Nang Ram Beach or Dancing Girl Beach

Hat Nang Ram or Dancing BeachGirls or Far Military Beach - not very famous, but very worthy place for a beach holiday in the vicinity of Pattaya. Along with Koh Lan and the near Sai Kaew Military Beach, it is a chance for tourists to enjoy the clear and transparent azure sea, white sand and an atmosphere of silence and relaxation, since there are some deficiencies in the central beaches of Pattaya.

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Beach description

This beach is perfect for family holidays andfor swimming with children. It is quiet here, the water is clear and transparent, of a beautiful azure color, green casuarines creating a pleasant shade grow on the shore, and the infrastructure is sufficiently developed for minimal comfort.

The feeling of an anthill on the beach can only be on weekends and holidays, when countless companies of local Thais come here for a picnic. Therefore, it is better to visit the beach on weekdays.

Like the near Sai Kaew Military Beach, Nang Ram Beach is located on the territory of a military base. But unlike Sai Kaew, it is less slender and the orders here are less strict.

If Sai Kaew is not allowed latelydrive through your own transport, issue a one-time pass on the security of the document and charge 100 baht per adult foreigner and 50 per child (cheaper for local tickets), then you can drive free to Nang Ram.

Of all the “warriors” at the entrance to the beach, there is one small booth along the road, in which the Thai collects admission of 20 baht per person (earlier and in general it was 20 baht from the car).

The beach is a little longer than a kilometer wideThe sand from the sea to the trees of the casuarin grove, which grows along the beach and is its peculiar attraction, depends on the low tide stage, from about ten meters to several dozen. However, in different ways in different parts of the beach, somewhere a strip of sand is wider, somewhere already. Usually, on average, it is about 20 meters and quite comfortable.

Around the middle of the beach is divided into two parts.stone loose into the sea. Black stones in clear azure water are very picturesque, so this is a good place for romantic photo shoots. If you look at the sea, the beach on the right is bordered by a pier, behind which a military port is located, the far left end of the beach is completed by a hill, behind which a military airfield is located.

From the military entourage here you can see the silhouettes of the ships of the Navy of Thailand and the aircraft dropping paratroopers, circling over a hill in the far part of the beach.

Another small beach attraction is a black female figure in its middle part, on the rocks. Based on the name of the beach, at first you might think that this is the "dancing girl", but no.

This is Pee Seua Samut or "Sea Demon, WishingLove ”is a pretty common character on the beaches throughout Thailand. It looks like a big black aunt, decorated with a skirt made of real fabric and a flower necklace.

Although the figure of a dancing girl on the beach toothere is, but it is smaller and located on the shore. Where does the name of the beach come from? According to the legend, loud music once came from a desert island near the beach. What else is needed music, if not for the dance of a beautiful girl?

Sunset, depth and waves

Sunset on the beach is smooth, first sometime is shallow, then the depth quickly increases. This makes the beach very comfortable for swimming with children. The small part is exactly wide enough so that the adults would not be bored going to the depth and the children would have plenty to swim.

On the beach there are ebb and very clearly expressed. When the tide is strongest, the nearest small island near the beach can be reached on foot. On the other hand, even at a high tide on the beach there are areas where you can swim. More often, the ebb is not very strong and does not cause inconvenience.

Since the depth of the coast is small and the beachslightly covered by islands and a bank protruding from the edge; there are practically no large waves here. Which also makes the beach very comfortable for swimming, especially with children.

Sun beds and shade

With the shadow on the beach, everything is fine. One of the main pieces of Nang Ram is a chic casuarin grove. Especially a lot of trees on the far side of the beach Casuarinas are planted in rows and create a natural, pleasant shade. Next to the pier there are also stationary gazebos, wooden and in the form of umbrellas, covered with dry palm leaves.

Beach photo

Nang Ram Beach or Dancing Girl Beach

Nang Ram Beach or Dancing Girl Beach

Casuarin grove on the beach

Casuarin grove on the beach

Nang Ram Beach or Dancing Girl Beach

Nang Ram Beach or Dancing Girl Beach

Far, wild edge of the beach

Far, wild edge of the beach

Warship - near military base

Warship - near military base

Shopping trays at the beach parking

Shopping trays at the beach parking

Pay toilet and showers on the beach

Pay toilet and showers on the beach

Outdoor cafe by the road near the beach

Outdoor cafe by the road near the beach


With the infrastructure on the beach, everything is fine. In the part of the beach closest to the pier there is a large cafe under the roof for many tables and small ones. Thai dishes, affordable prices. At the far end of the beach, food can be ordered in a row of cafes across the road, they will give you a checkbox with the number and bring the order directly to the beach.

There, in the distant part of the beach, next to the bungalow houses, there is a shop with ice cream and delicious natural coffee, a gift shop. Also ice cream and snacks are on sale in the near part of the beach.

In addition to food along the road and at parking lots, purely tourist beach accessories are sold: inflatable circles, towels, etc. At the far end of the beach there is a toilet (5 baht) and a shower (10 baht).

From entertainment: riding a banana (500 baht for the whole banana), rent kayaks, black inflatable tires.

Also here you can rent a deck chair (40 baht) or bedding (30 baht).

Houses and hotels on the beach

There are some simple ones on the beach.bungalow type houses. There are houses located near the pier and there is a quiet place in the part of the beach farthest from the pier, right next to the shore and casuarin grove.

Houses look simple, concrete box andthatch. But the place is quiet, near the sea rustles and casuarina, so that lovers of peace and solitude (when there are no tourists) may like this accommodation option. There are houses in the region of 1000-1500 baht per night.

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How to find the beach

The beach is located about 45 kilometers south ofPattaya, on the city of Sattahip and before reaching Utapao Airport. To get to the beach from Pattaya will take from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the area. From the south of the city to the beach is much closer than from the north. You can get to the beach on your own transport either by taxi or by taking a transfer from a travel agency.

It usually costs about 500 baht per person. In the morning hours with 8 tourists pick up from the hotel minibus, departure from the beach is usually at 16 o'clock. To find a beach on your own, you need to move all the time along Sukhumvit to the south, to Sattahip, and then navigate to the Hat Nang Ram signs. Google and maps know this place, you can score a point in the navigator and go on it.

Beach map

Nang Ram Beach

Nang Ram Beach
A good beach, 40 minutes by car from the PTT, access by asphalt to the beach itself, convenient parking, cafes, toilets, shower.
More about the beach.

A good beach, 40 minutes by car from the PTT, access by asphalt to the beach itself, convenient parking, cafes, toilets, shower. More about the beach.

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