Lego Museum in Prague - you can watch, you can not touch

I would say that the Lego Museum in Prague willinteresting only to children, and very rare adults. Those who are still keen on Lego. I am not such, and I only know about Lego from my son, because in my childhood there was no such designer. So I went to the museum only because I needed to write a review about him, and notice that I was there without a child.

The content of the article

Lego Museum in Prague

Judging by the reaction of the children who were there, many indelighted, because such an abundance of Lego, probably, can not be seen anywhere else. These are not just shelves with boxes, but your own world with fully assembled models, although you cannot touch them - they stand behind glass partitions. As I understand it, there are a lot of rare collection models from previous years and, probably, they are of some special value for those who are fan of the designer.

There is a separate room, which is dedicated to the Star.War, where at the entrance begins to play music from the movie. The first rack - with Darth Vader and the Death Star, that is, everything is so interesting done, in the theme, plus the music adds atmospheric.

There are a couple of places where boxes are displayed for children.with Lego parts, and where children can take the soul, to pick models without limits. In the reviews, I met complaints that the details were not enough, although, in my opinion, in the room where a lot of children were playing, there were more than enough details.

Well, in principle, you need to understand that this is a museum, butnot a game room - completely different topics. And here parents spend their children just to see and buy a couple of designers, especially since some of the Lego sets are sold only in the Prague Museum.

When exiting from the first exposure, whichlocated in the basement, it is important not to miss the turn in the room with the Star Wars. There on the stairs will be stickers with signs (see photo below).

When leaving the museum there is a shop where they are sold.both modern sets, and outdated collection. But we must be prepared for the fact that the price tag here is not cheap. Museum can be walked in twenty minutes, it is small. But with a child and sticking at the stands you can easily lose from one and a half hours.

Lego Museum in Prague

Lego Museum in Prague

Historical reference

Surprisingly, the network (even on the official website of the museum) there is no information about the organizer of the sights. Private person - as Internet resources call it.

The very story of Lego, which has already stretched since 1932, was in no way connected with Prague until 2011, when the museum itself appeared in the city. Branches of which are now in other cities of the Czech Republic.

Information to visit

Open all week without weekends from 10 to 20 hours.

You need to get to the Narodni Trida tram stop (tram number 9, 22 and 18 stop here) or to the Narodni Trida metro station.

Cost of attendance:
- adult - 200 CZK
- children - 130 CZK
- children shorter than 120 cm - 50 CZK
- permission to photograph - 20 CZK

On the map

Lego Museum

Lego Museum
The museum-exhibition, and he - a play area for children and lovers of designer Lego.
More about the museum.

The museum is an exhibition, and it is also a play area for children and lovers of designer Lego. More about the museum.

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