A good hotel in Phuket on Kata Beach - Lae Lay Suites

Catch my review of the Lae Lay Suites hotel with a good modern interior and a swimming pool located between Katya and Karon. Overall a decent place.

After visiting Phi Phi, I decided not to return tothe same hotel, and check in to a new one, so interesting. And he changed not only the hotel, but also the beach from Patong to Kata. The beaches of Kata and Kata Noi, it seems to me, are best suited for a more or less relaxing holiday in Phuket. Well, as far as possible, because the island is quite lively and there are a lot of tourists during the season.

The content of the article

Price and reservation

In Lae Lay Suites

I had a Deluxe number for 1890 baht / day(breakfast included). In addition, they still have an executive suite and a room with access to the pool, they are all more expensive. But the funny thing is that the suite is just a bit more expensive, I wonder how much different it is from my deluxe. Not at the peak of the season, the price changes slightly, but out of the season it decreases by a factor of 2, up to about 1,100 baht for deluxe. Checkout is standard at 12, but right at the reception the rules show that for each hour of delay you need to pay 200 baht. Hard!

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Here is a direct link to your reservation. Lae Lay Suites


Right next door to See Host Inn

, also with a good rating and a little cheaper, but without a pool. And in a nearby alley, a good hotel for Baan Kawkaew Kata reviews.

although they say there are steps and a higher lift, but a budget place.


Rating 8.3 and 3 stars. Probably somewhere it is, but I would have lowered the rating, despite the fact that I liked the whole hotel. You know, Taystal is already so tired that I categorically did not want to live in something Thai, so I chose only among hotels with a modern interior. Lae Lay Suites is just that. And I must say quite a new hotel, although not without drawbacks, but more on that below.

The room is quite large in size, with a pleasantoverlooking the Kata area and the window in the wall. Basically you can see the roofs of houses and mountains, but the sea is visible in the distance. There is a type of mini-kitchen. Although the kitchen is difficult to call, in fact, a stone table and sink. No microwave, no tiles, no dishes. Only a kettle and cups. When you ride with your crock-pot or tile, then such a corner with a sink will not be superfluous. But if without anything, then there is little sense from him. There was also a small dining table with two chairs. In general, the plan tables everything is fine, there is also a long desktop.

Immediately list what was of technology - flat TVon the wall, hair dryer in the bathroom, safe bolted in the wall in the closet, mini-fridge, kettle and air conditioning. I liked the fact that the external unit from the air conditioner was not on the balcony, but the Thais like to shove it in there. But here is the location of the indoor unit in the room so-so, I would have done in another place so that it is far away from the bed, but in general I will not say that it blew at me. Cleaning was every day.

Another advantage is a lot of outlets and they are in the rightplaces. And also there is no electronic key system, well, you know, when you leave and the electricity is turned off. You can leave, and the air conditioner is on, and all sorts of devices to charge. Give 2 free bottles of water per day. A very wide single bed, but actually consists of two mattresses, they are just under one sheet. And the mattress is too hard for an amateur.

My room, Kata Phuket Beach Hotel

My room, Kata Phuket Beach Hotel

View of the Kata district, red - Makro supermarket

View of the Kata district, red - Makro supermarket

Of the minuses - a small bathroom. Two watering cans are different and the fact that they are not over the toilet is good. But really cramped. Perhaps if the door opened out, it would be more convenient. Plus, the shower is not even separated by a curtain, as a result, the entire floor then becomes wet. And I did not like that hot water is regulated so-so, then cold, then too hot. Soap supplies (soap, shampoo in test tubes) put. And the last minus is a bit dark in the evening in the room, not enough light. But in the afternoon it is normal, because the window is huge.

Internet in the room was not. At all. The access point seemed to hang on the floor, but in the room the laptop only saw it occasionally and could not connect to it. But in the lobby the Internet flew, 20 megabits in both directions. In general, if the points were seldom hung too much, there were problems on my floor.

Territory and services

The hotel consists of two buildings opposite each otherthrough the alley. It is small and dead-end, so there is no movement at all. If you go from the road, then the building is on the right with the reception (I lived in it), and there are only rooms. In the building to the left are suites, a swimming pool and a restaurant where breakfast is served. By the way, there is even an elevator in this building, but for some reason it was made only from the second floor, stupid somehow. With a baby carriage it will be inconvenient to have at least one span to drag it on yourself.

The pool is small but long! I approve when they do that. It is better not square, but narrower and elongated in length, although you can swim normally. But here is the work time at the pool is strange from 10:30 am to 19 pm. How is that?

Signpost from the main road to Lae Lay Suites

Signpost from the main road to Lae Lay Suites

Building on the right with reception and regular rooms.

Building on the right with reception and regular rooms.

Hotel on Kata Beach - Lae Lay Suites

Hotel on Kata Beach - Lae Lay Suites

Around the pool suites with access to it

Around the pool suites with access to it

Breakfast is also there, around the pool. It runs from 6:30 to 10:30. Early time is wonderful, you can have time to eat before excursions. Standard without any frills, like in all treshkah. Tea, coffee, juices. By the way, coffee from the coffee machine that pleases. 3-4 fruits, salad set. Toasts with jam and pancakes. Cornflakes with milk, for some reason, not every day there were oatmeal. From hot dogs, noodles with eggs, boiled rice, vegetables with chicken. Hotter is changing, but plus minus looks like, about three courses. Funny, hung an ad that for trying to steal food from the dining room - a fine of 500 baht.

My typical breakfast

My typical breakfast

Laundry is expensive, the price is not per kilogram, but for each particular thing.

For the very lazy there is a transfer to the beaches of Kata andKaron 3 times a day: 10:30, 14:30 and 16:30. But only in one direction. Also in the hotel you can rent a bike for 300 baht / day, good new bikes give (at least they gave me one). The price is the same as elsewhere, not welded. They do not take a passport as a deposit and do not look meticulously at the reception.

Map and location

The location is not bad, although not likewho used to the first line. Here she is not even the second. But this has its advantages. First, you need to know that the entire first line on the Kata beach is occupied by the huge Club Med hotel. And you can’t pass through it. Therefore, only at the edges, there are just roads there. Therefore, if you live on Kate, then either at the end of the beach or at the beginning, otherwise you will have to walk and go around. Thus, a person living closer to the sea, but in the middle, doesn’t get as fast on the shore as living in Lae Lay Suites. In short, go to the Kata beach for 10-15 minutes. The path is inconvenient only at the very beginning, you need to walk 50 meters along the road with heavy traffic and cross it, and then the sidewalks will be and the road is much less busy. And if you go the other way, then in 15-20 minutes you will be on Karon. Conveniently, there is a choice where to go swimming.

Although the hotel and on the dais, but the rise of the mountainquite insignificant. A 5-minute walk from the large Makro supermarket, as well as 7-eleven mini-stores and Tesco Express. Cafes here. And the market, in principle, is also not far away. In general, here the whole area is small, you can quickly get around.

Lae Lay Suites Hotel

Lae Lay Suites Hotel
Nice hotel with a modern interior. The location is less so as to go to the beach for about 15 minutes. He lived here and wrote a review.
Read more.

Nice hotel with a modern interior. The location is less so as to go to the beach for about 15 minutes. I lived here and wrote a review. In more detail.

P.S. Honestly, I can find fault, but with each new hotel I have higher and higher requirements. More experience, and more I begin to pay attention to all sorts of little things. Moreover, in my head some kind of collective image of an ideal hotel, which absorbed only pluses from all the places where it was staying, is already visible. But the hotel is still good, just remember Lamai Coconut on Samuiabout there also was.

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