Nathon Beach - None Beach

Two kilometers of shallow water, of which halfit is sewn with concrete, and the second is not the cleanest beach of Koh Samui. Nathon is the administrative center of Samui, after which Nathon Beach is named. This is the only settlement of the island, which, with a slight stretch, can be called a town.

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Beach description

The first half of Nathon beach is wild and neglected. The width of the strip of sand from the river Lipa Yai (Lipa Yai) and the maritime police office to a rectangular turn of a one-way road is about 20 meters. Plain, yellow sand that becomes a muddy bottom and is exposed daily with low tide.

The second half of Nathon beach is justembankment. It goes from the turn of the road, along the footpath, past the SeaTran pier and to a large seafood warehouse, there is no sandy beach in Nathon. At high tide, the sea rises to the embankment itself, leaving no space for lying or walking.

Nathon - densely populated point, with allresulting consequences. Along the coast do not float tons of garbage, but the proximity of the pier and a huge number of boats, boats, ships and ferries do not add transparency to the local water.

People on the waterfront are more than enough, even at night in Nathon is very lively. A sandy beach runs along a palm grove without building, so there are usually few people there.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach. Nathon Beach is a city beach. A lot of civilization and little nature. The main landscapes of the beach are sea vessels. But there is one "But."

Sunset, depth and waves

Beach Laem yai goes to the beach Bang mckhamwhich in turn goes to Nathon beach. All three beaches have a unique photogenic during low tides. The sea goes a very long distance, leaving large islands of sandy bottom and small lakes of sea water.

Due to the reflection of the sky in these lakes are obtainedstunning photographs, so all three beaches are favorite places for photo shoots with local photographers. The sea is unwieldy, the waves are only during a storm.

Sun beds and shade

Since the sea in this place is not used forthere is no rest, and for work, there are no sun beds, no umbrellas, or the usual marine entertainment. But full of shade under the trees on the waterfront. After low tide, the main visitors to the beach are photographers and their models, tourists on mopeds and fishermen who pick up mollusks from silt.

Beach photo










How unfortunate things are in Nathon withbeach holiday, so high here is the concentration of everything necessary for island life. Shops, hotels, attractions, market, port, main offices of public services, the cheapest hospital in Samui. The only negative - the airport and the nearest hypermarket are located on the other end of the island. In the vicinity there are plenty of places to visit:

  • Chinese Temple in Nathon;
  • temple Si Taweep;
  • Nathon Temple;
  • waterfall Hin Lad;
  • night market on the quay near the pier;
  • waterfall Zong Raue.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Among the masses of commercial, administrative,food and financial institutions in Nathon there are several large hotels. But the main cluster of housing for rent is located behind the town, deep in the island. Very large selection, very different price range. The bulk of the housing closest to the pier does not shine with gloss, but you can find quite acceptable options for stopping.

For example, Chytalay Palace Hotel

Nathon Beach - None Beach

or Nathon Residence

Nathon Beach - None Beach

. As well as quiet houses right on the beach - Win Hotel Nathon

Nathon Beach - None Beach

and nearby - Jinta City Hotel

Nathon Beach - None Beach

. All this is quite budget and affordable options, without luxurious transcendental heights in the price per room.

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels in Samui with a good rating and reviews.

Nathon hotels>

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How to find the beach

Since the beach of Nathon is also its embankment,do not have to look for the sea. If you drive into Nathon from Lamai, then in any case, a one-way road will lead you through the port. If you come from Maenam, then, after driving across the city on a one-way road, turn right at the place where one-way traffic ends, opposite the Honda motorcycle sales center.

Beach map

Nathon Beach Map

Map of Nathon Beach:

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