Features of renting a house on Samui - the beach, weather, prices, shops

Once we were wintering on Samui, and therefore this post appeared, where we will talk about local features of renting a house on Samui. Be sure to first read my instructions - how to rent a house in thailandin which I told all the methods of rental housing, both independently and remotely via the Internet through an agency.

The content of the article

Beach selection

The most dense buildings and the best choice of houseslocated in the areas of the island from Bang Po to Lamai, this is the northern and eastern parts of the island. If you are new to Samui and while only collecting information, then most likely, these names do not say anything. But you can see My review of all the beaches on Samui. I personally like the Maenam beach the most.

The remaining areas of Samui mastered worse at homecome across less often, and the infrastructure of the regions leaves much to be desired. All this is due to the fact that there are not so many full-fledged beachs on the island, and the whole crowd gathered around them.

Samui season

Two concepts are different - the season according to the weather condition and the season according to the number of people who arrived on the island. The weather on Samui from the end of October to January is monsoon rains. And from February to the end of March - the ideal length of time, in which tourists try to get to rest with a minimum amount of rain and the maximum amount of sun.

Winterers plan departure from Russia for the endOctober - the beginning of November, in order to maximize stay out of autumn at home and stop in Thailand for six months until April-May. Accordingly, the peak of the remote booking houses falls somewhere in August-September. The most prudent begin to book housing in May, and the most trump options usually zakukan to the year ahead.

From experience, I can say that on-site accommodation on your own can be found quite simply until mid-October, while further options are becoming critically low.

What types of housing is on the island

Unlike, for example, Krabi - on Samuioffer any type of housing. Hotels, apartment hotels, condominiums, villas, large houses, small houses, townhouses, guesthouses, stone bungalows, wooden bungalows, "Thai apartments" - there is plenty to choose from. And what is important - on the island have long understood the need for houses with a kitchen. A full kitchen, and not a miserable extension of two and a half meters, is in almost every stone house that is rented.

Despite the fact that there is a choice of apartments on Samui, I wouldn’t become attached to the apartments, especially during the peak season, because with houses the choice is much wider.

If you are traveling to Thailand for the first time, thenI recommend to book a house or apartment in advance. This is done only through a realtor. Yes, they are not engaged in the cheapest housing and take a commission, but this allows you to avoid unnecessary trouble in an unfamiliar country. Believe me, independent searches on the site is a difficult task and it is not worth it. You're going to rest.

Send me a request, advise a trusted realtor, whom I myself trust. And then in recent times a lot has become a scam.

Send request>

The cost of houses on Samui

The lower limit I know is 4500 baht per month,the so-called "Thai apartments". A long building, similar to our garages, in which sections of 5x5 meters are cut - the standard housing for low-income Thais and backpackers. They have some sort of kitchen, shower room with toilet and space for a bed with a wardrobe. I also saw a separate house for this amount, but it was absolutely scary.

Upper price limit not set, houses and villasYou can rent from tens of thousands to several million per month rent, I have never been interested in this housing sector - it’s not a question of salary.

Average cost of a standard home inrelative proximity to the sea, with some furniture, Internet, air conditioning and its territory - about 15,000 baht, or rather from 12 to 18 thousand. Double closer to 20-25 thousand baht and above.

Inside the ring or outside

The island is banded with expensive Main Road or IslandRoad, which divides it into two sides - inside the circle (side of the mountains) and outside the circle (side of the sea). Unlike Moscow, living inside the ring on Samui is less prestigious than outside. In part, this affects the price tag, but do not flatter yourself. If the resort is on the side of the mountains, but it has a pool and well-groomed territory - the houses in it will be worth no less than those located a minute walk from the sea.

If you need pedestrian access to the sea, then howIt is usually enough to live between the ring road and the sea shore, since the road passes quite close to the beach. You can also live right next to the road, inside the ring, it will also work close by. But the easiest way to measure with a ruler on Google, because for one only the first line is on foot accessibility, and for the second and 20 minutes is not far.


Samui is an island, do not forget. Here, water, or brought into the water tower of the resort, or pump it out of the well, and this is the additional cost of the owners. Less likely to come across houses with state water supply, where water from reservoirs is connected. Typically, homes where the water is brought in are a bit cheaper than those that are powered from the well. In any case, when renting a house, you should clarify whether water is included in the rental price or whether you will have to pay for it separately.


Although local agencies advertise Samui asparadise island - the marginals have not gone away. There are regular cases of robbery and theft, the most popular of which is to pull the bag off while you are riding a scooter, or to rob a detached house. So, settling in an inexpensive house on the outskirts of a residential area, it would be better to have a dog, an alarm or video surveillance. And the police phone is at hand.

To try to protect yourself, trychoose a house in the resort behind the fence, and that there was still a nearby home of the owners. Do not be redundant bars on the windows and an additional lock on the door. Safes are rare, but see that it would be bolted to the wall, otherwise they will just carry it away. Also, I would not leave money and expensive equipment in sight in the house, it would be better for a thief to find it harder. And, of course, I would not leave it on an open terrace, from where it is easy to carry away, until you have gone to the toilet, and there is no need to shine if the terrace looks out from the neighboring road.

Inadequate homeowners

Samui’s homeowners have a prettycharacters known for their inadequacy. One is constantly deceiving when billing for the light, the other is hysterical and alcoholic, the third is still with some kind of kink. If you rent a house on your own, and you have time to think, be sure to ask a question to people in the social sphere, in the local community, or among those who already live in this complex of houses.

Usually in normal agencies they know these characters and do not associate with them.


Samui Island is a land area of ​​20x20 kilometers,where the entire infrastructure is concentrated 1-2 km from the water's edge. Beyond this distance there are separate houses, rich villas or hotels. It is clear that there is a difference between two minutes walk to the beach and two minutes to the beach, but if you plan to rent a car (rent a car in Samui) or bike (bike rental on Samui), and two kilometers from the beach you caught a cool and inexpensive house - you do not have to give it up because of the distance.

3 main hypermarkets (BigSi, Tesco and Macro)located in the Chaweng area right on the ring road. Since most people live on Chaweng, either party lovers or those who did not come for a short time, the winterers have to go to supermarkets on a minibus, rented bike, or a car from other areas. But if you settle down on Lamai, then there, too, there is a supermarket, though not hyper, but medium-sized, but its range should be quite enough.


To not feel limitedin moving around the island, it’s not necessary to rent or buy a car / scooter. The island is well developed system of taxis "Songteo", and day and night. Therefore, if you do not consider it necessary to spend money on rental equipment, it is better to choose a house closer to large hypermarkets. These are Lamai, Chaweng, Bang Rak and Bo Phut areas.

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