Monster iSport Freedom headphone review - 24 hours without recharging

Another my review of sports headphones fromiSport. I have long wanted to put on overhead headphones, both for running and for traveling, and then I was driven by iSport Freedom, which work without recharging 24 hours a day.

First of all, I was interested to understand which headphones I like more, plug-in plugs or overhead. The experience of plugs was already, it remains to get experience with overhead.

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Description Monster iSport Freedom on the manufacturer's website. There, and all the characteristics will not be repeated.

Used 3 months for running and in histraveling. I walked around Moscow in them, went down the subway, swam on a yacht, watched films at airports and on airplanes, used them in the car instead of the usual bluetooth headset. Especially even a subscription to Google Music has issued itself, since such a binge has gone, a good excuse. Anyways, everywhere I tried where I could.

The conclusion is: I liked, in principle, false ears. Somehow more comfortable or something, you feel more disconnected from the world and the sound is better, the speakers are more. Plus there is nothing inside the ear. But bulky, you will not thrust into a pocket, the bag is necessary with itself or a backpack. True, they are comfortable to wear around the neck, do not fly off, it is impossible to lose. Well, on the head they sit more thorough, they will not fly out when they are touched with a hand, like gags.

On a yacht in Sicily - every morning, coffee and Ambient

On a yacht in Sicily - every morning, coffee and Ambient

In the cafes, too, with his music

In the cafes, too, with his music


Just in case the photo of the box and kit, but I will not dwell in detail.

ISport Freedom Headphones

ISport Freedom Headphones

Monster iSport Freedom headphone review - 24 hours without recharging
Whole kit

Whole kit


  • The most important thing is the time in the modelistening 24 hours! This is dohrena! After the previous plugs, which worked 4-5 hours, it's just a bomb. It is especially convenient to take with you on a trip, on a plane, more than enough. And I will say straight away that my ears are about 3 months old, and I charged them about once a week, not more often. Yes, I do not listen to them straight every day, since I spend a lot of time at home and I have a column, but I really forget about charging, I have never planted them to zero.
  • I personally like sports design, notOld school, namely this: streamlined plastic with color inserts. Although Marshall Major II was attracted, despite the design, the reviews are quite good (but they are too tight). Although while I like sports headphones more, they have protection from sweat, and in my case also in light rain means you can walk.
  • Noise isolation is average. Noise cleans well, but for the metro they will not be enough, you have to turn the volume up. For me, this is a plus, because it is important for me to hear a little about what is happening around.
  • Talking on the phone is great. I hear, I hear. And then in the reviews I read somewhere, saying that everything is bad. I do not know, I have no problems.
  • There is a connector for wired connection (jack-jack). I know that this is important to some, so let it be in the pros, although I don’t understand why, it’s easier to buy wired headphones right away.
  • 3.5 jack jack for connecting wires

    3.5 jack jack for connecting wires

    Ear cushions

    Ear cushions




  • For some reason, somewhere in an hour I’m numbear and starts to hurt. What does it mean? Is there something wrong with my ear, or have the ear-tips at the headphones incorrectly designed? Unclear. The funny thing is that the second feels quite comfortable for hours. The embrasures are soft, leather.
  • Not quite intelligible touch control(play / pause, back / forward, answers to conversations) on the earpiece. No buttons, a single, almost smooth panel. I do not know how it would be better to do it, but the buttons would be felt more noticeably. I always have occasional clicks when the headphones hang around my neck. Backlash and music played. But in general, control on the handle / ear is convenient in itself, always in access.
  • Most likely, this applies to all overhead headphones - when you run and a strong wind blows in your face, a noise is created (the headphones protrude) and you can hear it quite well.
  • There is no charge balance indicator, neither on the headphones themselves, nor for Android phones (on iPhones), you do not know how much is left. Why androidovodov cheated, I do not know.
  • Sorry not Type-C, could do. Although I still have a lot of devices with the usual microUSB, so far it does not matter.
  • The price is high, not at all a budget product. In the United States cost less, which is also unpleasant. And, it seems to me, it is the price that will scare away the most customers.
  • Here is the control on the earbud on the right side

    Here is the control on the earbud on the right side

    P.S. What headphones are used, plug-in or overhead? What specific models would you recommend for up to 10 thousand rubles?

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