Reader and search traffic, as well as why readers do not return

In his article How to promote a blog - a list of my actions I listed all the ways that were metested on our blog. Surely, you have noticed that most of them will not bring you any tangible results. That is why I decided to write a separate article about the content. I personally think that writing articles is the most effective way to promote a blog.

The content of the article

All parts of my short FAQ for bloggers:

I wrote a number of articles related to blogging. They do not claim to be a full-fledged manual, but beginners may be helpful. You can get acquainted if interested.

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5. Reader and search traffic, as well as why readers do not return
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Why readers do not return

Why readers do not return

Reader or search traffic?

First, let's talk about traffic.

All bloggers writing their articles andmaking sense in them, of course, I want to be read, commented, and so on. But, if we are talking about earnings, then the search traffic will actually be out of competition. Regular readers get used to your contextual advertising and do not notice it, they know your ticket search form and have already remembered the site where it leads (and cookies are only stored for 30 days). Regular readers are good for selling services and products, but not for this type of advertising. Search traffic is new people who are your potential ticket buyers and advertising clickers. Therefore, I personally do not see anything wrong with search traffic, we have it for the most part.

- Reader traffic is increasing, if we create our own brand for selling something.
- We increase search traffic for earnings on contextual advertising (Yandex.Direct and Google Adsense) and affiliate programs (,, etc.).
- Combined version, we kill two birds with one stone, but the efficiency decreases.

If you make money by selling links (,, as well as guards and articles (,,,, then the traffic in general does not matter, your TIC and PR are important.

How to write articles

In fact, the majority, including us,they use this most combined option, since blogs made purely for earnings are made completely different, and these methods are difficult to apply to a blog, where there is also a readership. Now I will not talk about how to search for keywords, about long-tail queries and so on, we discussed this in the comments to the last article, and it’s not a little written on this in the open spaces. I want to say a little about how we write articles.

Usually an article is written first, and thenmatched keywords. Less often we write articles, specifically under the keyword. In this case, if the article does not contain good photos or useful information, we do not let it go to RSS and social networks. Thus, it will collect search traffic, but regular readers will not see it.

Not for everyone, but for most of the articles weselect keywords, 1-2, not more. And then the most difficult begins - Title. After all, it should be in the keyword. How to make the title reflect the essence of the article, contain the key, and it was also interesting for people to want to read? I have no answer. Sometimes you have to abandon the key expression, sometimes an attractive title, it is not always possible to combine it. So you yourself have to decide, the main thing is not to go to extremes, otherwise it is easier to do a separate blog for earnings.

Despite the fact that writing informationarticles can take from 1 to 3 days, they have benefits for people. That's why we write them. However, we do not expect that through a search engine to us immediately crowds of people will come to it, such articles are written purely for the readership. Yes, it contains keywords, but, as a rule, they are too competitive.

There is another category of articles that II call "reading matter." This is just the main content of the blog, our philosophical reflections, reports on visiting the city or museum. As a rule, there is a minimum of information in them, a lot of photos, and it is them that our readers mostly read (informational articles are still not needed by all). I think on your blogs the same situation. So besides introducing keys, you need to understand how to make this content as interesting and original as possible, then new subscribers will easily appear. We are still in the process of answering this question.

And a little about the promotion. In the case of the combined traffic option, it seems to me that there is almost no point in promoting my articles (to buy guards, links) if the project was not sharpened initially for search traffic. Spent the money will not bring much exhaust. Well, you will somehow advance to the top couple of dozen articles, well, will there be traffic for them and what's next? These people are unlikely to turn into readers, and articles may well take off from the top in time.

Why readers do not return

We get many emails from “thank you” forThe information we have on Thailand and for inspirational articles about how you can fulfill your dreams. And it seems that there are more and more readers. However, reader traffic is growing very slowly. Why?

It's simple. The man received information, went to Tai, he has no need to read about how we are now traveling somewhere. Or a person read our motivating posts and broke off and went somewhere, again, he doesn’t have to subscribe to us, God forbid, he will come and read every six months how we are doing. This situation is normal. Now there are a lot of travel blogs, and indeed blogs. I occasionally get on completely new blogs, good blogs, no worse than ours. And in this abundance of information, people choose those sites that are the most original. And for this, simply describing your travels is not enough. It is necessary to invent something such, but not everyone can, for example, be today in the jungles of Africa, and tomorrow in the ice of Antarctica, to daily delight the reader with new colorful landscapes. Or write articles in some special style and with such charisma that you read it, just because YOU write it.

It seems that everything described here does not sound very attractive for beginners, right? However, I just wanted to try to remove the rose-colored glasses from those who have them.

What I myself count on

Personally, I expect that someday I will be able tofinally understand where I should direct the blog so that it brings more benefits and material returns at the same time. And I want to try to offer my services (very soon). And also, I hope that a brilliant idea will come to my mind at the expense of some project, as without it. It seems to me that it is quite logical when a person does something for a very long time, then he eventually finds the very niche that suits him most in all respects.

P.S. That's all. All of my thoughts and thoughts, as well as actions, I told you. If you write interesting and informative articles, use a little SEO (not fanatically), then you can easily get a visited blog with subscribers and search traffic, as well as make money on it. It may well be that other bloggers will have completely different conclusions on this topic. But in any case, we must try, and everything will work out sooner or later with us! How, I recently read somewhere, not talented win, but stubborn :)

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