My review of Modbank is after 1.5 years of use.

Although my site is sharpened bytraveling, i am still an ip. Since I try to constantly share my personal experience, I hope that this post will also be useful to someone. I have an IP without hired employees and I work on the simplified tax system. Therefore, from the very beginning of my business, I did not consider large banks with a large monthly payment for services and a bunch of services. I just do not need it. In a month I receive several incoming payments from contractors and I make a couple of outgoing transfers to my account. It may well be that someday I will have employees and need other services, but not now.

The content of the article

Previous experience

I opened my first account at SB Bank, then atiBank, then to Tinkoff. The first 2 banks went into oblivion after the revocation of the license, Tinkoff is still alive. Also, as a person, I used or still use the services of Tinkoff, Sberbank, Avangard, Kukuruzy, Homekredit, ICD, Alfabank. This is me to the fact that I have already seen enough Internet banks and communicated with technical support of various banks - there is something to compare.

one.5 years ago I opened a bank account in Modbank, I urgently needed an account for foreign exchange earnings. Usually in banks there is always a fee for maintaining an account. And when you have 3 of them (rubles, dollars, euros), even 500 rubles for each account turn into 1,500 rubles a month or 18,000 a year. It is clear that for a business, this is not a very large amount, but I somehow got used to using banks for free or almost for free: I keep my money with them, which they twist until I take them off. This concerns not only current accounts of individual entrepreneurs, but also personal accounts of individuals. Despite the fact that I have more than 10 debit cards, I almost never pay for annual maintenance, otherwise it would be very expensive.

Modbank initially considered by me asa temporary solution until I choose a better known bank. However, after a year and a half, I still use it. Moreover, not only currency accounts, but already ruble ones. So let's say, now I have become a regular customer of Modbank.

Available services of Modbank

Available services of Modbank

My review of Modbank

My tariff for 490 rubles / month

Now I have the Optimal rate, it is average inruler (there are 3). In my opinion, it is the most convenient and inexpensive for entrepreneurs with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, with incomes up to 500 thousand rubles per month. It costs 490 rubles per month, while this amount includes several accounts in different currencies (rubles, dollars, euros, yuan). Any payment costs only 19 rubles. For me, 490 rubles a month for the “Optimal” tariff is quite an acceptable service fee - the optimum :)

Comparison of bank rates for business>

There is still a free “Start” tariff, but for me,tariffs there are not very. Payments to legal entities - 90 rubles, and to individuals - 0.75% of the transfer amount for outgoing transfers (but min. 90 rubles) is within 300 thousand rubles per month, then the commission rises. This is only suitable for those who make 1 outgoing transfer, every few months, and not like I have 2-3. In general, I would not consider the “Starting” tariff. And for legal entities with a large number of payments, one should already consider “Unlimited”. Conveniently, there are few tariffs, only 3, and they are all clear.

My review of Modbank is after 1.5 years of use.

Modbankbank Tariffs for Current Accounts - my “Optimal”

At each rate sms free and alwaysthere is information from whom the money came. I have an application from Drebydengi, which by this name of the counterparty recognizes this or that receipt and adds it to various income items (I have everything in detail). Hi, Tinkoff! Who has paid SMS and there is no such information, revenues have to enter manually.

Naturally, at any rate you can useBank cards, in my tariff issue 2 cards. I will not list tariffs, it’s better to see on the official site of Modbank, especially since I don’t use cards, I don’t need them. Most freelancers like me, it seems to me, use only interbank transfers. It is much easier to transfer individuals to another bank to your card and continue to dispose of them according to the usual methods: pay for purchases, withdraw at an ATM.

Recently put a couple of hundred on deposit at 7.5% (90 days), the normal full rate for ipshnyh funds that are temporarily not needed. At the bottom of the screenshot, this deposit is visible, it lies on a separate account, everything is on the machine - I just wrote to the chat that I wanted a deposit for such a certain amount, and I created this deposit account. I don’t know if it is necessary to notify about deposit accounts now (you don’t need regular settlement accounts), but they do it themselves anyway.

But what I think to use once -as an accountant for individual entrepreneurs, I’ll decide to change my online accounting. There even there is a free tariff, and paid tariffs are comparable to the My Business service, which I use right now. By the way, the Bank Module clients are given 3 free months to try My Case. Synchronization between the bank and My Business is working fine, at least I have not had any failures so far.

