Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

So, the long-awaited tour in the UAE bought (my instruction how to buy cheap), documents on hand, went to the airport. We flew from Vnukovo airport right on schedule with a Boeing 737-900ER aircraft. Looking ahead, I say, the trip went great! There was one nuance, but about it below.

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Flight Azur Air

We flew a little more than five hours. The plane is new, but cramped. By the way, on the way back the captain of the ship entertained us with historical and geographical information about the countries and cities we flew over, for which he received a standing ovation at the end of the road.

Meals on the plane are standard: first juices, water, then a hot lunch with a choice of two dishes (with meat or chicken), tea, coffee.

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

Passport control

We arrived at Terminal 2 of Dubai Airport. This terminal is intended for charter flights and flights from neighboring countries. The terminal is modest, but the public is very colorful. I remember Dad with a harem who angrily glanced at the tourists in shorts. Wow, type straight for movies.

Terminal 1, the most famous and beautiful, is located on the opposite side of the airfield, and we did not see it, which is a pity.

The whole procedure of passport control is not takenmore than half an hour. The terminal is small, the distances are short, everywhere there are signs: passport control, scanning the retina and a stamp in the passport, then hand luggage shine through the pointer, and then we get luggage along the pointer. Everything! Insurance, voucher .., did not ask. A visa is not needed, we enter the country by a stamp in the passport.

There are exchangers in the arrivals hall, but from the reviews she knew that it was better to change them in shopping centers. There is also free wifi, immediately sent a message to the family about a safe landing.

Transfer AnexTour

Immediately at the exit in the Arrivals Hall meets witha representative of the tour operator, in our case AnexTour, and directs to the buses. Moreover, every 50 meters there are representatives in their recognizable branded clothing and practically accompany them to the bus itself, so it’s impossible to get lost.

We present our voucher and drive to the hotel in Sharjah. Buses are comfortable with air conditioning. The transfer from the airport to the hotel took about 25-30 minutes. One of the advantages of Sharjah, which is located near the airport. There are even cheaper Emirates, so go there much longer.

On the way to the hotel representative of AnexToursets a time for meeting with the hotel guide for each hotel, answers the questions kindly enough, but on the whole the tour guides of this tour operator are not smiling, you immediately realize that they are at work ...

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

Accommodation at Al Bustan 4 *

Detailed description of the hotel is on the Internet,therefore, later I will write in detail only about my assessment of this hotel, especially since I have the experience of staying at 5 *, 4 * and 3 * hotels. Accommodation is fast, gave the passport to the reception, signed and took a card from the room.

See prices for tours in the UAE>

We were first given a room on the first floor, asked for higher, without any problems gave the fourth floor. Filled nothing, just asked to go for a passport later. Suitcases from the bus to the room brought.

Even in the bus guide warned that on the day of arrivalbreakfast is not included in the tour price, because arrived in the afternoon. A representative of AnexTour is located nearby and helps if translation difficulties arise.

Standart, double - fullycorresponds to the description on the website of the tour operator. We only had breakfasts, and that was enough, because all day we were not at the hotel. The swimming pool, sauna in the hotel are located on the roof and are open from 9.00 to 19.00.

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates
Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates
Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates
Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

Beach in Sharjah

From the hotel there was a shuttle to the beach: there - at 9.00, back at 13.00. You can also walk about ten minutes walk. In the reviews, they wrote that the beach was right next door, but at the time of arrival there was a building nearby, which had to be bypassed, therefore, 10 minutes.

The sea is clean, the entrance to the sea is shallow, there are few people. But the infrastructure on the beach is not very. But, most likely, it is a matter of time, Sharjah is developing at a very fast pace.

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

What we managed to see in the UAE

So the next morning, we had a meeting withhotel guide, Mamed, perfectly speaking in Russian. We exchanged phone numbers in messengers and received exhaustive information on excursions. Since this is our first visit to the United Arab Emirates, we have chosen 2 sightseeing tours in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (from AnexTour tour operator) in order to have an idea about the country from a large list of excursions.

Abu Dhabi city tour ($ 55) includesexcursion around the city, viewing platform, visiting the Historical and Ethnographic Village (Heritage Village), lunch at the Bab Al Qasr Hotel 5 * and visiting the White Mosque of Sheikh Zayed.

There is a lot of green in the city: parks, lawns, embankments, you unwittingly forget that the city was built in the desert. Of course, the excursion program is very rich, there is no possibility to stop and contemplate, but in conditions when you arrived for 5-7 days, and you want to see the country, this is the best option. And delight and admiration are provided to you!

Only later, when you come for the second and third time, you can do without the sight lights and inspect everything yourself, hanging out in each particular place for as long as you want.

Read more about excursion in Abu Dhabi.

Read more about excursion to Dubai.

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

The second excursion to Dubai ($ 120) caused meculture shock. City tour, photos of famous hotels not only for its price, but also for its architecture, such as Jumeirah Al Naseem Madinat 5 *, a visit to the Arab market and an amazing place called Dubai Venice, the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, and also Dubai Marina and dinner at yacht ... Finally, we looked at the fountains in the Dubai Mall and climbed to the 124th floor of the highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa!

See prices for tours in the UAE>

You can exclude from the cost of the excursion dinner onthe yacht ($ 40) and the rise of the tower ($ 50), then the tour will cost only $ 30. But I did not do this in a situation of time shortage. Of course, if you have come for a long time, or not in the UAE for the first time and have seen a lot of things, you can save money, for example, climb the tower yourself, without a guided tour and in the daytime.

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

Guide Mamed offered us another freea trip to the malls of our choice. But since we were not interested in shopping on this tour, we said that we were not interested in the shopping center, but we would go to the Arab market for gifts, because we had heard about local dates in chocolate. We just need information where and how to get there.

Mamed said no problem, can we take younot in the shopping center, but on the market for free. And here there was a bummer, intentionally or not, I do not know! On the appointed day, a car arrives with a silent driver, reluctant to speak only Arabic, and takes us to a shopping center selling furs.

Already on the spot followed by unpleasant clarificationrelationship. In fact, it was the only unpleasant moment from AnexTour (although it may not be a specific guide’s cant). And even the point is not that we were probably trying to be diluted with money, but it was just a pity to have lost the evening, since we had very little time, every day counts.

Sharjah city

In Sharjah, we unfortunately did not have much time.see not enough time. But they still managed to go to the Aquarium and the Maritime Museum on their own last night. If you live in Sharjah, I recommend to visit.

There is also a small park with fountains andchildren's attractions. Near the promenade with beautiful views for photo shoots. The Aquarium has a cafe and a large balcony as an observation deck. Ticket price - 25 dirham. According to him the entrance to the Maritime Museum.

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

Airport transfer

The return transfer was clear, the flight was not postponed, the information about our flight appeared in the evening beforehand at the reception. In the morning, after breakfast, the bus arrived at the appointed time.

At the airport were 2.5 hours before departure. The representative of AnexTour brought us to the check-in counters, and we safely said goodbye to him. And then ..., passed the luggage, passport control, everything is very fast! In the departure lounge, I really liked the little neat carts for hand luggage. Conveniently! We flew on time!

Report on the tour in the UAE - as I cheap and cool went to the Emirates

That was such a successful trip for me in December in the United Arab Emirates from Travelata! No negative, one positive! Already planning the next trip to the Czech Republic!

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