Nai Harn Beach - one of the best in Phuket

Nai Harn can be called a yarn of a dream for its charm and lush nature. The beach is located in the southwestern part of Phuket Island, next to the beaches. Yanuy and Ao Sein. The opinion is subjective, but I would say that Nai Harn is the best beach in Phuket for the long steams. The house will have to rent on the next Rawai, and a trailer to the house should immediately rent a transport.

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Beach description

The coastline of the beach is flat, a little less than 700 meters long, while the width is slightly more than 50 m. In the daytime, there are sun beds on the beach, but there are not as many of them as on Patong or Carone. The fact is that Nai Harn has attracted not only foreign tourists, but the Thais themselves are not averse to calling on a family picnic.

Even in high season, an abundance of vacationers is notcallus eyes. The Nai Harn area is ideal for a holiday resort. There is a whole standard set of tourist infrastructure facilities: cafes, restaurants, bars, sports fields, souvenir shops and exchangers.

The whole Nai Harn is surrounded on both sides by palmgroves, which only adds to the bay of comfort and a certain cinematic. There is practically no nightlife on the beach, so restless comrades here are frankly bored and leave to look for places more active.

Most people on Nai Harnthey are registered in one of the few bars located right on the beach, and they spend all their days watching cocktails and sunsets. On Nai Harn, noisy motorboats and jet skis are not particularly crowded, which has a positive effect on the general atmosphere.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all Phuket beacheswill help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

Although the whole beach is suitable for swimming at Nai Harnthe band, the people are usually located at the loungers, concentrated in a couple of specific places on the beach, mainly in the center. The entrance to the water is even, in the autumn and winter months there are practically no waves, so the beach is full of children. The water itself is clear and transparent, and the sand on the beach is shallow, warm beige tones.

Late spring and summer come monsoons, and thisit means frequent rains, storms, waves and dangerous undercurrents. At this time of the year, red flags are constantly displayed on Nai Harn, indicating danger when entering the water. It is best to refrain from swimming, so like rip flow - a very dangerous thing.

Sun beds and shade

Nai Harn is a bit like a lost lagoon fromfilms about paradise life on tropical islands. Palm thickets, a wide strip of sand and lazy transparent waves give you a feeling of solitude and peace. Sun beds on the beach are only 2-3 rows and are fairly free from each other, without creating a feeling of overcrowding and discomfort.

The price for renting a sunbed with an umbrella is 100 baht. Right in front of the beach, in a palm grove there is a small village of bars, restaurants and other buildings, in general - there is more than enough shadow here.

Beach photo

Right half of the beach

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

Left half of the beach


Everything you need for a tourist holidayfound right on Nai Harn, but the choice is very small. The beach is more likely to be used for a lazy, relaxing holiday, when you don’t really need anything and you have enough for a couple of cafes and a restaurant at the hotel to brighten up your leisure time. If you need something more, you will have to travel to some other place deep into the island.

If you are planning to see the island, then ideallyyou need to have on hand a rented bike or car. On Nai Harne, you can snork, although, of course, for a normal snorkel, you have to go somewhere far away into the sea and take a guided tour.

In the summer you can go surfing. In view of the fact that the beach is very popular with the Thais themselves, there are no large places of entertainment here. Locals often go there for picnics with the family and with small children, and all these bars and discos do not need them.

There are only a few attractions near the beach: the Nai Harn Monastery Buddhist Temple, Lake Nai Harn (central to active sports entertainment) and Windmill observation deck near the wind turbines, but there it will be difficult to walk there already, as it is uphill.


Houses and hotels on the beach

Nai Harn beach in terms of accommodation is notvery developed. Most of the land around the beach belongs to the Nai Harn Buddhist temple, which does not bless the construction of hotels. Therefore, there are only 3 hotels on the beach and several villas that are already in the depths of the island.

The place of their construction is strictly verified and the form of a village. And a large number of hotels for every taste have been built outside the territory of a Buddhist temple, but - the road from them to the beach is about 10 minutes. The price for a hotel room starts from 700 baht per day, and you will have to pay much more for a villa.

Fairly famous hotel The Nai Harn

located directly on the beach Nai Harn. This is an upscale hotel with the highest levels of comfort. It stops the participants of the royal regatta. Of course, the cost of a room in it is extremely high and starts from 6,500 baht per day.

The hotel is well equipped. In addition to comfortable amenities, there you can rent a car, order a transfer to Phuket Airport or to the city. Second Popular Hotel - All Seasons Naiharn Phuket Hotel

He is just on the shore. In addition to the above hotels, a little deep, but also close enough to the coast there are quite good hotels with rooms with mountain views: Two Villas Holiday Oxygen Naiharn

and Baan Oui


Just because there are few hotels here,which means there are no bags and tourists, many longsters live here. Yes, they do not live right near the shore, but 5-15 minutes away by bike. Just all the surrounding areas, including areas Ravai and Chalong is rich in housing and in particular houses for rent. We ourselves lived here once.

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels in Phuket with a good rating and reviews.

Nai Harn hotels>

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How to find the beach

To get from the airport, have to take a taxi or rent a car / mototransport, as there is no public transport. From Phuket Town to Nai Harn Beach shuttle buses cost 30 baht per ticket. From one of the closest beaches (Kata. Caron or Yanuy) also have to go on their own.

If you still decide to go to the beachon your own, then consider the direct road to Nai Harn, you will have to turn off the main highway and follow the signs (a few turns). As a guide, you can use the pointer to Promthep Cape. Since the beach is located almost in the southernmost part of the island, a road passes through it, encircling the south-western part of Phuket and passing through Nai Harn and Yanui.

That is, if you follow from Patong strictly south along the coast, there will be a beach firstKaron, then Kata, after which you need to go deep into the side of the island to the Nai Harn area (a small town of the same name by the beach), follow the signs to the south until reaching the dream beach.

Beach map

Nai Harn Beach Map

Nai Harn beach map:

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