My review of the Airbnb site and personal booking experience

On the Airbnb site you can rent a private accommodation.owners. Occasionally there are hotels there, and even less often there is just budget accommodation (such as hostels). But at normal prices you can rent good apartments, which is important for families with children, companies from several people and for those who love comfort.

We must understand that initially Airbnb is sharpened byapartments, and if you look for a hotel like an apartment on Bucking, it will be several times more expensive. Yes, there are apartments there too, but they are much smaller. In Russia, too, I prefer to live in apartments for rent, because there is a kitchen, a large area, and so on.

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Meet Airbnb

$ 32 discount on first booking

Be sure to get a small gift yetthere is a possibility. Register now and you can use the service later! Recently, Airbnb banned me for giving people bonuses just like that (like you can only close friends). Yes, and they periodically reduce their bonus to $ 15.

Sign up on the link and get a discount of $ 32from Airbnb to apartments around the world. Valid on the first booking, the reservation must be from $ 70. But it is not difficult if you book accommodation for several days.

The bonus is saved for you throughout the year. Just keep in mind that it is impossible to register several accounts for one person, they can ban, it is better to create accounts for relatives.

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What is Airbnb

So for those who don't know, Airbnb is a accommodation from individuals. These can be rooms, whole apartments, houses, and even tents on the plot. Sometimes there are quite exotic options, such as a trailer or a tree house.

In some embassies, they take reservations from Airbnb for visa, which pleases! I just made such a reservation for a visa in Poland.

My selection of unusual housing around the world
My selection of unusual accommodation in Thailand

Overnight on the tower somewhere in the US

Overnight on the tower somewhere in the US

So any personregistered in the service can rent your house to someone else. Naturally, we are talking mainly about daily delivery, and less often about monthly. Similarly, anyone who registers can rent this accommodation. Airbnb acts as an intermediary between you, all contact details are hidden, payments for security are made through the service. I already wrote in detail about registration and booking on Airbnb.

Such mediation has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, Airbnb are the guarantor of your relationship with the owner, on the other hand, these guarantees do not always work. After all, the possibility of fraud does not disappear anywhere. However, if you just find an apartment on some Avito (as many are accustomed to), arrive in the destination city, then you basically will not have guarantees that the apartment is free, corresponds to the description that the owner will not expose you ahead of time. And often you also need a prepayment with which you can then be thrown.

Registration and filling in data takes literally 10 minutes.

How to use AirBnb

It's pretty simple and reminds classicbooking a hotel through the booking system type Booking. That is, we search for housing and date by city, read reviews about the owner, write off with him and clarify all the details. After booking, paying by credit card, and get the contact details of the owner and address of the property. Unfortunately, the service takes a commission, but it is tolerable.

Search results AirBnb in Paris

Search results AirBnb in Paris

It is not difficult to understand, any featuresI have not noticed, well, except that you must register and confirm your account. But this is the specifics of booking with private individuals to somehow regulate these issues. I already wrote about account verification.

I see only advantages in settling in such housing. Some owners are quite hospitable and can tell on the sights of their city.

My positive feedback

I know about the service since 2012 and often use itthem. Moreover, after the birth of my son I do most of the bookings in him. Now almost in all cities there is a large choice of housing and you can even score on the usual booking systems.

When there is a child, I want more comfort,large spaces and several rooms are needed, options with hotels disappear! And you also need a kitchen, as children often have to prepare food, as they do not want to eat in a cafe. Yes, and I myself periodically get tired of foreign food and want something of my own.

If you rent a hotel room with a kitchen, then these are already some family suites and the price is appropriate. But AirBnb is full of private apartments with all the requirements I need.

Here, for example, the last couple of apartments that I rented - in bangkok and in Pattaya.

2-room apartment with kitchen and swimming pool for 2000 baht

2-room apartment with kitchen and swimming pool for 2000 baht

Often the owners helped, went to something to meet,told what to visit. Saved money already decently. Do not persuade to use, just good when there is a choice. And read below about negative reviews, you need to know this too.

Negative reviews

Negative reviews are, where do without it, butThere are few of them as a percentage of millions of travelers. I myself have been driving for many years, many of my friends drive, and in general everything is fine. Just a couple of times there were unpleasant situations, but with a refund. With hotels, too, is not always lucky and there are problems. In any case, there are still no alternative services, alas.

It must be remembered that you are dealing with privatehomeowners, let and through an intermediary. And only when “bad luck” becomes a general trend, because only then it will be possible to say that you need to look for another service.

Most problems caused by inattention.users: do not read reviews, book with unverified owners, do not pay attention to the cancellation policy, do not ask owners in advance about bedding, paid cleaning and other things. Always ask and specify everything in advance!

Another part of the problem is thatThe guarantees and the service itself are incorrectly perceived, although if you read the FAQ on the official website, it is obvious what they are. In fact, your word against the words of the owner of the housing in a controversial issue. Unfortunately, neither the homeowners nor the guests are completely legally protected. Moreover, the owners generally risk their property, believe me, tourists are much easier in this regard.

In case of problems necessarilytake a photo of the interior and immediately contact support. If the owner makes contact, then it is best to communicate with him in the messages on the site, and not in the messenger. So your correspondence will be able to see in Airbnb.

My review of the Airbnb site and personal booking experience

Surely, you can improve the service, come up with moresomething to be more secure, but for now there is, that is. Do not like the risks or there is no need for apartments, use the usual search for hotels in, especially as there are already apartments there.

How to contact technical support

Especially or not, but it is very difficult to find at once how to contact technical support. Here are your contacts: contact form by link and phone +7 (495) 465-8090.

It is best to call when the questionurgent, so it will be the quickest. I wrote to them through the form (I don’t like to call), they answered in about half a day. Sometimes they called back themselves to clarify something. Just in case, here are your ways how to call abroad cheaper, and then in roaming all the money you can pull.

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