Renting a scooter in Thailand - whether you need the rights, how much it costs, how to learn

I saw a lot of different articles on blogsrent a scooter in Thailand. But they did not contain all the information I needed, so I am writing my article. Well, I can not not write about my personal experience and impressions of driving a bike, this is an integral part of Ty. We were riding a bike in Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, Koh Phangan, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Pai, Hua Hin, so there is enough experience, both in terms of rent and driving. Yes, and in the comments, I think our readers will complement my post with important points.

The content of the article

Rent a scooter in Thailand

Checked rental locations in different cities

If you are afraid to ride a bike, or you have a child, it is better to book a car. Here I have detailed post about it with all the nuances. Book best through Economybookings, as it will be cheaper than directly. Well, and immediately visible prices from all distributors, you can compare.

Finding a rental is very simple - you only needgo out and find a rental point. But not everywhere it is worth taking a bike, especially if we are talking about Phangan and Tao. You also need to take into account a number of nuances, which I will discuss in the post.

Rental is very easy to see on Motobike inscriptions.for rent or for hire. There they will show and tell you all if you don’t know anything about motorbikes. This can be both an individual and an office. We filmed this way and that, I don’t see any fundamental difference, but of course you somehow trust the office.

Bike rental in Pattaya
Rent a bike in Samui
Bike rental in Krabi
Rent a bike on Phangan and Tao - how to deal with divorce
Bike rental in Chiang Mai

Scooter Rental

Scooter Rental

Do I need the rights to a scooter in Thailand

They said that from the end of 2015 a new law will be introduced, and for driving without a license with category A there will be a 5-10 thousand baht fine. But so far there are no such penalties.

There is information that if you are traveling without a passenger, the passenger steps should be folded. Otherwise, a fine of 200 baht. But I'm not sure that this is true.

To drive a bike, you need the rights of thecategory (A), because in fact it is a motorcycle, not a moped. Many foreigners are slaughtered by the need for rights, since checks are not everywhere and it is not a fact that you stumble upon a raid. Moreover, you can get off with a small fine of 500 baht. It is best to clarify for each city, where and what raids, and even better still have rights. Some time ago, foreigners were not stopped at all, but from 2012 everything was tightened in Pattaya and Phuket, then in 2014-2015 raids began to be held in other cities, moreover, they are still catching drunk people (finally!) With much higher fines. Remember that if an accident happens, then you will be guilty in any case.

Driving license is needed international, I have already told, how to get them in MoscowThis is a separate book, done in a couple of hours. In general, if you come for a long time and do not have the necessary category, then the easiest way is to pass on the right right in Thailand.

About the Vienna Convention. Frequently asked questions, so I will write separately. Yes, Thailand has signed the Vienna Convention and, in theory, our ordinary national rights should apply. But in fact they do not roll. If you want to prove something on the spot to a Thai policeman, then try it, but it's easier for me to make international :)

What to keep in a pledge when renting

As a deposit, they ask for either a passport or a photocopya passport, or a photocopy of a passport and a bank card, or a deposit. I would not recommend leaving a passport, although we did. Usually, there are a lot of rental offices, look for where a passport will not be needed. In one place we were asked for a photocopy of a passport and a credit card. I was afraid to give the card, as they wanted to make a scan from two sides. That would mean that they can use it on some sites on the Internet. Therefore, if you have a non-working bank card, then it may be useful. (A little later, we found out such an option with a bank card - to make a photocopy of it, but to cover up its CV code on the back side with a photocopy). Well, either offer a deposit instead of a passport or card, usually it is several thousand baht, I left 1,000 baht in Pattaya, and 3,000 baht in Koh Chang.

In general, it is always better to leave money thanpassport. The Thais themselves will not always offer, they want to get a more passport from you, so it is the money that you offer as a pledge and insist on it. Because a passport, then you can blackmail and extort large sums for minor scratches.

Bike rental contract in Chiang Mai

Bike rental contract in Chiang Mai

Do I need a helmet

For driving without a helmet a fine in the region of 500 baht. Checks, as with rights, vary by region. In any case, I would ride in a helmet, as it is safer. It makes sense to drop the ponts and score on the hair, when it comes to your life, novichiki (and not newbies) are constantly beating.

