Pantip Market on Phangan - cheap food and meeting place

Pantip Market is a market in Tong Saleor rather, the food court in Tong Sale, which isat the same time, both a local landmark, and a usual place for a snack, and a return point for day wanderers, who are going to talk, laugh and eat in the evening for money. Pantip Market has a large selection of food, but of course Asian and European cuisines dominate. It looks just like any other greedy market in Thailand - the main building-hangar without walls (that is, the roof with stalls around the perimeter) with tables in the center of the covered space, and the road to it, tightly packed with macarons.

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Pantip Market

A place where a lot of interesting and strangepeople, pink tourists and smoked centenarians of Phangan. Very often, it is here that everyone assigns a place to meet, eat and chat at the same time. For an inexperienced person, Pantip Market on Pangan is a noisy, bright, smelling and tasty place where you can eat inexpensively, buy cheap and freaky necks, in short, remain with a lot of emotions and impressions. Experienced people will say that Pantip Market is an ordinary Thai food court, unless it is not spoiled by tourism and has not raised the prices for simple Thai food to the clouds, as it usually happens with resort areas. Prices and in fact are average for the hospital - from 30 to 80 baht (this is if you do not have an eye on seafood).

In addition to standard Thai, it’s mostlyThere is a vegetarian cafe “Soul Organics” (in the photo on the left in the corner) with a more than reasonable price and cooking quality, an Italian cafe with pizza and wine, an Israeli cafe with falafel, hummus and pits. The street is full of macabinas with fruit, kebabs, rolls, sandwiches and other snacks.

All food on the market should not make you afraid(I’m talking to beginners now), and the low cost of dishes is not related to the quality and freshness of the original products from the word "no way". I will tell you a secret - 30-50 baht, this is a normal price for Thai street food, and Pantip is the usual place where you can eat tasty food in Phangan. These are just tourists, kakoshmarennye price tags from restaurants, getting to Pantip Market decide that they died and went to heaven.

Pantip Market on Phangan

Pantip Market on Phangan

The path lies through the makashnitsy

The path lies through the makashnitsy

Information to visit

It works from 12 to 22, but in the evening it is better to arrive at eight o'clock, because the Thais do not really bother with the schedule and start to turn off from nine o'clock.

Parking - on the side of the main street, there is nored and white curbs that prohibit parking. Keep in mind, you need to be careful with parking, they can be fired, the police are always hanging out there. Also, rights can check if they have a plan to fulfill.

Thais add almost all dishes monosodium glutamate (flavor enhancer). Well, this is if you suddenly did not know and this is important to you.

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Pantip Market on Phangan

Pantip Market on Phangan
Pangan cult food court.
More about the market.

Pangan cult food court. Read more about the market.

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