I type a group on a trip to the north of Thailand in November-December 2012

Winter is coming soon and it's about timeplan a trip to a warm country. If you have long wanted to try an independent trip to Asia and did not dare, then let me help you! I suggest you take a budget ride in the northern part of Thailand, which has its amazing atmosphere, unlike the one that prevails in the resorts, get acquainted with Thai culture, visit the mountains, admire the beautiful waterfalls, learn bike management, enjoy Thai massage and cuisine. But we will not leave without attention and the sea, where the final stage of our trip will take place. Is it time to fulfill your dream?

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How would this happen

I'm at the festival Songkran, Thailand

I'm at the festival Songkran, Thailand

For 10 days I will be yoursaccompanying, and together we can plunge into the world of adventure and independent travel. All that is required of you is to decide on a trip, to pack your things and be in Bangkok in November / December (we will agree on the exact dates later). All the preparations for the journey are carried out by me, but this does not mean that you will not have to do anything! No, just the opposite, this individual program assumes that we will learn to travel together on our own: look for accommodation or book it, buy tickets and move, communicate with local ones, solve unforeseen situations on the spot.

The format of our group trip is absolutely notsimilar to the program "all inclusive" and is designed for active people, in which the spirit of adventure is still alive, and to whom the usual beach vacation seems painfully boring. During these 10 days I will try to share with you all the knowledge that I have, starting with the ways of saving, ending directly with the preparation of the route. Each of you will receive real travel experience and will be able to travel independently in the future.

The number of people in the group will be a maximum of 5 people. Places are limited, hurry up!

UPDATE: November group recruited. December group recruited.

UPDATE: Report on the trip with the group in the north of Thailand - 2000 km in 10 days

The route of the whole trip

1 day

We meet in Bangkok, we go to the famousBekpecker street Khao Cay Road and settled in the area in the guesthouse. We rest, get acquainted with each other, with the route, ask questions and discuss the trip, try Thai cuisine. Next, we look at the situation, where we can still have time (depending on the time of arrival), or we just sleep. The evening can finish the Thai foot massage, it is great relaxing.

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Khao San Road, Bangkok

2 day

We have breakfast and, full of strength, go towalk around the city. Today we will visit the Royal Palace, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, the Temple of Dawn, and take a ride on the river bus. In the evening, pick up things from the guesthouse and go on a night bus to the city of Chiang Mai.

River channel in Bangkok

River channel in Bangkok

3 day

Chiang Mai is considered the cultural capital of Thailandand is the second largest city in the country, and it is here that “real” smiles and goodwill are still preserved. Upon arrival we settle in the guesthouse in the center of the city and, having a little rest, go to the Doi Suthep mountain, where the eponymous temple is located and a panorama of the city opens. Lifting is not done on foot, so there should be enough strength :) On the way back we look at two waterfalls and, if we have time, a zoo.

Chiang mai

Chiang mai

Jungle waterfall

Jungle waterfall

4 day

On the local bus go to Chiang Raithe stunning beauty of the White Temple and in the late afternoon we return back to Chiang Mai. The trip will take a whole day, but this fabulous, glittering temple with unexpectedly originally painted walls inside is worth seeing.

White Temple in Thailand (Wat Rong Khung)

White Temple in Thailand (Wat Rong Khung)

5 day

We are shooting in the morning and going by minibus with thingsin Pai, an unusual town in a mountain valley. The road does not take much time, but we will go along the mountain serpentine, so we stock up on packages. We settle in straw bungalows and rent bikes.

Pai is a great place to first time.sit on the bike, and here the roads are relatively flat, and the traffic is calm. I will explain and show everything; there is nothing complicated about it. On the contrary, you will feel complete freedom, racing along the desert road towards the wind. Thanks to the bikes, we can quickly visit several beautiful waterfalls, hot springs, just ride around the area, admiring the magnificent mountain views and valleys.

6 day

We have time to do everything that did not have time to doyesterday. Plus, we visit an amazingly beautiful and colorful canyon in which you can take a lot of interesting photos, and spend the whole evening on walking street, where we buy souvenirs and cool clothes at humane prices, try various Thai dishes and the most delicious Pad Thai, which I or ate (I hope the chefs have not changed).