And to the rental office helmets are issued, but withclouded glass or without it, and the helmets there are so-so. Therefore, either bring your sunglasses from home or buy a helmet. They are inexpensive, and it makes sense if you ride a lot. Otherwise, you will constantly blink from the garbage that flies into your eyes. Also, if you buy a helmet, take more expensive, and not for 200 baht, because cheap ones are not very strong.

A helmet is an important attribute for a biker.

A helmet is an important attribute for a biker.

Bike with automatic or manual

If you are reading this article, then experiencedriving a motorbike you most likely small. Therefore, the easiest way to remove a scooter with a box machine (auto). It is easiest to manage, and you can start learning from it. And in general, I do not see much point in renting a bike with a manual box. The maximum that you get - a small savings in gasoline, and it will be easier to climb the hill. However, if the motobike is relatively new on the machine, then it will have the same advantages.

Most popular models on the machine

Honda PCX, Honda Click, Honda Scoopy, Yamaha Mio,Yamaha Nouva, Honda Airblade. The last two are quite heavy and were once the most powerful of this class. The truth is, the new Click 125 has appeared (there was a 110 cube before), a super unit, it is the only way to tear. Mio also seems to be updated and now has become more powerful. I also liked the new Nouvo in principle. But the Airblade model is already old and, as a rule, they are all ushatanny.

Separately worth Honda PCX, so beloved by manyRussian tourists, it is 125-150 cubes and it is quite large. Of all the motorbikes, he is probably the most comfortable, but renting it is 1.5-2 times more expensive. If you are a beginner, then do not take it, because it will be harder to keep because of the weight, if suddenly something. In addition, the cost of repair, if you quit, will also be higher.

Honda Click Motobike

Honda Click Motobike

How much is the bike rental in Thailand

Standard price of about 3000-4000 baht per month onbikes with a gun. Or 200-300 baht per day. If the bike with a manual box, it will be cheaper, for example, 100 baht / day and 2000 baht / month. PCX costs about 5,000-7,000 baht per month. It all depends on the place. In the south it is more expensive (there are many tourists there), in the north it is cheaper. Often there is a discount if you rent for a period of 3 days, respectively, for a month it turns out generally cheap.

Bike and medical insurance

Also some offices will offer you insurance.on the bike (from theft and damage), and it increases the cost of rent. For example, if a bike costs 200 baht / day, then with insurance it will cost 300 baht / day. In principle, this is a good option, if you have never traveled, because you can fall out of the blue on level ground and damage plastic. And how mirrors fight easily against the wall ... By the way, replacing the mirror will cost 150-300 baht, so insurance is quite profitable for a short time.

About medical insuranceI already wrote in another article. No rental office will offer you this, such insurance should be done in advance before the trip. Just keep in mind that, as a rule, you need to add the package “Active rest” or “Extreme rest”, because riding a bike is not an ordinary rest and is not covered by regular packages. You also need to know that you must be sober and have the rights of category A. If this is not the case, then you will be denied insurance service in the event of an accident. That is why, many impersonate a passenger bike, and not the driver.

If after a fall the wounds are not serious, then you canto go to the hospital and be treated by buying at the pharmacy. However, at least for the very first time, it is worthwhile to go so that you can clean the wound and put a bandage on it. It's not expensive. My friends took 1,500 baht on Phangan.

Ointment for wounds can be bought in Thai pharmacies

Ointment for wounds can be bought in Thai pharmacies

What to look for when viewing a bike

First of all on the general degree of a shabbyunit, as well as mileage (although it could twist and). Take with mileage more than 20-30 thousand, I would not advise. We almost always went to the new ones, the difference is very noticeable.

Secondarily, look at the scratches,chipped, and point them to the owner. It is better to even take a picture just in case, so that later there was something to show. Especially, it concerns those places where you leave a passport as a deposit, for example, Phangan. There even the bases are specially made. But we, pah-pah, have never had any problems, although this is not a reason to relax.

Well, before agreeing, be sureride a bit, see how it starts, how the engine sounds, how the brakes work. This is a matter of a few minutes. If it stalls, or the brakes are bad, it is better to change the bike to another one. Otherwise, then you have to go to the service somewhere (bike service prices).

