Naithon Beach - small and resort

Naithon Beach (Naithon Beach or Nai Thon) -It is the smallest resort beach in the northern part of Phuket island, its length is only 1 km, its width is not much more than 50 meters, but during low tide it grows many times. Knighton is at a distance of 10 km from the airport on the one hand and 30 km from the capital - Phuket Town on the other.

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Beach description

The beach is relatively popular in high season. Can not be compared, of course, with Patongom, it's much quieter and calmer, but people areshore can be decent. The sea is excellent, the water is clear and transparent, suitable for diving. The sand on the beach is fine yellow. On the coast there are sun loungers with umbrellas.

In the low season there are almost no tourists, and hotelscan be closed. The sea is stormy and covered with large waves. The beach belongs to the national park, so there are a lot of trees and other greenery around. It is very suitable for nature lovers who do not want to subject themselves to hustle and bustle.

But at the peak of the season there are still a lot of people here. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all Phuket beaches, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

The beach line is flat, the sand enters the water undera slight bias, and at low tide it takes a long time to get to the water. Knighton is the right place for a family beach holiday. From May to September, like on many other beaches in Phuket, there are often large waves, and the water becomes muddy from the sand. In winter, the water on the beach is clear and clean.

Sun beds and shade

All along the beach there is a naturalthe shadow of casuarinas, but only in the morning and only for that line of sun beds, which stands close to them. Rent loungers here costs 100 baht per day. The benefit is not a strong human congestion Nai Ton allows you to put the sun beds freely in two - three rows, and in some places in a row far from each other, so as not to disturb the rest of the tourists.

Beach photo










Beach town consists of a standard setinstitutions (massage parlors, restaurants and mini markets). The latter are almost the only place where you can spend time shopping. As mentioned above, the beach area was not developed for tourists for unknown reasons.

It is hoped that recent development plans will turn Knighton into a full-fledged beach like Karona or Patong.

Of the available beach activities, you can only find a kite surfing school, but due to the small waves on the sea, this kind of sport is only suitable for beginners.

Many tourists enjoy lazy swimming inwarm water, massage directly in the loungers and lunch at a local beach restaurant, where tables stand on the sand. Lunch costs from 70 baht per dish, and if you visit the local pizzeria, you will have to pay about 300 baht for the whole pizza.

In the southern part of the beach you can wear a respiratorymask and dive into the depths of the calm sea with an aqualung. Under the water there is a hidden line of the coast, which is full of reefs and sea animals, but without possessing a nose or, what is better, you are unlikely to find a map of these reefs except for empty corals. Maps are sold there on the beach.

In low season, it is time to wear slippers andstay together with friends, as the beach becomes like a ghost village. Water with noise brings heaps of garbage to the shore, which practically no one cleans. The spectacle is still something! There are no cultural places of interest, in case you are bored with rest on the beach, there is not here.

Nai Thon is located in the center of the national nature park. There is even a stretch of virgin jungle in front of him, but most of the beach space is occupied by mangroves.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Hotels offer even a few accommodation,but for every taste. Here and bungalows with private pools, built in the form of a hidden tropical village, and cheap guesthouses (from 600 baht per day). All of them are located near the road that runs along the coastline, and within 5 - 7 minutes walk from the beach.

On two sides of the beach, a little towering overThe surroundings, against the backdrop of tropical thickets, are two five-star hotels with beautiful views and accommodation in villas: Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach

Naithon Beach - small and resort

in the north and the Andaman White Beach Resort

Naithon Beach - small and resort

on the southern cape, adjacent to the beach.

In the center of the beach there is a pleasant hotel with a large swimming pool Pearl of Naithon Apartments Phuket

Naithon Beach - small and resort

and much more democratic, but fairly simple: Naithon Beach Mansion

Naithon Beach - small and resort

, closer to the center of the beach - Phuket Naithon Resort

Naithon Beach - small and resort

and about the same level of Naithon Beach Resort

Naithon Beach - small and resort


At any hotel you can rent a motorbike.(from 200 baht) or call a taxi to get to any other place on the island. For taxi services to the main road of Phuket will have to give 150 baht or even more, depending on what kind of taxi driver you get.

Knighton hotels>

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How to find the beach

Public transport does not go to the beach, you can reach Knighton either by taxi or by car. Nearest beaches Bang Tao and Nai yang

Drive on the main highway of the island Thep KrasatTri from Phuket Town to the north, or from the airport to the south. Carefully pay attention to the road signs, as soon as a sign pointing to Thep Krasat Tri Nai Yang Rd (highway 4031) appears in sight, then you need to turn off.

Then, after about 5 - 7 minutes there will be a fork,where you should take the left and get to the road sign. Turn left again, and the road will lead you to the village, from which a mountain road leads to Knighton Beach. It is no longer difficult to find.

Beach map

Map of Knighton Beach

Map of Knighton Beach:

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