Radnicni Sklipek in Liberec - a restaurant in the basement of the town hall

After visiting the magnificent Liberec Town HallBe sure to take the time and opportunity to go down to the basement (even the language doesn’t turn around to call these mansions the basement) where the mayor's office allowed the establishment of the establishment, which is now considered one of the city’s best restaurants. A place where time stops, and all your attention switches to taste buds and contemplation. Terrific atmospheric place with a decent chef!

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Radnicni Sklipek

Very spacious room with farspread apart tables. There is no slightly straining cramp, familiar to me in Czech beer shops and cafes, and in general it would be fun to wander here with a company, and not into one person.

Chic and spaciousness combined with understandingwhat exactly is above the vaulted ceilings of the hall, began to cause a feeling of discomfort, but it quickly passes. A very authentic place, an entourage such as antiquity, which is not surprising - this is a very old institution. Towards evening, almost everything is occupied, judging by the conversations, not tourists, but local ones.

Radnicni sklipek in Liberec

Radnicni sklipek in Liberec

The neighbors with a child who sat behind meI overheard how the waiter offered them to order the boy an incomplete portion, and confirmed that the price would also be reduced. That is, there is such an option, and it is really convenient for those horse-sized portions that you bring here.

Everyone orders beer, that is, at least,it can be concluded that the beer is good here, especially since there were good reviews about it. There are many notes on the wall from satisfied customers - a great idea, I was looking for a note in Russian for 5 minutes, but I found only one from a family from Dmitrov.

Meals are not cooked instantly, that is, they broughtnot warmed from the refrigerator, but really cooked "with a knife." Everything was delicious, with the original presentation, but without zest, and I personally liked the service, although not all the staff tried to be friendly.

Information to visit

Open on tricky schedule:

  • Monday - Thursday from 11 to 23 hours.
  • Friday and Saturday from 11 to 00 hours.
  • Sunday is a day off.

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Restaurant Radniсni Sklipek

Restaurant Radniсni Sklipek
Excellent restaurant in the luxurious basement of the city hall.
More about the restaurant.

Excellent restaurant in the luxurious basement of the city hall. Read more about the restaurant.

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