Participate in the competition “The most memorable trip” with a prize fund of $ 180!

A journey for each of us is made up ofof various possibilities and desires, but it agrees on one thing - it is rest, new acquaintances, new impressions and positive emotions. Everyone has at least once in their life had a trip, whether it be rest abroad or sports tourism, active rest by savages at sea, or just a trip to relatives or friends ...

Any journey can be the most memorable! And photos, yes, yes, remember that any shot from your trip can be invaluable, because it was with you.

Tell us about your trip and take part in the competition “The most memorable journey”!

And it is possible that prizes are waiting for you!

The content of the article

Competition "The most memorable trip"

First place - $ 100
Second place - $ 50
Third place - $ 30

Special prize from the company Era Story - link in their blog (TIC 40) for the best review of sponsors.

Or maybe you will get new fans andreaders? This is so important in the blogosphere, to have not only the assessment of professionals, but also its audience. By participating in the contest, you can increase the attendance of your blog!

The most memorable journey

Meet the contest sponsors:

Site Guide in the world of information
Blog Amirkhanova Lenar
Blog Tramp

And also the jury:

Modern Man's Blog - Erho
Vovkin SEO blog
Blog Life-Journey

About competition

Anyone can take part in the a novice blogger, and having a wealth of experience on the Internet. If the most memorable trip for you was a trip to the Papuans in New Guinea, driving a car from Vladivostok, a trip to the village to graze geese, or going down from the top of a mountain 5,000 meters high and fishing or hunting with impressive results - then go ahead and remember write about it!

Conditions of the competition

one. To participate in the contest, you need to write a fascinating post with the code name "The most memorable journey" or so. And in its beginning to post a link to this post with the conditions of the competition. Optionally, you can also hang a banner.

Contest Most memorable trip


2. To participate are accepted blogs of any subject and platform, as long as there is an opportunity
- write a story (you can without photos),
- post photos (can be without description and story),
- do both at the same time (write a story, accompanying photographs).

3 It is obligatory to place links to the sponsors of the competition. You can post them, for example, in the form of guards, block at the end of your article. Or you can invent something of your own, for example, make a review of sponsors. At your discretion.


Guide to the world of information
Blog Amirkhanova Lenar
EraStroy - asphalt crumb

4. Links to the post with the terms of the competition and to the sponsors should be without the tags nofollow and noindex. By default, these are the links you will have if you have not installed a special plugin.

5. The competition starts today, and ends August 20, 2010. The winner will be announced in early September 2010.

6. Links to your post, participating in the competition, leave here in the comments. Applications are accepted throughout the competition.

We wish all participants good luck in the contest!

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