First-class holiday in the Astrakhan region

Russia is truly rich in beautiful and uniqueopen spaces. The Astrakhan region has gained particular popularity. Peace and tranquility, which are complemented by amazingly colorful landscapes, help to relax, as well as to test their capabilities in fishing and hunting. The variety of recreation that the Astrakhan region can offer is considered one of the best not only in Russia, but also in the world.

First-class holiday in the Astrakhan region

Since ancient times, the Lower Volga has been famous for its endlessfish stocks, first-class hunting, as well as unique and inimitable nature. Very often, Astrakhan region is associated with a land of amazing contrasts. Areas immersed in greenery are located next to the sandy desert, fortresses of reeds block the way to the river bays - all this is a real discovery not only for the angler and the hunter, but also for the ordinary traveler.

For avid anglers rest on the Volga deltais a real treat. Such a pastime is very pleasant, because the comfort and coziness of recreation centers in Astrakhan, as well as in the Astrakhan region is at a high level. The camp sites, in addition to excellent living conditions, provide tourists with boats, boats, as well as an experienced attendant who knows the rich fish places, as well as the secrets of fishing.

On the territory of the Volga delta more than a hundred bases. They are presented as the most simple cottages, and modern comfortable hotels of the European level. In the Astrakhan region, fishing is year-round, and hunting in the Volga Delta begins in October and ends in December. The closer the recreation center is to the Caspian, the more catchy the fishing and the more exciting the hunt.

For real hunters there is a specialtour of the mouth of the Volga, where you can get a trophy with more than thirty species of game. The diversity of the animal world is represented by boar, hare, fox. Such an abundance of game serves as a guarantee of a successful hunt, which will satisfy the taste, as well as meet all the expectations of even the most demanding hunter. Astrakhan region is a paradise that will appeal to everyone.

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