Nai Harn Park in Phuket near Nai Harn Beach

About Nai Harn beach, across the street from the temple of Wat Nai Harn isan artificial lake around which the Hat Nai Harn Park is laid out. The name is straightforward, as is the park itself, which is mostly walking paths and lawns with lawn cut. The banks of the reservoir are neat, smooth, paved with cement tiles and equipped with benches. In the center of the lake stands the island of Ko Klang Nam, where the bridge and the road lead. You can drive straight to the island and park in the shade of trees, right by the water.

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Nai Harn Park

In fact, Nai Harn Park - this is the island onthe lake, and the road around the lake is an ordinary asphalt, two-lane road, an infrastructure object of the Nai Harn district. In general, the place leaves a very pleasant impression of itself. Although the day there is hot, because casuarina do not give a dense shadow.

Park without any frills, memorableattractions or buildings. In some places even not very neat - it is immediately clear that this is not private property, but municipal property. There are usually few people here, so let's say, not the most popular place on the island. I remember that we were doing yoga in the morning with a group, so at 6 am there wasn’t a soul at all.

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Open 24/7. The inoda may be too crowded and there are problems with parking - they set up tents in the park and hold events. Great place for jogging, without wild dogs and onlookers, with lots of shade. I saw the gate on the bridge, but I don’t know if they are closing at night.

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Nai Harn Park

Nai Harn Park
A small park on the island of the lake. Shadows is enough. People come here for a picnic or practice yoga.

A small park on the island of the lake. Shadows is enough. People come here for a picnic or practice yoga.

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