Canyon in Pai

Canyon in Pai

Local Arbat

Local Arbat, Pai

7 day

In the afternoon on the same minibus we return toChiang Mai and immediately buy tickets to Bangkok the next day on the night bus. This is because the road from Pai could be quite tiring, and it’s better to stay in Chiang Mai for the night to rest. In the evening of the same day we will walk through the evening or night market.

Chiang Mai night market

Chiang Mai night market

8 day

Believed to be the best massage done in chiangMay, so immediately after breakfast we will go to the massage parlor, where we will lie on the mats and spend at least one hour. Although you can even two. Not far from this place there is a shopping center, where you can also look, eat and buy something. After that, walk through the central temples of Chiang Mai, each of which is beautiful in its own way, and go to the bus station.

Wax figure, almost as alive

Wax figure, almost as alive

9 day

We come to Bangkok in the morning, move toanother bus station and there we take a minibus to Hua Hin. Around the middle of the day we should already be in Hua Hin, where the azure warm sea awaits us and a well-deserved rest after so much travel, sightseeing and impressions. The remaining time just relax, swim, and enjoy Thai cuisine.

Best Beach Hua Hin - Sai Noi

Best Beach Hua Hin - Sai Noi

10 day

We rent a car and go to see how millionsbats fly out of the cave in a continuous stream, a fascinating sight. At the same time on the way we catch the temple with the eared monk. At this our joint journey ends with you. In the evening we will gather in a cafe, discuss future plans. I will tell you what else you can see here, as well as how to get you back to Bangkok.

Bat Cave near Hua Hin

Bat Cave near Hua Hin

Who can go on this trip

In self-travel there is always an elementuncertainty and change of plans, so along with you along the way we will adjust the route a bit to the wishes and possibilities of our small team. The journey itself is relatively comfortable: the guesthouse with air conditioning and hot water, modern night buses, the food is tasty and inexpensive. But despite all these factors, I have a request to you: assess your strength in advance, as we will walk a lot in the heat, ride a bike, and travel by public transport. Of course, special physical training is not needed, but, at a minimum, the desire to go through all this should be, plus a good mood and good spirits.

tour cost

  • 10.000 rub per person
  • 18.000 rub from a couple

This amount includes:

  • My support during the whole trip and the organization of the trip.
  • Assistance in preparing for the trip: the purchase of air tickets, picking up things, registration of health insurance.
  • Personal consultations on skype and email for any questions that may arise.

The cost of flights, hotels, travel, rent of bikes, food, etc., are paid by each participant separately.

Cost of the whole trip

Most likely you will go to Thailand not for 10 days, but for two weeks, therefore we will calculate the approximate cost of a trip for 14 days without taking into account purchases:

  • Payment for my services for a 10-day tour 10.000 rub
  • Round-trip air tickets from Moscow 23,000 rubles, for example, you can look at here (the price increases all the time, you need to hurry)
  • Accommodation 8400 rubles (600 rubles per day)
  • Food 5600 rubles (400 rubles per day))
  • Moving around the country 3500 rubles (buses, minibuses, etc.)
  • Rent a motorbike 1000 rub (250rub per day), car 800 rub, gasoline
  • Entrance to the national parks 1000 rub

Total: 53.300 rubles per person or 95.200 rub per pair. The cost is approximate, and at the expense of housing and food it can be both increased and decreased. The main part here, of course, air tickets, but there is nothing to be said.


Who I am and what I do, you can see on this blog. There are enough articles, how about As my guarantee, I give you the opportunity to terminate our agreements and fully return your funds. This can be done in two cases:

If after reviewing all the information you still have doubts, then most likely you should not agree to my proposal. :)

Payment tour

To participate in this group trip, you need to write to me and briefly tell about yourself and what you expect from this trip, as well as specify the dates when you can go.

After my answer, you will need to doprepayment of at least 50% in any currency. You can pay the rest of the amount both before the trip and on the spot on the first day of the trip, but only in dollars or euros. If you have any questions and suggestions (another month / route, you have a ready-made group of friends, etc.), you can always write to me either here in the comments, or through contact details.

P.S. Friends, I ask you to retrain, like and tell friends who are going to Thailand, you will help us find each other very much!

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