Returned from the Caucasus, but the road is calling again - the announcement of the trip

Returned to Moscow. And even though I wasn’t only 2 weeks old, I managed to break the rhythm of this city, from so many people. And of course, from the disgusting water from the tap and the air from the exhaust pipes.

I returned and I understand that I am ready to leave even tomorrow. When will I let go? I like never a wanderer and love to visit at home, but now I am ready to travel and travel.

Now about the whole trip to the Caucasus will not. Only a brief announcement. But in the next couple of weeks I will definitely process a bunch of photos and write tales from the places visited. Unfortunately, part of the trip, I fell with a temperature of 39, because of which the tourist camping on Semiglavaya mountain in the Tuapse district, and a hike in the Gelendzhik region on Mount Thab, Monasteries and Pshadskie waterfalls. But I do not lose heart, all the summer is ahead and the plans are vast.

So, that still managed to catch, despite the ailments:

We went with a friend from Tuapse to the mountain Two Brothers. On the way back, I flipped through the waterfalls from a tripod and climbed a little in a beautiful canyon not far from this very mountain. By the way, now I want a tripod, a useful thing however. And optics would not hurt to change. The whale lens is not gut at all. The quality of photos depresses ...

The Caucasus Mountains: Two Brothers Mountain, canyon and waterfalls are a one-day hiking trip.

Mountain Two Brothers. Caucasus. Tuapse district.

Mountain Two Brothers. Caucasus. Tuapse district.

Strolled along the wild beach fromDzhanhot to Divnomorsk. How I love wild beaches, where there are no people, where peace and quiet. And where only the rustle of the pizza trees and the cry of the seagulls disturb the peace.

Wild beaches of the Black Sea - photo walk in search of beauty.

Wild beach between Dzhanhot and Divnomorskoye

Wild beach between Dzhanhot and Divnomorskoye

And they went for a dummy fortress, specially made for the filming of the movie Thunder Gates. New attraction of Gelendzhik!

Mountains Geledzhika: Mount Shahan and the fortress from the movie Thunder Gates.

The fortress, where they filmed the movie Thunder Gates. Gelendzhik district.

The fortress, where they filmed the movie Thunder Gates. Gelendzhik district.

Of course, we also stood in the Renaissance, about which I wrote in one of the last articles - The village of Renaissance and the river Jeanne - an informal vacation.

P.S. I will slightly open my plans for the near future. Pah-pah, so as not to jinx it. So far, only two events will say: hitchhiking in Turkey and a tourist trip to the Carpathians.
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