Nakalay Beach - private beach near Patong

Nakalay Beach - this 500 meter long beach is located in the southwestern part of Phuket island, just 4 kilometers north of the popular Patong. To get to it, you just need to follow the coastal road from Patong to Kamaly.

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Beach description

The beach itself is perfectly visible directly from the motorway, inAs a guideline, you can rely on the long pier (about 200 meters), which runs from the sandy coast of Nakalaj and is buried in oncoming waves. The ease of access to the beach, it would seem, should make it very visited, but not everything is so easy.

The entire territory at the beach is occupied by the resort village of Thavorn Beach Village

Nakalay Beach - private beach near Patong

accordingly, the beach itself is a kind of personal space for the people who are resting there.

Sunset, depth and waves

The sand on Nakalae, though small, flour, butcontains a large amount of pebbles. The long coastal line is barely hidden behind sea water, therefore, in order to swim, it will take a long time to go into the water, indirectly, the length of the above-mentioned pier indicates.

Sun beds and shade

Sun beds provided by the adjacent resort, and plenty of shade from the green, which grows thickly along the coast. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all Phuket beacheswill help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Beach photo





Tourist attractions are concentrated in hotels.zones. To do this, there is everything you need: a lot of different pools, playgrounds, bars, cafes, massage parlors, yoga classes, Thai boxing lessons, restaurants with ancient decorative decorations and even a tropical garden, that is, you will not be bored on Nakalay beach.

Most of the guests of the village just walk aroundbeach, admiring the playful water, the sun and trees. From the pier there is a wonderful view of the sea creek, and the abundance of bizarre trees right by the water obliges to be intact photographs. If you still want water activities, then besides swimming (during high tides), you can go snorkeling there.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Except actually Thavorn Beach Village

Nakalay Beach - private beach near Patong

There are a few more hotels near the beach. On the north side of the Nakalay beach, but behind the cape is a five-star hotel of interesting modern architecture - The Naka Phuket

Nakalay Beach - private beach near Patong

. All hotels in the vicinity of the Nakalay beach are located on the high hillsides. From their windows usually offers a good view of the mountains and the sea.

In the southern part of the beach, or rather, above it is another hotel with modern architecture, four-star Absolute Nakalay

Nakalay Beach - private beach near Patong

. Near the road you can find simpler hotels: Naka Resort

Nakalay Beach - private beach near Patong

, Nicha Residence

Nakalay Beach - private beach near Patong

Grand Bleu Romantic Ocean View Pool Suite

Nakalay Beach - private beach near Patong


Hotels near Nakalay>

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How to find the beach

Use our map and navigator. Officially, getting to Nakalay without being a guest of the village will probably not work out for you, but the beach is not worth it — the beach is not very, in itself. Resort beach village belongs to the hotel class - 5 stars, which is not even bad.

Rooms in it are from 2400 baht, oftenpromotions and discounts. However, outside the hotel for 2014 there is a small dump, it is not visible to the guests, you need to go on the other side. Perhaps this is a temporary phenomenon associated with the construction.

Beach map

Nakalay beach map

Map of Nakalay Beach:

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