Patong Beach in Phuket - the noisiest

Patong Beach is popular and popular.tourist beach in the west coast of Phuket. Historically, it turned out that it was here that the mass tourist was brought in packs, under which the beach infrastructure was created and improved, which eventually resulted in a full-fledged island town.

Patong is hardly a beach for relaxation andSolitude is a noisy, energetic, youth district with a mass of entertainment facilities that are serviced by thousands of Thais and foreigners. If you need movement, drive and no problems with shopping, nightlife and currency exchanges - feel free to choose Patong.

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Beach description

Patong is one of the longest beaches in Phuket;its length is about 4 kilometers of a thirty-meter-long strip of sand facing west, the sunsets here are stunning. There are many tourists on Patong - as a result of popularity.

People do not like to just lie on the sand, sothe beach is thickly lined with sun beds and umbrellas, which doesn’t look fun at all and almost completely excludes the possibility of a carefree walk on the beach. Morally prepare for the fact that you have to constantly hustle with tourists in every corner of Patong.

In addition to tourists, there is a large beach.the number of street vendors, tattooists, massage therapists and manicurists. If you wish, you can use their services, but I would not recommend doing a Thai massage or any other massage above the knees. Feet wrinkled - please, but the spine should not be trusted to stray masseurs.

The beach is released only in the evening - fromat nightfall, people run away from the beach towards the village, where nightclubs on Patong begin work, most of which are concentrated on the famous Bangla Road. And the beach goes to supporters of solitude and walks along the sea, although it’s not so pleasant to walk among the debris, and the Thais simply do not have time to get out.

In addition to the post about Patong, I have a short overview of all Phuket beachesThat will help you decide on the choice of the beach before the holidays. Look, maybe something will help.

Sunset, depth and waves

The ebb and flow of Patong is not so pronouncedas in the same province of Krabi, so the beaches are always comfortable and do not limit you to the time you visit the beach. Of course, at low tide, you will have to move a little further from the coast, but in any case it is better than walking under the sun on the wet seabed for half a kilometer and more.

The coast on Patong is flat, smooth, without sudden drops, and a dense sandy bottom begins under water. Sometimes stones or shells are tucked under one leg — children's favorite toys on the beach.

The calm season, when there are no monsoon rains and storms, is the period from November to April (unlike Samui, where November and December are the rainiest months of the year).

On ordinary days when the weather does not predispose tothe emergence of waves, on Patong, a calm sea, which makes it versatile for lovers of swimming in the deep, and for family people who flew to Phuket with children. But I repeat - the area itself behind Patong Beach can hardly be called a family corner.

Sun beds and shade

Paradoxically, but the fact is greens, in whichthe whole area of ​​Patong is buried, is fading away as it gets closer to the water, and there are no longer any sources of natural shadow on the beach itself. So, whether you like it or not, budget for the rental of beach equipment. A set of sun loungers and an umbrella will cost you 100 baht daily /

If you are in the family three or four, and you are goingto seal all 10-12 days of vacation, then, according to the results, quite a considerable amount is accumulated. Keep in mind that on certain beach sections you will not be allowed to lie down with your towel, they will interfere, touch your things, provoke aggression and force you to rent a sunbed.

Photo of Patong Beach

The most northern (right) part

Patong Beach, right edge

Patong Beach, right edge

central part

Patong Beach, the central part

Patong Beach, the central part

The southernmost (left) part




Immediately after the beach run a carroad with very heavy traffic. Here you can catch public transport and taxis, but this is Patong, which means the prices for everything will be higher than on other beaches of the island. The infrastructure as a whole has all the possible offers of goods and services. There are a number of retail outlets, a lot of cafes and restaurants, massage parlors, ATMs and chain stores such as “Seven-Eleven”.

In general, Patong has everything you need forlife, and - within walking distance. If you chose Patong as a place to stay and are not particularly keen to explore new places, you don’t even need to rent equipment or ride tuk-tuk and songto.



