Nang Thong Beach - the most popular in Khao Lak

Nang Tong - the first in popularity of the beachesresort Khao Lak. Many pensioners rest here, usually walking along the sea and along the main street. I personally liked the beach, or rather the whole piece of the coast, including Bang Niang. And further north somehow already less.

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Beach description

Unlike Bang Niangwhich it borders on the north, the Nang areaTong elongated along the sea and highway. And the entire infrastructure is mainly concentrated along the route. The easiest way to get to the coast is along Nang Tong Road, it starts from the highway where there is a traffic light and leads to the sea.

Along the coast stretch large and expensive hotels andresorts The strip of sand on the beach is quite wide, in some places it ends with the concrete walls of the terraces of hotels, in other places there is just a small mound with palm trees growing on it. The total length of the beach of Nang Tong is about 3.5 kilometers. In general, Nang Tong is a good and quiet district, it is clean, has a lot of greenery and is not very crowded.

The southern part of Nang Thong is sometimes called Sunset Beach, there are several resorts with a large territory, including Khaolak Sunset Resort

. Perhaps this is why the stretch of beach is called this. There are few people and beautiful. From Nang Tonga, along the coast, you can walk along the sea, both to the north (there is a river through which you can either wade or cross the mini-ferry boat) and south to Sunset Beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

On the shore and in the water from the sand black boulders stick up,adding to the picturesque landscape. In general, the entire beach consists of small coves, curves and periodic stones. The sand on the beach is yellow, fine and in some places large, with small patches of small pebbles and shells.

The shore goes into the sea at an angle, so that the depth intide time is increasing rapidly. At low tide the width of the beach increases to quite impressive. You can swim, but from a distance of ten meters from the shore.

Next to the lighthouse, which stands on land, the river flows into the sea, but it is better not to swim near it, but walk 100-200 meters to the right or left.

Sun beds and shade

Almost all over the beach are exposedsun beds with umbrellas from beach cafes. In some of them, when ordering food, they are allowed to use for free; in other places, the lounger should be rented. Almost all over the beach, various trees border the beach, mainly casuarinas (in the north), palm trees, and sometimes deciduous trees.

From them in the morning and in the first half of the day on the beach forms a natural shadow. In the afternoon the sun rises high and the shadows of the trees almost disappear, and closer to sunset, the sun shines from the sea.

Near the Khaolak Sunset Resort, the beach is bounded on the mainland by a stone cape and a mountain covered with vegetation, and there are no trees and natural shade directly on the beach in the afternoon.

Beach photo

Nang Tong Beach













Sunset beach










Shops and attractions

Most stores are located on both sidestracks, there is also 7-Eleven, McDonalds, banks, cafes and travel agencies, etc. There are also cafes and shops on the main street of Nang Tong Road, leading to the sea, and Soi 1, which runs along the coast. But in general, there is not enough of everything, you have to go to the track.

In the north of the beach endless massage canopies, simple beach cafes and sun beds with umbrellas.

Of the attractions in this area there areChinese temple, as well as two lighthouses - one on land, the other at sea, a hundred meters from the coast. A peculiar attraction of the beach is big boulders sticking out of the sand on land and in the sea. They add zest to the beach.

Nang Tong Street

Nang Thong Road

Track opposite Nang Tong, cheap hotels here

Track opposite Nang Tong, cheap hotels here

Houses and hotels on the beach

Cheap hotels and guesthouses located inmainly along the main highway. If we talk about beach hotels and resorts, then in the north of the beach, where it borders Bang Niang, is located the good and popular La Flora Resort & Spa Khao Lak

. And from closer to the center of the village can be called a few hotels with a good rating: Khaolak Bhandari Resort & Spa

, The Leaf Oceanside

, Moracea by Khao Lak Resort

, Sensimar Khaolak Beachfront Resort


Sunset Beach Khaolak Bayfront Resort

and of course the pleasant atmospheric hotel Khaolak Sunset Resort

. Next to them there are also cute Khaolak Wanaburee Resort

and Khaolak Palm Beach Resort


Hotels in Khao Lak>

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How to find the beach

If you are coming from the direction of Phuket, then after passing Khao Lak Beach and descending the highway from the mountain, you immediately get to the village of Bang La He, which is adjacent to the beach of Nang Thong.

Hotel Khaolak Sunset Resort can be reached bycar or bike, there is parking. The guards are not very willing, but they let into the territory of the resort. On the beach from the north there you can pass completely freely. In general, the main street of the village (Nang Tong Road) goes to the beach perpendicularly to the highway, which runs into Soi 1, running along the coast.

On this quay street near the lighthouse there is a large parking. Along the entire beach, you can freely walk from north to south and back.

Beach map

Nang Thong Beach

Nang Thong Beach
It is considered the most developed at the resort, but for meBang Niang also in this regard. There is enough infrastructure, kilometers of the beach, you can walk to Bang Niang. The southern part is often called Sunset Beach, but in fact it is the same beach.
More about the beach.

It is considered the most developed at the resort, but for meBang Niang also in this regard. There is enough infrastructure, kilometers of the beach, you can walk to Bang Niang. The southern part is often called Sunset Beach, but in fact it is the same beach. More about the beach.

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