Pizzeria Pizza & Pasta Factory in the center of Prague - cheap and cheerful

Pizza & Pasta Factory - surprisingly gooda place that I visited in the evening, so I sat in the main room, and not on the summer terrace. Rather, there is not even a veranda, but a row of tables on a pedestrian street, which attract tourists like bees for honey. The place is very popular, and first of all - for its democratic pricing policy. For the center of Prague, there are very attractive prices here, although, according to reviews of people, such cheapness has its negative aspects.

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Pizzeria Pizza & Pasta Factory

The staff at Pizza & Pasta Factory is forced to look foroptions for earning and increasing the check, so for the low prices in the menu, from which you happily belly up, get ready for a voluntary-forced basket of butter bread (tasty, in the subject, but the payment is separate and can not be refused), as well as a provocation dessert .

Provocation is when you are at the table after dinnerSilently put a piece of the pie, which you unknowingly can take for a compliment from the institution, however, it is just a move “on the fool” that you have to pay. I was not offered, if that, but the basket, yes, I had to pay.

The service in my case was quite friendly andunobtrusive, and I was glad that I did not have to face the boorish waiters, who, through "I do not want", perform their duties, and then get offended at the lack of tips. Serving tables depends on the number of clients, so the range of reviews extends from “very quickly” to forty minutes. Negative points are partly compensated by the size of the dishes and cooking quality - at a height.

ServiceCard is not included in the bill, so tipsyou will have to leave it alone and the use of a credit card will not save you from the question “how much tip do you leave for me?”. Wi-Fi in the institution is free, the waiters are reluctant to speak Russian, but in English - quite tolerable. The menu is also only in international, English. And yet - do not smoke here.

Pizza & Pasta Factory in Prague

Pizza & Pasta Factory in Prague

Information to visit

Open daily from 11:00 to 23:00 hours.

For non-smokers.

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Pizza & Pasta Factory

Pizza & Pasta Factory
Despite the crowdedness, the order was fulfilled quickly, the staff rushed around the hall. Prepare delicious, prices are normal.
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Despite the crowdedness, the order was fulfilled quickly, the staff rushed around the hall. Prepare delicious, prices are normal. More about pizzeria

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