Gasoline Refueling (Gasoline)

We refuel 91. Refuelers themselves know what to fill, and on the gas tank, as a rule, it is written what kind of gas you need. The fuel tank flap is located either under the seat (more often) or between the steering wheel and the seat. The cost of gasoline is about 30 baht / liter, gas stations are quite common, but there are places where they may not be long. We always refueled in advance, without waiting for complete devastation. There is also such a thing - as the sale of local gasoline in transparent bottles. It is a bit more expensive, but sometimes it is convenient when there is no gas station nearby.

At the rental point you will rarely be given a bike with a fullthe tank, rather the opposite, is enough to get to the gas station just to get there. It is necessary to return in the same way so that it is not completely empty. If you were given with a full tank, then it’s better to return it, otherwise, when you return, you will be charged an inadequate price for gasoline.

Sale of gasoline from bottles

Sale of gasoline from bottles

Cargo transportation on motorbike

Usually all scooters have space betweenseat and driving, where to put bags of things or products. Also, there is a hook near the steering wheel on some models, then the packages can be hung. In other models of this space is not, but then the bike has a fairly large glove compartment under the seat.

Cargo transportation on motorbike

Cargo transportation on motorbike

How to manage a bike

How to get a bike

The picture shows the controls, theyalmost identical on any bike. It starts by pressing the button on the right when the rear brake is pressed (on the steering wheel on the left). And before you start, do not forget to remove the bandwagon, this is a kind of protection (not all bikes have it). That is, remove the bandwagon, clamp the rear brake on the left, and press the engine start button on the right.

Motobike controls

Motobike controls

Honda Scoopy Controls

Honda Scoopy Controls

How to brake on a bike

It is best to use both brakes: both front and rear. Only the back is good if you need to slow down. Actually, at a lower speed enough and just release the gas knob in advance to slow down. So, the rear brake is easy to feel and the bike even with a locked rear wheel remains manageable.

But at high speed without a front brakeThere is no way to do it, it is him who accounts for most of the braking effort, one rear is not enough. We'll have to feel the process and dispense effort. Therefore, it is best to initially get used to slow down both, and not to drive so that there is no need for emergency and sudden braking.

You also need to understand that if you willto brake only by the front, then this is also not good, especially if there are sand or stones under the wheels. The front wheel will lock and go skid, you can not hold the bike and fall. Also, when braking with the front brake only, there is a risk to fly forward from the bike.

Let off the gas before braking

My main driving problem was thatI forgot to let go of the throttle when braking. That is, he pressed the brake, but also kept the gas, thereby the scooter continued to move, introducing me to bewilderment. A couple of times I even collapsed because of this. If you come across a similar one, I advise you to work out such a movement on an empty road and low speed: while pulling the fingers of your right hand to the brake, you turn the throttle in the opposite direction (that is, release the gas).


Accidents on motorbikes happen often. I myself was more than once a witness of how people began to talk about joy. This is not worth doing. Despite the fact that driving a bike is easy, you may not be able to calculate your capabilities and not have time to react.

Do not drive more than 60 km / h. This speed is enough for most trips. And if you are not sure, then generally drive slowly and on the left side of the road (roadside). Also, at first, avoid the dark and rainy weather. And although the bike can open for you a new facet of Thailand, perhaps you should not get on it now. Remember, the traffic in the city is dense, and the Thais fly like drunken Schumacher.

Be careful on the roads, do not drive

Be careful on the roads, do not drive

Impressions of driving a motorbike

We did not go to the bike for the first 2 months. They were afraid of both himself and left-hand traffic. But then, when they tried, they no longer imagined how they could manage without it. This is really very convenient, you can quickly and with a breeze get to anywhere in the city (island), while not depending on the tuk-tuks, San Teo and other transport. Well, of course, it's not just about convenience, but about feeling. I can not describe, but now I understand perfectly why people buy motorcycles.

Yes, there is a danger of an accident, as I wrote above, butsince we were driving very carefully and not faster than 60 km / h, everything was in order. Those who are very afraid, or for other reasons do not want to take a bike, I recommend to rent a car, especially those who will go far.

Rent a motorbike in Thailand

Rent a motorbike in Thailand

How do Thais drive

How do Thais drive

How do Thais drive

How do Thais drive

P.S. Good luck on the road! And take care of yourself!

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