Free baggage allowance with airlines

Soon we will fly to Asia and I already monitor the tickets. The second question after the cost, I wonder about the baggage - now we got it more than we wanted, especially what goes in hand luggage. I have a huge photo backpack, in which there is a camera and lenses, so for the time being it is unclear to me to declare it as a “camera” or as a “hand luggage”.

In the post I will collect some information about the airlines that we may fly to Thailand.

In any case, before the flight, you need to callyour airline and clarify all the details. So many airlines had changes regarding free baggage allowance (they accepted new rules). And also because almost on all airline websites there is not a word about what a child can take with him to the salon if he flies without his seat and how many additional things (cameras, laptops, etc.) you can take with you salon adult.

I also recommend everyone to do baggage insurance, a very useful thing, I wrote about it in detail in this post.

Economy class.
Luggage: the sum of 3 dimensions up to 158 cm (in rare cases, 207 cm)
Hand luggage: 55x40x20 or the sum of three dimensions up to 115 cm.

Free baggage allowance

Free baggage allowance

The content of the article


23 kg in luggage + 10 kg carry-on baggage + 1 camera + 1 laptop.
Moreover, one operator from the call-center said that the camera should be of adequate size and only one thing can be in the salon, and the other one can say two things, and that the camera of any size :)
For a child up to 2 years old - 10 kg of luggage, no hand luggage, but you can take the children's things that will be needed during the flight.


20 kg baggage + 5 kg carry-on baggage + 1 camera + 1 laptop.
There is no luggage or carry-on baggage for a child up to 2 years old, but you can take a cane stroller and food separately for him.

They flew them from Bangkok to Moscow, they did not check carry-on luggage, but we had a seemingly small, but most likely more than 5 kg. There was also a medium sized photo bag.


When transplanting in Russia, the S7 rules apply.
20 kg luggage + 7 kg carry-on baggage + 1 camera + 1 laptop.
A child up to 2 years old - 10 kg of luggage, no hand luggage, but you can take meals.

When transferring to Abu Dhabi, Etihad rules apply.
23 kg luggage + 7 kg carry-on baggage + 1 camera + 1 laptop.
A child up to 2 years old - 23 kg of luggage, no hand luggage.

P.S. If you are going to buy tickets, I advise you to watch them on and, these are convenient services, we use them ourselves.

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