Adler Aquarium - surprisingly delight and shock

In total there are two in the city of SochiOceanarium, which I know. One is in the Riviera Park of Big Sochi, near the dolphinarium, and the second is in Adler. By the way, Adler also has its own dolphinarium within walking distance from the aquarium. And it just so happened that in the Riviera there is a cool dolphinarium and “so-so” aquarium, and in Adler the opposite: the largest aquarium in the Russian Federation and not the best dolphinarium. Aquarium in Adler (aka Sochi DiscoveryWorld Aquarium) - this is my best impression of the trip in April 2018, of course - after jumping from the bungee in Skypepark. And believe me - I have something to compare: Siam ocean world and Aquaria KLCC, eg.

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Adler Aquarium

For a person who is not yet tempted by this kindattractions, it will be at least interesting, but as a maximum - it is expected delight and shock. And I was quite skeptical, considering the experience of visiting oceanariums in other countries and a sufficient number of negative reviews in the network. What people did not like, I do not know. Only if the price.

Adler Aquarium - place exclusivelypositive and I strongly recommend him to visit with boys and girls of early age. If it is still difficult to surprise a teenager, after all his computer games and modern films, then the kid sticks to the transparent walls with shouts “Pirates! Hidden treasures! Sharks! ”And does not want to listen to grumbling guards, who constantly demand to move away from the glass. Entertainment is great for both lonely and bored, and for a family trip.

Inside the aquarium (and this is the first impressionright from the door) - a very comfortable temperature. After the hot Krasnodar sun - here, "the most it is" to lift the mood. In the hall there is a cafe area, a games area with computer entertainment and automatic machines, ticket offices and turnstiles at the entrance. Inspection of aquariums starts from the second floor, where you are taken to the elevator, and at first the spectacle is not particularly impressive. The entire second floor is a very beautifully decorated hall, styled as a jungle with ponds and a waterfall. Many aquariums with different, cute and not very small fish. In the middle of the hall there is an apparatus selling capsules with koi carp food - 50 p ap per each. Beautiful, but very boring.

Inside the room is dark and it is forbidden to shoot withflash, but everywhere there are many decorative pillars of the fence, where you can safely put the camera and shoot with a long shutter speed, although because of this fish and all moving objects are blurry. So pre-tune in that the first floor you will have is not very photo-productive, and you will make all the main pictures from the aquarium in Adler the floor below. Owners of weak or old photo-soap-bags in an aquarium will, in principle, be uncomfortable.

Adler Aquarium

Adler Aquarium

When you lose heart and are going toexit from the hall, you expect a pleasant surprise. After a black corridor with drawings on the walls, which are made with neon paints and illuminated with UV lamps, you do not go to the shop with souvenirs (the classic end of such attractions), but to the first floor of the building, with huge aquariums all over the wall. Behind the glass you can see the sunken pirate ship, chests and guns, stingrays, fish and turtles - a real underwater world in its rich, multi-colored variety. Sticking for ten minutes is guaranteed for you - the spectacle is fascinating and disarming, you immediately forgive the oceanarium for its price for entry and take out the camera lying idle.

But this is not the final either, because after the pirate ship you will have the next stage of emotions - underwater tunnels.

Rounding a large aquarium, passing by jellyfish,actinium and small living creatures you find yourself in front of the entrance to the semicircular tunnel - the road through the water column in which the inhabitants of the sea live their lives. And here begins the real pleasure, with an open mouth and eyes, with a surprise like in childhood, when you want to poke your finger and shout “Mom, look - THE SHARK!” Adults, of course, behave with restraint, and children go crazy and look at their amazement - this is a touching bonus from the aquarium for parents. The tunnel is quite long, with turns and continuation, ends with an aquarium with sharks and a mock jaws hanging from the ceiling.

This layout is repeated in a larger size inthe next room, where lurking in the ambush guys with cameras, taking pictures for the money. You will not be allowed to shoot on your camera here, alas. Opposite the photo-merchants there are a couple of aquariums with an interestingly painted background, a la tropical island, and - the end of the exhibition with turnstiles. The exit is possible only irrevocably, as the sign near the door warns. So, if you put off some interesting shots for later, it's time to go back and make them. After the turnstiles, you find yourself in a large hall with souvenirs (how unexpected!) And the exit from the aquarium will be near a large pirate standing on the street.

Schedule and tickets

In the summer, the aquarium in Adler is open from 10:00 to 20:00, and it works seven days a week - high season. The rest of the year is from 10:00 to 18:00, and their holidays are on Monday and Tuesday.

Ticket prices: adult - 700 rubles., children (c 4 to 11 years) - 450 rubles., preferential - 350 rubles. For children under 4 years of age admission is free. If you want a guided tour, then cook for 50 rubles per person.

In the aquarium also spend half-hour diving sessions, for 4000 rubles, plus - dive photography for an additional 700 rubles.

Twice a day, at 11:00 and 15:00, the underwater fairy-tale entertaining show with participation of sea fairy-tale characters takes place.

Another attraction for tourists is the feeding of sharks and turtles, which is held daily from 14:00 to 15:00.

Getting there

You can get to the aquarium in Adler oncar, but parking will have to search. There is a small space next to the building, but I didn’t understand how to get there, so I went the easy way - I got up in the parking lot near the neighboring clinic. Free and 300 meters from the entrance to the Oceanarium. Moreover, in the same place, in the parking lot, there was an aunt with tickets, which flew around for 700 rubles and told me where to go.

If you go here by bus, then you need to stop "Sanatorium Izvestia". The numbers of buses: 60, 105, 105k, 117, 118, 124С, 125, 125П, 125с, 134, 173.

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Adler Aquarium

Adler Aquarium
Russia's largest aquarium, Sochi DiscoveryWorld, was opened in late 2009. 29 rooms, a transparent underwater tunnel through which you can walk, a sea pool where you can do scuba diving, a professional photo studio Daily shows are held in the aquarium: feeding sharks and the Underwater Fairy Tale - with the participation of mermaids.
More about oceanarium.

Russia's largest aquarium, Sochi DiscoveryWorld, was opened in late 2009. 29 rooms, a transparent underwater tunnel through which you can walk, a sea pool where you can do scuba diving, a professional photo studio Daily shows are held in the aquarium: feeding sharks and the Underwater Fairy Tale - with the participation of mermaids. More about the oceanarium.

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