From the area of ​​beach entertainment in Patong there arewater scooters, parachutes with boats, bananas, volleyball courts and kayaks with SUP boards. From passive types of recreation, in addition to bars and restaurants, you can make yourself quite chic shopping at Junqceylon shopkeeper, where you can buy almost everything.

There is also a department store on its territory."Robinson" and "Big C". This shopping center is located a few steps from Bangla Road, 1 km from Patong Beach and, in fact, is one of the local attractions. They also include: Loma Park (Park Loma), Chinese temple Pun Tuao Kong, boxing stadium Patong Boxing Stadium, transvestite cabaret show Simon Cabaret and temple Suwan Khiri Wong (Wat Suwan Kriri Wong).



With the onset of darkness, the terrain near Patong Beach turns into one big party, where island lovers of nightlife and club life catch up. The epicenter of the moving is considered Bangla Road street and adjacent jays (lanes), which, after 18 hours, closes to traffic and becomes completely pedestrian.

Blinds are countlessbars, nightclubs and so-called “go-go-shows”. Institutions drown out each other with loud music, girls in revealing outfits are invited to go to their place, and this whole celebration of life continues until the very morning.

Houses and hotels on the beach

One of the advantages of Patong Beach can be calledA wide selection of awls, from expensive hotels to cheap guesthouses. There is no problem with the search for housing even in the hot season, as there are really a lot of offers. It is worth noting that the entire array of residential buildings (hotels, hotels or guesthouses) are not on the first line.

What is interesting - the further the accommodation is from the beach, theprices are higher. You can rent an inexpensive room in the guesthouse, 5 minutes walk from the beach from 450-500 baht per day or rent a house for 11-13 thousand baht per month, 10 minutes on a motorbike from the beach.

Some examples of great hotels in Patong include: B-Lay Tong Phuket

- a well located large hotel, designed in a modern architectural style; a little more classic, with huge pools Phuket Graceland Resort

; very roomy Impiana Resort Patong

with national elements in decor and architecture; light and comfortable La Flora Resort Patong

; stylized Thai architecture large resort Seaview Patong Hotel Phuket


Hotels with the highest ratings are, for example, the incredibly stylish modern Patong Terrace Boutique Hotel

huge Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

, cozy, green, with areas for children, and spacious swimming pools. The more affordable hotels with a good rating include, for example, Seven Seas Hotel Phuket

Since Patong is traditionally a party place, there are also quite budget options, for example, classic hostels. One of them, with a good rating - Patong Backpacker Hostel


Patong hotels>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels in Phuket with a good rating and reviews.

How to find the beach

Get to Patong from Phuket Airport can be on the minivan. The price for a ticket is from 150 to 180 baht, or choose an air-conditioned bus called Phuket Airport Bus Express, the fare is 120 baht, it leaves from the same stop where buses go to Phuket Town.

From the city of Phuket Town to Patong plypublic buses, fare is 25 baht. The main bus stop is on Ranong Road. Buses leave every 30 minutes. In addition, there are also buses departing to Patong from the old bus station on Phang Nga Road.

You can catch a taxi or get to the beach on your own by renting a motorbike or car. It is recommended to start from the southern part of the island and go along the coastal road. In the beginning you will be met Kata beaches and Caron, and after them, beyond the pass, Patong himself will already be.

Well, if your path starts from the airport, thenselect the southern highway and go straight on it, about 15 km to the monument to Heroines. After the monument there will be only 4 km on the way to the traffic light, where you need to turn right. The next section of the path will stretch 6 km to the huge store Tesco Lotus. Then again, you need to turn right. In a few minutes, the road will run straight into Patong Beach.

To move freely around the island, you canrent a motorbike, the rental price is about 250 baht per day, or a car - from 1000 baht per day. Parking is difficult, but you will not be left without a place. In extreme cases, you can leave the car or bike a little further.

Beach map

Patong Beach Map

Patong Beach Map:

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