Promotions for free service

Modbank has an offer for freeservice at any rate, until you try services at the very beginning for 30 days. And if something does not suit you and you close the account, then you can refuse the service without paying the tariff. There is one more action that duplicates this one a little.

Promotion for already become bank customers - GiveFriend of the Bank. It gives 1 month free of charge at any rate to everyone who issues an invoice at your invitation (will follow your link). And you yourself also get 1 free month of service. Trifle, but nice. As soon as I tasted the bank, I began advising him to all my friends. Really, it is not a shame to advise him, and I would use it even without this action. I do not argue that there are banks that will suit you personally more, but so far everything suits me. But you can issue an invoice for my link if you are a new client. Then I will receive a bonus, you will receive a bonus, and then you will recommend your friends.

Technical Support and Services

Honestly, I would not say that they have nowThere are some notable tariffs, but I liked how the bank and technical support work. Starting from the fact that I just went to the office once to conclude an agreement (all for free), ending with the fact that I have never had to solve any problems or call them by phone. Horror, I do not like the phone, especially it is inconvenient when you are often abroad. By the way, now to conclude an agreement, you no longer have to go anywhere, they come to you themselves.

All communication with technical support occurs inonline chat inside the internet bank. During working hours, they promptly answer questions almost immediately. For comparison: I often had to call up with iBank, and in Tinkoff I had to wait a long time for a response in the chat. Well, Tinkoff has recently started to support blunt what is in the bank for individual entrepreneurs, what is for individuals. It is a pity, before this was not.

Of course, Internet banking itself mattersfor example, in Tinkoff some functions are hidden in such a way that you will not find it, while in Vanguard it is simply the most ancient interface. So the Internet Bank at the Module is quite modern. There is a mobile application in which there is a chat and transfers (regular and favorites). Recently I have been using the application more often. Conveniently, you go over the fingerprint (no need to enter the login passwords) and then any operation is confirmed by an SMS message, which the application recognizes itself (no need to enter numbers). All these little things, of course, and now all the banks I use have normal applications, but I just list them.

Modbank Internet Banking

Modbank Internet Banking

Of useful, but what I rarely use -good currency exchange rate. During business hours, it is close to the stock exchange. Usually, I try to keep the currency in currency and then I transfer it to my individual currency account, but when rubles are needed, you can exchange currencies for rubles right here.

Specially made screenshots of courses at the same time

Specially made screenshots of courses at the same time

Recently, the White Business system became available. Quite an interesting thing, it may be necessary for some entrepreneurs and firms, especially when blocking current accounts in many banks have now begun. The system will allow to avoid account blocking due to risk prediction and recommendations for their reduction. She will monitor 17 key risks due to which businesses usually close an account. Among them are the percentage of taxes on turnover, the cleanliness of counterparties with which the company works, the number and volume of remittances to individuals, cash withdrawals, etc. Then each client will receive clear recommendations to reduce the risks found. I have not tried it myself

Currency control

Separately would like to mention how it goescurrency control and payment for foreign affiliate programs, with which many webmasters like me cooperate. Since the payment is not under the usual paper contract, but under the offer, you do not have a single “normal” piece of paper on your hands. There is only an offer on the site and screenshots with payments from your personal account. So, in Modula, it is enough to send an online scan of the offer with your signature and screenshots from your personal account. A certificate of a currency transaction and an order to transfer from a transit account to a currency settlement account are made by a bank employee. In the Internet bank, it remains only to confirm the operation by SMS. That's cool! And they take only 300 rubles fixed for currency payments up to 500 thousand rubles (equivalent in currency).

Immediately remember the design of the currency payment iniBank, where I constantly made mistakes, because of what they called me from currency control and asked me to fix everything. The only minus of the Module is that their correspondent bank takes a commission of 5 euro for a currency payment (it used to be 25 euro). Although, if the payment is at least $ 1000, then it is only 0.5% (half percent), which is very little in fact.

Currency control is carried out in chat

Currency control is carried out in chat

P.S. Write questions, tell you what I know in terms of online banking or something. I do not argue, someone may have problems or someone does not like the Module, but for the time being, everything suits me personally and I can recommend it. So let's say, I always recommend only what I use.

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