Restaurant After Beach Phuket Bar - overlooking Kata Noi Beach

After Beach Bar - a bar behind the beach, or a bar,to be visited after the beach (free translation of the name of the institution). And in fact - one of the species bars on the west coast of Phuket, which could be safely closed. Leave only a canopy and tables with chairs, and one aunt with coconuts to put in order to meet the sunsets could be in a truly authentic atmosphere. Very good place and not a very good bar, I would have summed up this whole mess. Prices are above average, the quality of the kitchen is below average, with rare exceptions. Views - you can sell your soul for sunset.

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Restaurant After Beach

After Beach Bar is more likely not a bar, but an ordinary Thaia restaurant. Located on the mountainside and on the side of the main road. This combination has its pros and cons. From the slope offers stunning views of the area Kata Noi beachand to the western direction, that is - the mostTrump of all possible for any island bar. There are several parking places near the restaurant, the rest are simply placed on the side of the road, it is wide there. The movement here is not that very active, but you won't leave the car without looking at the road.

The bar interior is replete with details of the decor in the styleRastafaray, and judging by the reaction and speed of the staff - this is not just a designer’s tactical move. They are all some kind of un-Thai unhurried, slow and polite. And the chef, they probably have someone's relative, which can not be expelled. Judging by the quality of the dishes and the number of negative reviews even from Thai visitors, the chef is clearly time to change. For it turns out the dissonance between the prices in the menu and what falls on your plate.

But all the disadvantages of the bar can be bypassedsimple steps: buy only drinks, not food, and - choose a table closer to the edge (and therefore arrive one hour before sunset). The view is the only thing that is worth its money, for what you want to come back and once again scold the price increase on the mediocre Pad Thai. After Beach Bar is a great place for a romantic dinner with tasteless food, and no less a great place for a pitstop at midday, when the island and the waves play with the brightest colors that the tropical jungle and the Andaman Sea are capable of.

After Beach Bar, Phuket

After Beach Bar, Phuket

Information to visit

Facility hours: from 12 to 21.

Be careful when paying the bill, there are cases when the staff attributed to the check too much. Do not be discouraged when ordering dishes, I warned you. Better take the neck and beer - it is difficult to spoil them.

Before you reach this restaurant (if you go from Kata Beach), there will be a more authentic Thai cafe. Lower prices, the situation is even easier. But I did not like the fact that it was right along the road, the feeling that you were sitting right on the side of the road.

And to go further cafes, it will be popular lookout Karon Viewpoint and an excellent restaurant Heaven overlooking the sea.

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Cafe After Beach

Cafe After Beach
Thai simple restaurant with so-so food. The only reason why you should go here is a magnificent view of Kata Noi.
More about rest.

Thai simple restaurant with so-so food. The only reason why you should go here is a magnificent view of Kata Noi. More about the restaurant.

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