become a cult. This is a beautiful legend about heavenly life and its dark sides. True, now, from 2015, the film looks quite naive and childish. And yet, he marked a whole epoch in the life of Thailand and greatly influenced the image and recognition of the country throughout the world. The film was shot in different places, both in the north and in the south of Thailand.


(Chocolate, 2008)

A film about an autistic girl, alonetrained in martial arts and fighting the mafia. The actress who played the main role for several years studied the martial and herself during the filming performed all the tricks. In 2009, the film was nominated for the Asian Film Awards in the "best debutant" category. From the point of view of the plot, the film is not perfect, but it cannot be denied dynamism, so for fans of Muay Thai and spectacular cinema it is quite suitable.



Katya and the prince. The story of one fiction


A documentary about a noblewoman, the daughter of StateCounselor and son of the Siamese King Rama the Fifth. A chance meeting ended with a wedding in 1906 and departure to Bangkok. On the real life story of Catherine Desnitskaya was written the book of Konstantin Paustovsky "Faraway Years". The documentary VGTRK Culture tells about the real story and its continuation in the land of Siam.

Girls in the ring

(Buffalo Girls, 2012)

In Thailand, not only adults are engaged in boxing,but girls are 8-12 years old. This is a very tough practice, contrary to European views on childhood, but nevertheless, Buffalo-girls, as these children are called, really participate in competitions in the ring. The documentary tells the stories of children who participate in boxing matches, train and compete for the title of champions. Winning the final match brings not only fame, but also a cash prize.

Youtube clips


1919, cbb footage of the high society of Siam:

1930s, Bangkok:

Old footage of ancient architectural sites:

1940, BW shooting:

1944, the bombing of Bangkok:

1946, military parade in Bangkok:

1946, Bangkok, BW frames, the young king:

1950s, Chao Phraya, Bangkok:

1958, prince and princess of Thailand in Moscow:

1960s street food in Bangkok:

1964-1965, Bangkok:

1965, Bangkok, streets:

1966, village life:


1970s, life on the boat:

1971, the streets of Bangkok:

1977 Bangkok:

1977, village life:

1970-1979, Bangkok, channels:

1979, Pattaya, Regent Hotel. Many of us have not yet been born, and German tourists are already shooting a color video about how someone flies by parachute after a boat. Yes, and chaise lounges have not changed since:

1979, Pattaya. Beaches, jet skis, cafes - all the same, only slightly fewer people:

The end of the 1980s:

Even more historical videos can be viewed on the Channel of the National Video Archive of Thailand


2003, Silom skyline line:

2007 Northwest of Thailand:

Two-hour video with a walk through the streets of Bangkok:

Modern aerial footage of Ayutthaya ::

Modern aerial footage of Bangkok:

Phi Phi's modern aerial footage:

Modern Thailand, 44-minute video:


In Russian

Thai islands and schools with Andrei Ponkratov.

2013, Sergey Shnurov in Thailand:

An hour and a half film about Thailand, Golden Globe:

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